GT Bank MD Released on US$50K Bail

GT suspended Bank MD Bejide.

The Monrovia City Court on Friday, August 31, granted an interim bail to Ayodeji Bejide, a Nigerian national and managing director (MD) of Guaranty Trust Bank (GT Bank) Liberia in the sum of US$50,000.

Bejide had been held in police custody since Tuesday, August 28, after he responded to police invitation on allegations that he had physically assaulted one of the bank’s employees, Edward Freeman. Mr. Freeman is believed to have been injured on the lips following the incident.

Before securing the US$50,000 bail, Bejide was released by another court, Criminal Court ‘B’, where his legal team had filed a Petition for the “Writ of Habeas Corpus” against the Liberia National Police (LNP) for deliberately refusing and neglecting to release or formerly charge him after the expiration of the 48 hours provided under the Constitution.

A drama ensued shortly after defendant Bejide’s lawyer, Abraham Sillah of the Heritage and Partners Law Firm, secured his release through the writ, when the Monrovia City Court arrested him (Bejide).

The court’s action was based on a request from authorities of the Ministry of Justice, which formally charged Bejide with aggravated assault.

Although Magistrate Kennedy Peabody did not say when the court would begin Bejide’s trial, it can be recalled that on Tuesday, August 28, a video shared on Facebook showed Mr. Freeman bleeding from his lips in Bejide’s office after Bejide reportedly threw a calculator at him, allegedly wounding him on the lips.

After reportedly wounding Mr. Freeman, Bejide was heard in the video telling the employee to calm down, threatening to dismiss him if he made any further comment.

Mr. Freeman then walked out of Bejide’s office at the end of the video, displaying his wounded lips to other employees, some of them explaining how Bejide on many occasions had treated them in a similar manner.


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  1. …..I guess the Republic of Liberia is one of the 36 States in Nigeria. That’s the reason these Igbo and Yoruba guys are treating our fellow citizens like that. They are not certify going to the US with Liberian passport, using Liberia as a hub for drug distribution and establishing bogus churches calling them “PROPHETS’. They are now physically harming Liberians, as if it is not enough damage done by the drugs brought in by them. Let our courts and other law enforcement bodies take this very serious.

    If a Liberian had done this to a Nigerian in Nigeria, do you know what would be his fate?
    Let the law takes it course. After court proceeding, he should be deported back to Nigeria.

    • the word is ‘satisfy’ not ‘certify.” And yes, I agree with you. These Nigerians have to be taught a lesson. Their rudeness and arrogance should be back with Boko Haram. they are spoiling our country with drugs, 419, churches and witchcraft.

  2. Its all over a Yellow Woman in New Kru Town. He was there “Chilling Out” and the other guy showed up. He then brought the FRUSTRATION to the office. Once he saw the other guy’s FACE he lost it and threw the clock at the guy. Its ALL over a “Yellow Woman” in New Kru Town. SAD but TRUE !!!!!!!! Look like men but in the end they are all BOYS !!!!!!

  3. Liberians love foreigners. Look at the new Fire service chief trying to move to a Lebanese owned building and leaving a Liberian owned building. Paying almost twice the money for rent. Check it out. How much kickback he getting/

  4. Lets not take this out of proportion. This man acted emotionally and he should be held accountable for his deals. Arabs and others are doing worse to our people and it never come in the limelight. Remember, Nigerians are our brothers also. Let stop generalizing. About drugs, Liberians help them to bring it to the country, they are not acting alone.

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