Gray, Wolokollie Condemn Cummings’ Accusations Against Weah

Rep. Acarous M. Gray and Samora P. Z. Wolokollie, Deputy Minister for Fiscal Affairs, MFDP

Montserrado Electoral District #8 Representative Moses Acarous Gray and the Deputy Minister for Fiscal Affairs at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) Samora Wolokollie over the weekend seized the Super Morning Show at the Liberia Broadcasting System and condemned ANC’s political leader Alexander B. Cummings for his accusations published in the media last week against President George Manneh Weah.

Rep. Gray said Cummings is a “barefaced liar” for saying that Weah is using state funds for his personal investments.

“Does Cummings know the benefits that come along with the presidency? In fact, is he not aware that Weah had his own money before getting into politics, and that he used his personal money to help several Liberians and others over the years? Let him keep quiet if he has no technical knowledge of governance,” he admonished Cummings.

According to Gray, Cummings is a “divisive leader” who at a point in time said: “It is time we take our country back.”

He said such a statement coming from a political leader who, some time ago, opted to take the highest seat in the country is worrisome and should be condemned by all who believe that the country belongs to every Liberian, regardless of whatever status he or she is connected to.

“Gone are the days when a certain group of people, mainly the underprivileged, emptied chambers (toilet buckets) for them in this country. No more shall we revert to such an existence. We all own this country and there is no question about that,” he said.

Gray alleged that Cummings is a selfish leader who prefers only the seat of the standard bearer in an opposition coalition yet to be formed.

He said Weah is his personal friend; he is fully aware that Weah has even more properties (land) around the country than what those in the opposition are accusing him of having now.

“Because the country was not safe due to the civil crises, Weah could not invest here. He asked other people to look after his pieces of land everywhere he bought one, and they have been at the forefront. Now is the time he feels it is right to develop his properties and so if it hurts Cummings and other lazy politicians let them buy theirs and build,” he said.

Gray challenged Cummings and others who continue to accuse the CDC-led government of wrongdoing to come forward with their pieces of evidence and convince the voting population that in the 2023 representative and presidential elections CDC will not continue to lead.

On the issue of the inclusion of those in opposition in the governance process of the country under the CDC leadership, he said the CDC has done better than former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

“When former President Sirleaf came to power, she downsized and right-sized, thereby getting off jobs all those she knew were not in her camp or supporting it. She sacked people who served in her government and at the same time criticized her, but we are not doing that,” he said.

He added that inasmuch as former Grand Bassa County Senator Gbehzohngar Finley supported the CDC later on during the 2017 political campaign, he was not a CDCian but now he is the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Gray also named Lenn Eugene Nagbe, who is the minister of information, and a host of other employees of government as people from the opposition bloc who are freely enjoying the tolerance of CDCians, mainly President Weah.

Minister Samora Wolokollie, on the other hand, said it is frustrating but at the same time laughable that “misinformed and ill-advised” individuals continue to accuse the government, mainly the Ministry of Finance, of mismanaging the country’s money.

“Can you imagine, these lazy opposition politicians say every day around here that we passed around with the US$25 million dollars meant to mop up and stabilize the exchange rate between the Liberian dollar and the U.S. dollar and that we distributed the money among street money exchangers in West Point.

“This sounds foolish, but for the sake of educating them on this platform, we dealt with registered and licensed money exchangers who are running their businesses at their bureaus,” Wolokollie said.

He said the two options available to the economic management team (EMT) for the mopping up exercise are “direct and indirect” and that it is up to the team to choose either of them.

“The direct method for the mopping up exercise was the one we used. It is about going directly to the market and exchange from registered and licensed money exchangers operating at bureaus. The indirect method is by taking the money to the banking sector to do the exchange exercise,” he said.

Wolokollie added: “These are the options we have and so we decided, for the sake of timeliness, in handling the issue of the continued skyrocketing of the U.S. dollar against the Liberian dollar, to do the direct mopping.”

The MFDP fiscal affairs boss said of the US$25 million dollars, U.S$15 million was used and that helped to reduce the exchange rate between the two currencies.

“We still have US$10 million dollars that we plan to infuse into the economy again so as to ensure that there is a curtailing of the high exchange rate between the currencies,” he said.

