GTZ Guilty of US$134,260 Unfair Labor Practices


    The National Labour Court at the Temple of Justice on Monday, January13, confirmed the ruling of the hearing officer at Ministry of Labour, which declared GTZ liable in US$134,260 Unfair Labor Practices.

    GTZ (which became GIZ – German Society for International Cooperation since 2011) is an international enterprise owned by the German federal government, and operating here under the Liberia laws.

    The Ministry’s hearing officer, Mr. Nathaniel S. Dickerson, in early 2011 held GTZ liable for 114 of its redundant employees in the amount of US$134,260, representing one hour of overtime pay for the period they worked for up until their dismissal in 2007.

    That ruling was rejected by GTZ and subsequently announced an appeal for “Judicial Review” with the National Labour Court.

    Delivering the court’s final judgment in the matter, Presiding Judge, Comfort S. Natt, declared that “GTZ failed to produce evidence in their case since the burden was upon them to prove their case by the preponderance of evidence.”

    Judge Natt further established that the  “ruling of the hearing officer delivered on October 19, 2011 in favor of the 114 complainants awarding them the total sum of US$134, 260.40 is confirmed and affirmed.”

    “The court will prepare the necessary bill of costs in satisfaction of its judgment,” she concluded.

    The former workers in 2010 complained that some of them were employed since 1999 under an agreed contract.

    Unfortunately, on July 10, 2007, they were declared redundant by GTZ, alleging “inadequacy of funds.”

    They, among other things, alleged that the institution compelled them to work for one hour during their break times; including Sundays and Holidays without pay.

    GTZ denied these claims, stating that they paid all those who had worked overtime.


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