GrowHope Foundation Makes Cash Donation to NPHIL

Ms. MaCauley receives the money on behalf of NPHIL's Executive Director, Dr. Fallah.

NPHIL to begin masks distribution this week

GrowHope Foundation in partnership with Liberian Community in Metro-Boston has made an initial cash donation of US$1500.00 to the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) in support of the Government of Liberia’s (GoL) efforts to aid the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 in Liberia.

Sonny Fumbah, Project Coordinator of GrowHope Foundation, made the donation recently at the offices of the NPHIL in Oldest Congo, on behalf of the organization.

The cash donation is aimed at helping NPHIL to carry out mass production of masks for onward distribution in various communities where necessary, according to Founder & Executive Director of GrowHope Foundation, Sesay Johnson.

Mr. Fumbah said: “We noticed that the entire world has one enemy today and it’s Coronavirus. It is our common enemy and there is a need for us to join hands to combat it and make the world free.”

Mr. Fumbah said the donation is in partnership with the Liberian Community in Metro-Boston, which is based in the United States of America.

He lauded Dr. Mosoka Fallah, Executive-Director of NPHIL, for the level of work done and which he continues to do in the prevention of Coronavirus in Liberia.

Mr. Fumbah pledged the organization’s support in providing more assistance in the prevention of COVID-19 in the country.

Receiving the donation, Jane MacCauley, NPHIL’s Deputy Director-General for Technical Services, expressed gratitude to GrowHope Foundation for supporting NPHIL in the eradication of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic.

“Masks wearing is imperative in the fight against the deadly Coronavirus. The masks campaign is important for Liberia. We will also work with the Transport Ministry to enforce the wearing of masks on vehicles, especially while traveling in counties affected with the virus,” Ms. MaCauley indicated.

Earlier, Dr. Mosoka Fallah, Executive-Director of NPHIL, in a presentation, said his team has visited West Point, New Kru Town, Caldwell, and Samukai Town for assessment of their COVID-19 preparedness, but many complained of lack of resources to purchase masks during a meeting held with local authorities. Dr. Fallah said the mask distribution, which is a pilot project, will take place in three communities in Montserrado County.

“The NPHIL team also distributed masks, tide soap, Clorox and few bags of rice to the teams managing the handwashing stations. Some communities have made achievements through the governance structure of the task force created to support awareness, while many youths have set up handwashing stations at community entrances,” Dr. Fallah explained.

Dr. Fallah noted that communities have identified tailors, seamstresses, and soap making women to work with NPHIL.

He said NPHIL has proposed solutions to overcome all these challenges, including implementation of a pilot project to support the President’s “Mask for All” campaign.

“We will stimulate the local economy of these communities by financially supporting local tailors and seamstresses to produce masks based on the specification from NPHIL. We will empower local women involved in soap-making by helping them to produce watery soap which will be bought by NPHIL to support the hand washing stations,” Dr. Fallah said.

According to him, NPHIL will donate the purchased masks to the local community leaders and taskforce to sell them for L$25.00 which, he believes, is affordable.


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