Grow-Liberia, Agro-processors Hold First Consultative Meeting on Packaging Challenges

Agro-processors at the consultative meeting

In an effort to mitigate challenges confronting actors in Liberia’s agro-value chain sector, GROW-Liberia recently organized a one-day consultative meeting with agro-processors, packaging importers and manufacturers in Monrovia.

The meeting, according to GROW-Liberia’s statement, was meant to outline limitations, but also opportunities for packaging producers and importers that want to venture into the production of packaging materials.

“The meeting was a way to begin facilitating this kind of knowledge-sharing event between invited groups, which we hope will encourage more investment in the sector, because there are many challenges confronting the processed foods and consumer goods industry in the country. It is the limited availability and ready accessibility of high-quality packaging locally, though, that most impinge growth potential,” the statement said.

Moreover, agro-processor said that they would patronize a local supplier/manufacturer of packaging materials, as many of them said it would require a huge investment for each agro-processor to launch his/ her own packaging facilities.

They added that sourcing low cost and consistent supply of packaging materials, extra fees on imported packaging materials, which they said the delegate and government authorities demand, are issues confronting them.

GROW is a business and investment advisory agency that partners with businesses, investors, associations, and government agencies to accelerate pro-poor economic returns within high growth industries in Liberia.


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