Guinean Company Links County Attorney Martins to ‘Hijacked Container’ Judgment Manipulation

The case of Judge Morgan vs. Amos Brosius case that lingered with the Judicial Inquiry Commission for a period of eight months, undecided, was a highlight in the US State Department Human Rights report.

But Cllr. Martins refused to respond

Weeks after Judge Kennedy Peabody of Civil Law Court ‘A’ at the Temple of Justice denied a Guinean Company, Agid Sariu Seige Medina Dispenser BP opportunity to take ownership of the alleged hijacked or stolen container marked AXUI1476111, the company has now broken silence accusing the Montserrado County Attorney, Cllr. Edward Martins of being the mastermind in the “injustice” against it (Guinean Company).

Judge Peabody, in his ruling, declared the Montserrado Group of Industries that is owned by a Lebanese businessman, Houssel Kaffel as the owner of the container. However, when contacted at his Temple of Justice office, Cllr. Martins said he was not going to dignify any accusation that links him to interfere with the adjudication of the matter. “Look, I don’t want to speak to anything right now because the matter is still in court at the Supreme Court. So, I will not say anything,” Cllr. Martins told journalists.

The Guinean Company’s Representative, Boubacar Blade, told journalists at the Temple of Justice, where he had gone with his legal team to file an appeal against Judge Peabody’s judgment, that initially, when the matter of the ‘stolen’ container was transferred to Martins for investigation, he, Martins, in the absence of any investigation, vowed that there is no criminality and the container will not leave the country.

Earlier, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) without any investigation issued the container to Kaffel without the concern of the Guinean Company that had accused Kaffel of criminality or wrongdoing. The Guinean Company accused Kaffel and the CMA-CGM Liberia, the shipping line that had admitted it was behind the diversion of the container to Liberia en route from Istanbul, Turkey to Guinean before filing the criminal complaint against Kaffel to the ministry.

But Blade is now claiming that when the MoJ transferred the matter to Martins to conduct the criminal investigation, they allegedly experienced some misbehavior on the part of Martin. “While, we were in the office of Cllr. Martin trying to explain how the container that was intended for Guinea was diverted to Liberia, an unidentified man entered there with a Lebanese man, and presented Minister Nathaniel McGill’s call card to Martins in our presence,” Blade claimed.

“Immediately after Martins received the McGill’s call card, he, Martins chose to abandon the criminal investigation and subsequently transferred the case to the Liberia National Police headquarters for the continuation of the investigation.”

Blade continues, “The next day, Martins ordered the release of the container even without allowing the police to conduct the investigation.” Later, Blade said, after they noticed the behavior of Martins, they quickly proceeded to the Ministry of Justice and complained about Martin’s attitude to then-Acting Justice Minister Nynanti Tuan, who immediately stopped Martins from issuing the container to Kaffel.

That decision, Blade claimed, gave the police the opportunity to conduct the investigation. During the investigation that was conducted by one Raffael Wilson, instead of basing the probed on the criminality accusation, Wilson chose to center his investigation only on the ownership of the container. Blade had also claimed that transferred of the container to Liberia resulted from an illegal agreement between Mr. Raze Akhavein, an Iranian born Turkish national general manager of Aria Gida Katku MADD Sanvet TIC, Ltd, based in Turkey, that had also had a partnership agreement with the Guinean company.

“In February 2018, in Conakry, Guinea, our company signed a five (5) year partnership agreement with Akhavein for the shipment of factory production equipment and materials for us to manufactured powder “We paid 50 percent of the total investment cost that was intended to buy four new brand, production machines, and raw materials. While Akhavein 50percent share was only based on bringing in technicians like chemist and machinists,” Blade said.

Blade also claimed that for Wilson to base his investigation on the partnership agreement to establish the ownership of the container that contains those materials and equipment, Wilson decided to directly contact Akhavein in Turkey about the legitimate owner of the container. Blade, claimed that Akhavein told Wilson in his Blade’s presence that “I loaded the container for Guinea to AGID SARLU, but I have to divert it to the Montserrado Group of Industries in Liberia because of financial constraint and to protect my interest.”

It was due to that statement, Blade Claimed, Wilson surrendered the container to Kaffel, which resulted to them, Guinean Company seeking redress at the Civil Law Court, in Monrovia. Blade again explained that during the court trial, they noticed the influence of Martins on Judge Peabody.

“Judge Peabody lifted the injunction placed on the container that was meant for our company, in Guinea,” Blade claimed. Again, “Judge Peabody denied that he has no knowledge about a writ of arrest being issued from his court against Kaffel, even-though, copy of the writ bears his name.” “Before this could happen on many occasions, we saw Cllr. Martins and Judge Peabody in closed conversation at his Peabody office,” Blade claimed.


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