Guinea-Liberia Border Closed?

Ganta-Guinea border.jpg

Due to the recent outbreak of Ebola in the neighboring Republic of Guinea, the Liberian government has closed its border to avoid any spill over of the deadly disease to Liberia.

It is not clear whether the closure is official. The main border crossing at Ganta was very quiet with no business activity going on.

However, the abrupt closure of the border is said to have stranded petty traders on both sides of the border.

On his facebook page, the Principal of Methodist High School in Ganta, Pastor Roger Domah, explained that several women of the Church were stranded at the border while coming from attending an annual women’s meeting in Djeke, Guinean towns just 10 minutes drive from the border.

He said the women slept in an open-air location on Sunday, on their way back to Liberia.

On Monday, March 21, however, some petty traders were seen making their way back and forth accross the border.

Few trucks loaded with goods were seen stranded at the Liberian side, while security officers assigned at the border as well as customs workers huddled in their offices sleeping.

“The border is closed, since the Ebola outbreak,” said a security officer. But he could not explain whether it was official from the Government of Liberia.

The border crossing at Ganta into the Republic Guinea is a major business corridor for many who live around the area.

Ganta also gives Guineans an added advantage to carry on most of their daily transactions with Liberians. Most of the Guineans living along the border have also sought medical treatment at the Ganta United Methodist Hospital.


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