Greaves’ Autopsy: ‘Drowning’


Harry A. Greaves Jr., former Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refinery Corporation (LPRC), whose naked body was found behind the old Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs in Monrovia, died of drowning, according to the just completed autopsy performed by two pathologists from the U.S.-based Nebraska Institute of Forensic Science.

The official findings, which are expected to be released today, were completed yesterday before family and representatives of police and government officials, according to information that reached the Daily Observer yesterday.

“The official report will be made at the regular press briefing at the Ministry of Information today,” an official who asked for anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the press, said.

The two American pathologists carried out the examination on the body of Harry Greaves to determine the cause of death, and to also answer reports as to whether an injury on the deceased’s head was caused before or after his death by someone or persons; and whether acid was spilled on the body, which caused the body to peel, and whether his anus was penetrated by a foreign object.

According to the preliminary report the Americans presented to officials at the Ministry of Justice, while there was evidence that the deceased’s head had sustained an injury, it happened after his death and not before.

The report further noted that while there was also the appearance of what was said to be acid on the body, the signs of peeling on the body was the result of the more than eight hours the body remained under salt water.

On the issue as to whether there was a foreign object that might have been inserted into the rectum of the deceased; the preliminary report noted that was not the case.

Many Liberians spoken to by the Daily Observer said the conclusion of the autopsy report will not identify anyone involved in Harry Greaves’ death and therefore the value of the exercise will not have the desired result.

“Ok let’s agree that he was drowned,” said an irate young man yesterday in Paynesville, “how did he get into the water?” The failure of the report to answer the question as how the victim got into the water, if he got into the water for any reason is baffling sympathizers and the family.

Said a young woman, “Once he died I knew that was the end of the story because we are not going to find out how he died.”

With the pathologists’ report, appears to vindicate the Liberian government’s position that it has “no enemies, except critics”, such as Harry Greaves.


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