He said the entire US$25 million will in total be chasing and removing from the market over L$2 billion.

“I will not like to go into any details on the missing L$16 billion, but from what we have found out, it is like there was too much excess in the printing of the new money of our currency,” he said.

Wolokollie said if the opposition has facts of any wrongdoing perpetrated by the government, mainly in the financial sector of the country, they should document their findings with proofs attached and let the public and the whole world know.

“One thing that beats my imagination is that people who are not schooled in economics and don’t know the implications of what economic challenges are, are the very people writing papers and going to talk shows to address national economic issues.

“It is so sad that persons like Taa Wonge, an ANC partisan whom I last saw or ever heard of attending school when he was at St. Patrick’s High School; I mean a mere high school graduate is among those writing and discussing degree related issues, such as the state of the economy. It is sad because they are too lazy,” he said.

David Kortie, the man known to be a friend of every president, called on the show and said Gray and Wolokollie should not be bothered by the noise in the market and that President Weah has already proven that he is the best of all the Presidents that have ruled the country.

“From 1847 up to this day, President Weah, in less than a year has done better than any other president. Let them cause their noise while he builds our community roads and other major high ways,” Kottie admonished. Other callers phoned in and most of them took side with Gray and Wolokollie.

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David S. Menjor is a Liberian journalist whose work, mainly in the print media has given so much meaning to the world of balanced and credible mass communication. David is married and interestingly he is also knowledgeable in the area of education since he has received some primary teacher training from the Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute (KRTTI). David, after leaving Radio Five, a broadcast media outlet, in 2016, he took on the challenge to venture into the print media affairs with the Dailly Observer Newspaper. Since then he has created his own enviable space. He is a student at the University of Liberia.


  1. Wolokollie and Gray seem to be the selfish one. You are not concern about millions of Liberians who are in poverty, can’t afford to have a full meal for the day. Unemployment at 85%. You have a civil servant job and only concern about yourselves .Cummings is an opposition, but he is right ,and you are wrong. The president didn’t declare his asset, yet he is developing his personal properties while the country is deteriorating. We need a leader that will put his/her citizen first. You guys are receiving fabulous salaries monthly while majority suffers because of your greed. Give me a brake! The country can not develop if it continues to have egocentric leaders.

    • Teah, Can you give me the last Statistics of unemployment from 2016-2017, there is something said in this paper that you people need to agreed to, bittaboll selling discussing economic issues, shoe shine boy discussing economic issues where are we heading? It’s true that the president is building homes, and definitely people will speculate that’s State resources but do we have the facts that

    • How would Weah respond when Cummings has no direct evidence to justify his accusation. As an opposition, he has the constitutional authority to make requests for documentation from the government if he believe there are illegalities in government.

      He can’t make noise without direct evidence.

      Just My Opinion!

  2. To a point Teah, you I think are limited, you said the president didn’t declared his assets Wow! You to put on your thinking cap

    • When did the President declare his assets publicly? They said he did, but it was done behind closed doors and not made available for the public. Is that declaration? The last time he declared his assets was in 2005 when he ran for President against Ellen and he was worth not more than $1.5 Million. Again in 2014 when he ran for the Senatorial seat, he was worth even less than that. So where did he get all the money from to be building mansions?

  3. It’s about time that a lawmaker and a government official had come out strongly to condemn Alexander Cummings for his belligerence. I give credit to Gray and Wolokollie for doing all that they have done. More is needed though.
    Cummings needs to be stopped because he’s a phony. He spreads falsehoods and sells snake oil that’s disguised as a panacea for Lineria’s economic and political woes. Secondly, Cummings trademark is geared towards making outlandish and provocative statements. The bottom line is this: Cummings has no moral compass. He prerends to understand the issues that affect Liberia, but in reality, Cummings is a master manipulator, who is hellbent on becoming president of Liberia at all cost.

    “Let’s take the country back”, is Cummings’ main agenda. The question is this…..take the country back from whom? Or on the flip side, who needs the country? Oh, do Americo-Liberians need the country back? It’s a shame that a guy who wishes to become president is making a provocative bozo-like statement without thinking about the consequences. He’s a divisive individual who shares a mean-spirited agenda. But he will fail miserably. Cummings is a sure loser.

