GSA Impounds GoL Vehicles

In early January 2018, ahead of Weah's inauguration, several government vehicles were arrested from their assignees

The General Services Agency (GSA) over the last few days has impounded Government of Liberia licensed vehicles, the Daily Observer has gathered. Some of the vehicles are reportedly parked in the courtyard of the Executive Mansion on Capitol Hill.

Police spokesman Sam Collins confirmed the report, saying, “While the GSA was impounding the vehicles, police officers supported the exercise.”

Up to press time last night, GSA Director General Mary Broh did not respond to calls or reply to a text message the Daily Observer sent to her seeking her official comment.

However, this newspaper gathered also that the action comes against the backdrop that many vehicles with government license plates belonging to the various ministries and agencies have been replaced with private plates.

The exercise intensified last Friday and has frequently caused traffic congestion at the Vamoma Junction in Sinkor and other intersections in Monrovia.

An eyewitness told the Daily Observer on Sunday afternoon that GSA Director Broh, on two occasions, arrested two government vehicles from those the vehicles had been assigned to. They had reportedly removed government’s license plates in an attempt to make them their private property.

“At the compound where the incident took place in Sinkor a guy brought a vehicle and parked it, and then replaced the license plate with a private plate,” an eyewitness said. “He did not know that GSA security officers were deployed in strategic places to trace government marked vehicles and so after he left the vehicle and later returned he was told Madam Broh had taken the vehicle away.”

Another eyewitness recalled how a driver, who went to the Ministry of Transport last week to arrange for his car’s license plate, realized that most of the vehicles at the compound had private plates rather than their previously assigned GoL license plates.

There are also stories yet to be confirmed that many government vehicles with O-plates have vanished from the streets of Monrovia.

Further reports from the leeward counties also yet to be confirmed informed the Daily Observer that some of the vehicles assigned to local authorities have already been turned to scrap and important parts removed.

It may be recalled that when the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL) headed by the late Charles Gyude Bryant turned over to the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration, many of the GoL owned vehicles went missing though a few were recovered by the authorities.

It may be recalled that the National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA) license plate on one of the vehicles was removed and that vehicle was rented to one of the competing political parties during the 2005 elections.

When Ellen Johnson Sirleaf won her second term in 2011, some lawmakers who lost their positions reportedly ‘looted’ equipment including computers, chairs, and tables, and even went as far as taking away window curtains.

The ongoing exercise, according to a police source, is done regularly whenever one administration of government is taking over from another.


  1. The GSA which is clothed with the authority of purchasing for the government should have a process of taking inventory for all government properties assigned to individuals at every government entities to identify who has government property. Impounding vehicles the two weeks in the Sirleaf administration is a proof of lack of plans and coordinations. This situation could have be avoided had the GSA planned and prepared at head. Reactionary solutions are not the best strategies. For the future, GSA should coordinate with government entities to know who have what government properties and how to retrieve them. Lastly, Liberian entrusted with government properties should be patriotic and good citizens. Taking government property is stealing. This a very bad habit. If we want the incoming administration to succeed it’s incumbent upon all of us to cooperate and do our part as citizens.

  2. I said this thing before, people were going to get rich from the day we got a new president to January 22 2018. People will even carry computers, furniture, generators, rugs, and you name them. Mary Brod should have registered all those officials and by now go after them. Just issuing a plate to officials wasn’t really wise. Now Ellen will be blame for this other mess.

  3. If the Ministry of Transportation determines that a vehicle is registered to the Liberian Government, why are they issuing private license plate for said vehicle in the first place? Every vehicle have a vehicle identification number(VIN) that indicates the rightful owner. The whole thing sounds fishy. There are more to the story… Get to the bottom.

    • Mr. Freeman, they are issuing private plate because it’s a inside work. We do not have a straight motor vehicle administration in our country, and so people do any thing they want to do with the government cars, including using it for private use.

  4. Congratulations Madam Mary Broh you are doing a good Job for Mama Liberia. if we have 15 of Mary Broh in the fifteen counties Liberia was going to move forward immediatelly / from a Liberian in Australia

  5. In the first place, proper strategic planning is the way to go. It seems that some managers know less or nothing at all about making contingency plans. Poor managerial skills in no uncertain terms hamper development. We are experiencing the result of people who have poor managerial skills. Secondly, it’s been said before and I will not hesitate to repeat my warning…….. If Weah is to be a genuine crime buster, he should terminate immediately the old hands of Johnson-Sirleaf. In this particular situation, I am not referring to civilian employees. I am making a specific reference to high government appointees. Mary Broh is a typical example of an old hand. Broh was once an appointed mayor of Monrovia. She has served her time honorably. It’s time to go. I do not have one inch of a grouch against Miss Broh, none whatsoever. All I am suggesting is that midddle-level to all high government level employees of Johnson-Sirleaf must go. A new crop of well-trained personnel must be brought on board.

  6. My people this story shameful mehn……….. So an 18 yr-old could manage Liberia’s GSA.

    Okay, so whenever GAS purchase a motor vehicle; the agency should register the vehicle and maintain the title (all paperwork establishing ownership) and insurance coverage records. GSA should even maintain one of the keys to the vehicle. The only thing that should be given to the person the vehicle is assigned to at the moment is a key. If you do not hold the title to a vehicle, you should not be able to change the license plate; it is just that simple. Unless someone tells me they don’t register government vehicles in Liberia.

  7. The reason why GSA does not have absolute control and accurate inventory of all government vehicles and other assets is because each ministry or agency does its own purchasing in Liberia. This has been the case since ” His Excellency Darkinah, Dr. Charles McArthur Gangay Taylor” pilfered the “Bulk Purchasing” system that was established to curb some of these public burglaries or grand larcenies. The Weah administration needs to rethink that system to see if it could be reintroduce or not. To me, if we have one agency responsible for all government vehicles, furniture, stationeries and other assets and well monitored to prevent anticipated gang-style looting by employees and officials, it will benefit the GOL more than could be imagined. Imagine all government ministries and agencies using the same vehicles, that way if one breaks down beyond repair as the case may be, parts from that ruined one could be salvaged to maintain another of the same kind. Even more importantly, government will save a huge bundle when purchasing items in bulk than the current system whereby each entity is doing its own little purchases. We continue to do the same things over and over and yet expecting different results? Must be a Liberian trait.

  8. Molee S. Kpadeh . I support the idea on grounds that incoming government needs to start from somewhere. Moved ever, government vehicles movement should be regulated except those in emergency operations : such as security vehicles and health sector.

  9. The General Service Agency (GSA) is responsible for the management of government assets. Every asset must be logged and assigned to individuals who will be held responsible to give account for such item(s), if this was done; then there is no need to confiscate vehicles or other items in the street to embarrass other good people. those vehicles would have been retrieved easily than the method being used.


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