Greaves Wants Liberians to Support “New” Electricity Bill


Businessman Harry Greaves has called on his compatriots to support the new electricity bill that would bring “plenty, cheap, reliable and stable electricity” to Liberia.

At the official launch of the publicity campaign on Tuesday, held at the Buchanan Building on Broad Street, Monrovia, Mr. Greaves emphasized that the bill is intended to allow private institutions to provide affordable electricity, which is cardinal to better living conditions.

Mr. Greaves said electricity remains the most important thing for economic development, which is lacking in Liberia and continues to create serious problems of unemployment and poverty.

According to him, if citizens have jobs, they would solve the problem of poverty.

He attributed the lack of job opportunities in the country to the absence of electricity.

Houses in the country prior to the civil crisis had 24 hours electricity, be they zinc shop or not, he said.

The Liberia Electricity Cooperation (LEC), he said, lacks the money, power, and expertise to supply electricity to the various homes and communities as was the case prior to the outbreak of the country’s 14-year civil crisis.

Relative to the provision of the cheap and affordable electricity, Mr. Greaves explained that Montserrado County has been divided into 120 communities, and that he has already visited 60 communities and other communities in Margibi and Bomi counties, spreading the awareness of the cheap, plenty and affordable electricity.

“I thought that this administration would take electricity as the first priority, but it has failed. We the citizens must do something about it so as to create jobs for the people where cheap, plenty reliable and affordable electricity will be the concerned of all,” he stated.

Mr. Greaves said the 60 communities he visited have already been scrutinized and validated to benefit from pending electricity if the bill is passed at the National Legislature.

He cautioned the citizens to call on their lawmakers to ensure that privatization, particularly of electricity, can be provided not only by LEC, but other privately owned institutions.

He said they had generated a little over 9,000 signatures from residents around Montserrado, but needed over 20,000 signatures, which would justify that Liberians are fully in support of the bill aimed at providing electricity in homes and communities at an affordable rate.

For his part, Rep. Byron Brown of Grand Bassa County pledged his unflinching commitment to support the passage of the bill and to ensure that affordable electricity is available to all Liberians.

He said the issue of privatization would play a cardinal role in supporting the various sectors, particularly with the support of citizens in decision-making role that Mr. Greaves is targeting to ensure that cheap electricity is provided.

“Electricity is the best security, the best power to employment, the biggest sign of education, and the sign of stabilization as well as good life for any society,” Rep. Brown stressed.


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