    So because of Cummings’ ambivalence, let’s walk through the woods. When the late Tubman, an avowed Americo-Liberian, presided as president of Liberia, 99.9% of his cabinet ministers were Americo-Liberians. During those painful days and years of Tubman’s presidency, the population of the Americo-Liberians was approximately 10%. Although more non-Americo-Liberians were in the majority, there was no consideration by Tubman to be fair and equitable in terms of employment. Does Cummings want us to return to those days? Is that why he desperately hopes to become president?

    Americo-Liberians are natives of Liberia!. As long as all Americo-Liberians were born in Liberia, they are natives of Liberia, not of America or China or Israel. Goodness! Americo-Liberians are an ethnic group of people just like the Grebos, the Kru or the Kpelle people. So, by birth, Amerco-Liberians are natives of Liberia. Only by ethnicity, should they be referred to as such.
    Knowing full well that the Americo-Liberians are a tiny minority group of Liberians, why would Cummings make such a stupid statement? How on earth could he win a district when he knows darn well that the group he aligns with is in the minority? The bigger question is how could he be taken seriously by running on such a bloodhound platform? Cummings has an obligation to appeal to all Liberians if he is serious. Sorry to say this, but it’s the truth. LIBERIANS DO NOT WANT A TRUMP-LIKE PRESIDENCY.

    Is Cummings really a neophyte or a contrarian?

  4. We must command Mr.Cummings for his analysis especially his word as “take back our country” my question to Mr.Cummings critics before the coming of the Americo Liberian how the natives could referred to the Land that became Liberia?it is the Americo Liberian that made Liberia today,but,it is time for us to take back our land,trust me!Leadership in Liberia is not good for natives.Leadership always make natives drunk!

  5. Ansu,
    The land that became Liberia was the land of the people who lived on it.

    Let’s take a good look at America:
    When Christopher Columbus arrived in what we now know as America, it was a place similar to Liberia. There were people living here. Our man Columbus thought he had arrived in India, so he went back to Europe saying he met the Indians. That’s why the natives of the USA are referred to as Indians. But the natives of the US are not Indians. Unfortunately, they got stuvk with that label because of European imperialism. The guy told an unintentional lie. The natives of this country did not do any paper work with anyone. Regardless of that, it was legally and technically their land.

    Ansu, get serious. Are you dreaming? Come to yourself. When did the natives of Liberia get drunk because of power? Every man or woman who was born in Liberia is a native of Liberia. By ethnicity, we begin to split up. Trump is an American native. Obama is a native of America. But, Trump and Obama are not referred to as native American Indians. Obama is an African-American. Trump is a Whute-American.

    Ansu, you got my point now?
    But what do you mean by “leadership in Liberia not good for the natives”. Look man, don’t talk like that? You marry to one Americo-Liberian girl? I myself when I was your age, I had one beautiful Americo-Liberian girl. But I didnny do what you doing. The way you talking making me laugh. Stop saying that kind of stuff. That’s why I said you must come to yourself.

    Anh you born in Liberia? You too can become a president. But don get drunk. You hear? I am gon man. That your kind of suggestion this morning making me laugh.

    Mr. Call me John Doe,
    I need your input. Please.

    • So long Liberians don’t have jobs and income to support their families, not even the best propaganda machine nor could the President’s minions convince the public that the government is seeking their best interest. And no sound adviser worth his paycheck would advise a President in his first year to start a massive private building project without first addressing the needs of his citizens. It’s just bad politics even if he’s using his own money…it’s that simple. Notwithstanding, you have the alleged missing L$16 billion and the lack of transparency of the US$25 million dollars. Any opposition leader worth a grain of salt would exploit such a poor judgment by a sitting President. The Liberian people are going through some very tough times right now and the optics of Mr. Weah’s projects will cause him support. One doesn’t have to be a political genius to discern the political calculus.

  6. Daily Observer,
    If you don’t have news, it will be better for the reading public if you were to stop publishing TRASH from praise singers in this PLAY PLAY government.


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