Guenter’s Orphanage Gets L$65,000 Relief

Mrs. Sawyer with some of the orphans during the donation ceremony

One Brother & Sisterhood, a U.S. based Liberian organization comprising 12 women and one man, over the weekend presented gift items worth over L$65,000 to orphans at the Susie Guenter’s Orphanage, a Ministry of Jahjet Children’s Outreach Mission on ELWA/RIA highway, outside Monrovia.

Friday’s gift items included three bags of 25kg rice, a carton of sugar, chicken, copybooks, and onions.

Other items were bags of Irish potatoes, a gallon of vegetable oil, a carton of tomato paste, a giant-size jar of margarine, several pieces of plastic cups and a carton of coloring pencils.

Susie Guenter, who represented the Susie Guenter’s Orphanage, expressed gratitude to Mrs. Sawyer for the items, adding: “Little is much when God is in it.”

Ms. Guenter’s statement was followed by a choral rendition from the orphans, which moved Mrs. Sawyer and those who accompanied her to the mission to tears.

The Mission, according to Ms. Guenter, was founded by the late Jefferson A. Zeon and his wife, Helena D. Zeon, in 1997, when they recognized the need to assist children categorized as orphans, semi orphans, abandoned, poor and destitute as a result of the country’s civil crises.

At present, the home hosts 21 children, including 10 girls and 11 boys.

The mission also hosts the FOCUS Liberia School, which was founded to champion the cause of better education in Liberia and to create a productive environment for the youth.

A representative of the group in Liberia, Thelma E. Duncan Sawyer, told the Daily Observer shortly after she presented the items to the head of the orphanage that the most effective use of donations is “where [it’s] most needed, as it gives us the maximum flexibility to direct funds in accordance with current and most urgent needs across our international network. This is the default designation for every gift, unless the donor specifies other intent.”

The group, which was established 15 years ago, according to Mrs. Sawyer, meets once a year where each member makes a donation that would enable him or her to identify with the less fortunate, including orphans, in Liberia.


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