Greaves, Orogun Deaths ‘Suspicious’

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    As the reality of Mr. Harry Greaves’ mysterious death and the discovery of his stark naked corpse on a beach early Sunday shock and alarm the public, Justice Minister Benedict F. Sannoh yesterday described the death as suspicions, also mentioning the death of Dan Orogun, former Managing Director of Guaranty Trust Bank Limited.

    Mr. Greaves, former Managing Director of Liberia Petroleum Refinery Corporation, of late has been a vehement critic of government policy on several issues.

    Mr. Greaves had advocated for the passage of the New Electricity Law to privatize electricity to lower the cost for ordinary Liberians. However, he was unhappy when the law was passed because “it allowed the independent regulator to be the Ministry of Lands, Mines, & Energy…”

    Cllr. Sannoh, speaking at the regular MICAT press briefing on Capitol Hill, said “These two deaths are suspicious. Under our law and practice, we are required as a government to conduct a comprehensive forensic examination with the view to ascertaining the cause of death.”

    He said the government is interested to examine the circumstances surrounding Greaves’ death, and to bring to justice, where warranted and appropriate, those suspected of being responsible directly or indirectly.

    “This is a sovereign responsibility and I have come to inform you that this government has taken all the necessary steps and actions, and in a timely manner, in furtherance of the effective discharge of this responsibility,” he said.

    Minister Sannoh said in the case of the late Orogun, he appointed and authorized Professor John Obafunwa, a forensic pathologist from Nigeria, on Thursday, January 28 to conduct a comprehensive examination on the body for and on behalf of the Government of Liberia and to submit the findings to his office as soon as possible.

    “This examination was conducted promptly on the same day, Thursday, January 28 at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center with representatives of the Liberia National Police, and family members present. Professor Obafunwa returned to Nigeria on Saturday January 30, and the findings are expected soon,” Minister Sannoh said.

    In the case of Mr. Greaves, Minister Sannoh said an arrangement has been made with Professor Obafunwa to return to Liberia to conduct the forensic examination.

    He said Mr. Obafunwa is expected to arrive in Liberia today, February 2, and will be accompanied by another forensic pathologist who will assist him in the examination.

    “While the government is doing everything possible to investigate these deaths, we note with concern that some Liberians here and abroad, with gross insensitivity and callous disregard for the agony of the bereaved families during this difficult period, and of the consequences on the country, have already reached conclusions as to the cause of death, especially of Mr. Greaves,” said Minister Sannoh.

    He assured the public that the death of Mr. Orogun and Mr. Greaves will be thoroughly investigated and if it is determined that any one was responsible directly or indirectly, the government will promptly charge, arrest, and prosecute any such person or persons without fear or favor.

    “Ours is a responsible government committed to the rule of law and to the protection of human rights. This government will not, under any circumstances, condone impunity. We therefore encourage all citizens and foreign residents in our midst to desist from making conclusions on these deaths until forensic examination results are provided,” he said.

    Meanwhile, the Government of Liberia has expressed profound regret over the deaths of Mr. Greaves and Mr. Orogun and urged their families to take heart.


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