Grand Kru Senatorial Aspirant Calls for Massive Ebola Awareness Campaign

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Grand Kru County Senatorial aspirant, Albert Tugbeh Chie,  has called on his kinsmen residing in Monrovia and its environs to help carry on a  massive Ebola awareness campaign and to contain the further spread of the virus in the county.

 Mr. Chie told his kinsmen that his attention had been drawn to  the current situation that is unfolding in Parluken, Forpoh District in Grand Kru, where suspected Ebola cases had been reported recently.

According to him, the current situation in Parluken is very worrisome and has claimed his attention because he cares about the safety of his people in the county.

The Grand Kru Senatorial aspirant made these assertions recently when he held a meeting with his kinsmen in Monrovia.

 He expressed great sadness  over many people who lost they lives to the deadly epidemic in the country.

“Just imagin there is no doctor or nurse in Parluken and if somebody geta sick, how will he or she survive?” he asked.

 Mr. Chie also suggested the conduct of massive awareness campaign in the 12 communities in Grand Kru County to educate the people on preventive measures, especially in the Ebola-reported community in Parluken, Forpoh District.

He underscores the need for the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to send medical experts  to the area to help give medical treatment to people in that part of the country.

For his part, Mr. Joseph Weah, Chief of Sasstown in Monrovia, lauded Mr. Chie for recognizing and inviting the citizens of Grand Kru to discuss the current situation that is unfolding in the county.

Mr. Weah suggested that some residents from the 12 communities of Grand Kru County currently in Monrovia should be trained and must be given materials to carry on massive awareness campaign in the county and they should be people from the county.

Additionally, the Sasstown Chief also appealed to the citizens to avoid traditional practices such as shaking hands, eating kola nut and putting mat down whenever somebody die.

Also speaking, Mr. Theo T. Nimely further suggested that current Ebola victim’s video tapes should be taken to every part of Grand Kru to show it during the awareness so as to enable more people to convey the central message that Ebola is real.

By doing this, Mr. Nimely said, we will help people in the county to take serious preventive measures.

At the end of the meeting, the Grand Kru Senatorial hopeful contributed the amount of L$100,000 worth of materials, including buckets, cartons of clorax and chlorine and other materials to kick-off the Ebola awareness campaign in the county.


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