GROW-Liberia Holds First Agro-Processors Networking Event

Entrepreneurs in attendance at the just ended Grow-Liberia networking event

GROW-Liberia has embarked on a networking event that brings together all actors within the agro-processing sub-sector to a common space where they can easily meet and expand their network. Held under the theme, “Selling Your Business and Yourself”, the event is the first in a series that is part of the entity’s efforts to lower packaging and other challenges confronting Liberia’s emerging agro-processing sub-sector.

The one-day event, which took place at a resort in Monrovia, brought together agro-processing businesses, packaging companies, branding companies, and startup experts in a common space as a means of increasing networking opportunities that GROW-Liberia says could result to a successful business partnerships.

In an exclusive interview, Thelma Ahamba, one of the event organizers, told the Daily Observer that the limited networking opportunities within the agro-processing sub-sector have moved GROW-LIBERIA to facilitate a networking event that brought agro-processing businesses and packaging companies to a space where networking opportunities would be high and successful.

Although the agro-processing sub-sector of Liberia has countless prospects, entrepreneurs tapping on the sub-sector potentials have been flagging the issue of sourcing packaging materials, which they reported is one of the core challenges confronting the sub-sector.

Products on display at the GROW-Liberia agro-processing networking event

While responding to their concerns, Ahamba said that GROW-Liberia is linking up both the agro-processing businesses and packaging companies to improve the situation.

“We try to fish out packaging companies, whether they are packaging companies that are in Liberia or people importing packaging materials, we try to link these companies to agro-processors where the possibilities to do business is high,” said Ahamba.

Agro-processors from Grand Bassa, Lofa, Bong, Nimba and Montserrado countis attended the networking event but Ahamba noted that her organization expects to have agro-processors from across the country in subsequent time.

A Co-founder of Comax, Leo Maxwell, who was the invited facilitator, drilled agro-processing businesses representatives through the importance of networking.

Maxwell informed entrepreneurs that in order to build a strong network, they should focus on partners that align with their business values, create a win-win situation, and they should keep reconnecting at all times, as networking brings new referrals, and opportunities.

Melvin Joe, an entrepreneur from Grand Bassa County, who specializes in the production of cocoa, plantain and cabbage, termed the event as timely. Joe said that the event has increased his chances of doing businesses with agro-processors that will need raw materials.

“I feel good about this event, because I have met a lot of businesses that I was not going to meet any time soon. This event gives me an opportunity to sell myself…,” said Mr. Joe.

GROW is a business and investment advisory agency that partners with businesses, investors, associations, and government agencies to accelerate inclusive economic returns within high growth industries in Liberia.
GROW’s work is currently focused in rubber, and cocoa productions, agricultural inputs, and Agro-processing industries.


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