‘Grow Where You Are Planted’

The Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary conferred upon several individuals, including Cllr. Pearl Brown Bull, an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree.

— Menjay advises theological graduates

Reverend Olu Q. Menjay has inspired graduates of the Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary (LBTS) to be resourceful and serve as agents of change for their country.

Rev. Menjay, President of the Liberia Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention (LBMEC), told the graduates to continue serving in their positions at their respective churches.

“Not because you have graduated from this institution gives you the right to open your own churches or conspire to throw your pastor out of the church. You will have to serve diligently and change the world by working with others.”

He added, “You need to grow where you are planted if you must be successful after graduation.”

Rev. Menjay made the statement on Sunday, December 8, 2019, at the 37th commencement convocation of LBTS, in Paynesville.

The Seminary graduated 10 students with a Bachelor of Theology and 10 others with Bachelor of Religious Education.

Graduates of the Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary

Rev. Menjay urged the graduates to never quit from serving, learning and teaching people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“Use your theological education to transform lives, and serve God and humanity with humility and love, while promoting God’s peace, justice and human rights for all,” he said.

The 2019 Commencement Speaker, Reverend David K. Hinson, called on the graduates to be true representations of the Gospel and the institution.

Rev. Hinson, an American Baptist prelate, said he was delighted to be in Liberia, a country that he has long wished to visit.

The outgoing President of the LBTS, Dr. Terry L. Henry, challenged the graduates to continue promoting the Seminary and “take the advice our Lord, who told his disciples to be wise as serpents, but harmless as doves.”

In his emotional farewell address, Henry said that it was an honor meeting the students, and to serve as the seventh president of the institution.

Rev. Momolu Massaquoi, President-elect of the LBTS, promised to do everything humanly possible to leave the institution better than how he met it by extending the curriculum to a degree granting programs.

Rev. Massaquoi promised to ensure that the institution is recognized at international level in the next two years.

He thanked the students for reaching a milestone in their academic studies, and urged the graduates to seek higher education with Christian principals.

In a congratulatory message, the board of trustees charged the graduates to promote LBTS, and take the advice of the Lord, who told His disciples to be wise as serpents, but harmless as a dove in Matthew 10:16.

“You have been sent into the world into a world that needs to know and experience the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. Go! take the name of the Lord with you and share with the world the nuggets you have received at the LBTS with accuracy and preciseness,” the message said.

Meanwhile, the institute conferred an honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity on several personalities, including Cllr. Pearl Brown Bull for her service to her country, humanity and the LBTS. Others were Reverend Henry Grant Peabody, Reverend David K. Hinson, Ophelia Eliza Hoff, and Deacon Aaron G. Marshall.

Chairman Marshall thanked Dr. Henry and the entire board for the sacrifice and level of cooperation, service, and dedication to the Seminary.

Rev. Menjay also thanked the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Deacon Aaron G. Marshall for leading the fight to save the Seminary from being trespassed upon.


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