Green Gold Liberia to Stage ‘Most Delicious Event of 2018′

Green Gold Liberia General Manager Morris Dougba.

-Launches Fayacoal Cooking Competition, Others, Nov. 24

Green Gold Liberia, the company that is turning agricultural and forest residue into fire coal in the fight against climate change, says “you won’t want to miss” its event on Saturday, November 24, because “it will be the most delicious event of the year.”

The event is the official launch of Fayacoal Cooking Competition at the Paynesville City Hall on Saturday, November 24. It is also to introduce a new form of coal that Green Gold has described as “fayacoal” in its attempt to raise Liberians’ awareness in the preservation of the country’s forest to fight climate change.

The biocoal, which will be available at the event, is made of agricultural waste and not from trees in the forest. The innovative idea is already in full gear in East Africa, and Liberian Morris Dougba has teamed up with his friend from Trinidad and Tobago to sell the idea to Liberians.

And to make the event memorable, Green Gold Liberia will introduce a Cooking Competition, Eating Competition and Beer Drinking/ Soft Drink Competition with several awards to take home.

Green Gold Liberia says Green Biocoal Revolution is on and Liberians must be interested in the preservation of the country’s forest and, therefore, they must take note to attend the program which is from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

“There will be an eating, beer and soft drink competition. In fact, November 24, will be a fund day for the entire family,” Mr. Dougba said.

He added that the product launch and the fun family day event will raise awareness of the importance of the use of “alternative green charcoal and stove” to climate mitigation, job and food security by having the Green Fayacoal cooking, eating competition and games.

Mr. Dougba is aware that the charcoal industry is worth more than US$200 million and, therefore, would need an alternative technology as a consequence. There will be a time when trees will no longer be available and its negative effect will be felt throughout the country.

To mitigate the situation, Green Gold Liberia has called on Liberians to consider the alternative fayacoal solution, a new technology using sustainable Bio-briquettes that come from agricultural and forest residue to save Liberia’s forest from wood charcoal.

Recently, Gerrard Singh, a lead technical consultant at Green Gold Liberia, explained that the company’s technology to produce coal from agricultural residue, otherwise known as Bio-briquettes, or fayacoal, a new name developed by the company, burns longer and is cheaper, smoke-free and Eco-friendly.

Mr. Singh, who comes from Trinidad and Tobago where the technology is popular, said the sustainable model will improve the quality of life through the creation of economic and social interaction by using the technology to integrate energy, water, transport, and communication.

“This is good for a developing country like Liberia because of its most essential component to reducing poverty by allowing the participants access to sustainable, affordable, reliable and environmentally friendly, clean energy,” he said.


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