Sen. Grupee: “I Am Still in the Race”

Nimba County Senator Thomas Grupee: “I am alive and kicking.”

— Says he was the first to register with NEC

Nimba County Senator Thomas Grupee has come out to rubbish reports that he was ‘seriously sick’ and unable to contest the pending December 8, 2020, midterm senatorial election. Sen. Grupee, who is up for reelection this year, said reports that he is ill and in wheelchair are false and contain not facts, as he is sound in health.

“People who have been going around telling my kinsmen and supporters that Senator Grupee is not in the race, is a lie; I am in the race, in fact I was the to have registered with NEC. As you can see me here (jumping up and down) I am on my feet and ready to battle,” Senator Grupee boasted, adding that he is the incumbent and that those coming against him “have nothing to offer Nimbaians, but to tell them that I am in a wheelchair.”

According to Sen. Grupee, the news that he was ill and crippled was the work of his opponents who, he said, do not want to see any progress in Nimba County.

“So let the people know that Senator Grupee is well and sound, on my feet, not crippled, as some people have said — and not confined to wheelchair. It is true that when you have a debilitating condition when you reach an international airport, you can ask for an armchair assistance to take you from one gate to another, which I did. It was against this background that my opponents began to spread the false news that I am in wheelchair,” said Sen. Grupee as he repeatedly intimated that at no time he was confined to wheelchair.

“As I speak, I am healthy after undergoing a successful operation. I am ahead of my healing period of six months; and I am strong and capacitated to lead the people of Nimba County, because they elected me to represent them and I have a sound mind to do just that,” he said.

Sen. Grupee, who is an ex-executive official of the former ruling Unity Party, told legislative reporters on Capitol Hill that he is running on the ticket of the Movement for Progressive Change (MPC), a party of politician/businessman Simeon Freeman.

The Nimba lawmaker clarified that he was in the United States when the Collaborative Political Parties (CPP) framework was put together, “and when I came back they told me that they have held a primary and, because I wasn’t here, CPP did not carry me; so I thought it wise to look for a new political home and I have found this welcoming political home. I am sure of making that party popular in Nimba.”

He emphasized that party politics do not play well for local elections. “I am urging all of my Nimba people to vote for the character, for the person and not for party,” he said.

Sen. Grupee added that, while on his sick bed in the United States, he recalled hearing from Nimba County Senator Prince Yormie Johnson warning that the upcoming election will be rigged, a statement he said pains him a lot.

“I watched it and I still have the recording. We hope not. Liberia has suffered a lot through civil conflicts and we do not want to return to the ugly past, and the way to avoid that is to have a transparent free and fair elections. 

Sen Grupee on his feet in his office at the Capitol

“I am telling the people of Nimba that even if I was disabled, it does not mean that I am unable to speak on their behalf,” the senator said.

Meanwhile, Sen. Grupee has described as unfortunate the statement from Sen. Prince Johnson that Nimbaiains who have fought him, including himself (Grupee) have died or gotten cripples.

“I don’t know what state of mind he was in before making those utterances. I am a God-fearing leader who has never killed someone’s chicken before and I will never ever wish anyone or pit my hands into human blood. I don’t think Senator Johnson really wanted that audio to come to the public,” Sen. Grupee said.

However, Sen. Grupee has disclosed that Sen. Johnson was one of the first persons who called him and expressed thanks to God for his return to the country, “and I am even planning to visit with him for the fact that what we have in common is Nimba, because the house divided against myself cannot stand.”

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