Grand Kru Lawmaker Blames Constant Accidents on Bad Roads

One of the vehicles involved in the accident in Waka Town (Compound #2 Junction), near Buchanan, Grand Bassa County

Grand Kru County District #2 Representative Cllr. J Fonati Koffa has blamed the bad roads from Grand Kru to Grand Bassa as one of the causes of the tragic motor accidents which have been claiming lives, including Sunday’s tragedy, in which at least three persons lost their lives.  One of the vehicles involved in the accident in Waka Town (Compound #2 Junction), near Buchanan, Grand Bassa County was Rep. Koffa’s.

At least three persons including the former Manager of Voice of Sasstown, Lawrence Nimene died in the tragic motor accident.
The other two are  Ms. Joyce Judah (a volunteer on Rep. J. Fonati Koffa’s development team) and a lady, known as Tina Toe.
On Sunday evening, Mr. Wesseh, Tina’s baby boy and Mr. E. Blamo Sieh, the administrator of the Domo Nimene Maternity Memorial Hospital, were transported to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital, where they lay relatively critical.  The remaining, who are not critical, are still in Buchanan undergoing treatment.
Eyewitnesses, like Rep. Koffa, also attributed the cause of the accident to bad road conditions. It may be recalled the Daily Observer reported recently that at many vehicles get stuck in the mud for days between Gio Town in Grand Bassa County and ITI Community in Rivercess County.

The vehicle of the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE) was also involved in the accident. The LACE team was returning from dedicating over 90 of the Presidential Pro-Poor Housing Units constructed by Building Construction Company (BCC) and Mobel. However, the dedication was not attended by Grand Kru County Legislative Caucus owing to misinformation of the differed schedule that caused Senator Peter Coleman to leave the county earlier.

About a month ago, at least two lives were also lost in an accident involving a vehicle belonging to Grand Kru County Senator, Albert Chie.  Cllr. Koffa told reporters on Monday on the grounds of the Capitol Building that the potholes which led to road accidents in the Southeastern corridor, perhaps, was as a result of the exhaustion of the driver after long hours of driving that caused him to unintentionally drive off the road.

“I take that road all the time and trust me, by that time you hit the Buchanan pavement, you are so exhausted because your body has been shaking between 12 to 14 hours, and you are so tired. So, the road condition is number one,” Rep. Koffa said.

According to the Grand Kru County lawmaker, however acknowledged “God’s traveling mercy” because their constant travels on the bad roads are inevitable, due to the extensive development projects they are undertaking in their districts and counties respectively. “And the number two reason is that we are at God’s mercy because statistically, Senator Albert Chie and l who are doing extensive development work in Grand Kru are going to send development teams there, and Moses Wesseh that l know is ready to jump from the bed wanting to know what his next mission, is going to be and to go back there,” said Koffa.

He added: “So, we will continue to send teams there, and we will continue to go there, so we only hope for God’s mercy that when we are on these trips, He will give us his traveling mercy, and if He doesn’t, that His will and we will continue to pray.”  In desperation, Rep. Koffa frowned on the failure of the US$500 million loan which was aimed at constructing the roads in the Southeast but acknowledged that amid the failure, Southeastern lawmakers including President George M. Weah are doing their best to maintain the roads.

“We have been trying our best to make sure we get this US$500 million loan to improve the Southeast road, we are a small underdeveloped country, our budget is about US$500m, and no lawmaker will vote to send the entire US$500m to the Southeast to build roads, so we have been trying our best, although little bit unsuccessful. The President has been working along with the finance team to see how to find loans; you all know some of the stories behind loans; they don’t dish out as we wish they would; however, that doesn’t mean we will stop.  We will continue to do our best to see how we can get finance to do the Southeastern corridor and that will be a major project.”

In a poignant tone, Cllr. Koffa confirmed the death of at least three persons, two of whom were part of his development team. Eulogizing, Cllr. Koffa said: “Unfortunately, there were three fatalities… Joyce Judah was a volunteer from Monrovia, one of those persons, who saw what we were doing in Grand Kru County and decided that she wanted to be part of that mission and that vision. This was her second trip to work on the school projects going on there.”

“Tina Toe has been in Norkia, Sasstown. She was traveling with a very young child. She was a staunch member of the JFK Team and was a staunch member of our campaign in 2017 and one of our coordinators in Norkia, Sasstown, Grand Kru County.”  He added: “Lawrence Nimene who also died, although he wasn’t an immediate member of our team, was a catechist of Christ the King; he was on the faculty of St. Paul in Sasstown and he was the coordinator of our scholarship in St. Paul in Sasstown. Originally, I met Lawrence when he was the station manager of the Voice of Sasstown in 2009; we have been very good friends, and he always called me when I am in Grand Kru County.”

Concerning the survivors, Rep. Koffa said the late Tina’s baby is the most critical. “We ask for prayers for the child. [The child] sustained critical brain injuries; Dr. Doe and other surgeons are still attending, [and] we are hoping for a full recovery,” Cllr. Koffa indicated.

He said, Moses Wesseh, his Director of Operations, sustained a broken thigh, minor brain and chest injuries. “If you know Wesseh, he is one of those persons who is a goal-getter; he is managing and overseeing the projects in Grand Kru — our school projects. And Mr. E. Blamo Sieh, the administrator for the Sasstown Hospital, sustained minor injuries and has been discharged. Moses’ driver, Kpateh Blamo, is at the JFK for minor injuries, and the other two persons who were accommodated by the team are also still at the hospital, I spoke with them, and they will be out soon.”

He further said the Chief Engineer of Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE), Emmanuel Kollie didn’t sustain any injuries.  Meanwhile, Rep. Koffa consoled and assured the deceased family members of his full support to the burial of fallen relatives and their subsequent families.


  1. May their souls rest in perfect peace. I’m still baffled why the roads to Southeast are still inaccessible. The whole government of CDC originated from that region why no road? Bad road medicine from there why then.

  2. Mr. G. M. Gehi,
    Let’s just put it this way. There aren’t any good roads in Liberia. Regardless of whether or not “the whole government of the CDC originated from that region”, the issue of good roads is a big problem.

    You seem to be implying that because Weah is a derivative of the Southeast region, so therefore there shouldn’t be a problem with bad roads in that region. Gehi, please note that when Boakai (a native of Lofa county) served as a 12-year VP of Liberia, the main road that goes to Lofa county did not get touched. As you know, Boakai was one beat away from the presidency. Boakai could have used his influence as a VP to get something done in order to build or improve the Monrovia to Lofa thoroughfare. It didn’t happen under the hot sun of Liberia. Also, when Tubman, Tolbert and Doe served in the Liberian presidency, the issue of road construction was not a hot topic in their respective governments. Please do not misconstrue me. I totally agree with the concept of building good roads throughout Liberia regardless of where a president was born. The act of trying to tar one person with lack of good roads in Liberia is not a genius idea.

  3. What intrigues the whole world is that this region has produced 3 presidents:

    King or Emperor Williams V. S. Tubman, who ruled Liberia for 27 unbroken years, was from Maryland County, Southeastern Liberia. He spent all his time on the cruise ship with Queen Elizabeth of England while the white guys were pumping out our natural resources. He could not build the road leading from Monrovia to his home region but only flew there to obtain the people’s votes, may his soul burn perpetually in hell!

    Dictator Master Sergeant Samuel K. Doe also hailed from Grand Gedeh County, also in the southeastern region. Like his predecessor from the region, he usually flew there in his helicopter and seldomly took the road during the dry season. He spent all his time devising plans of how he could exterminate a given tribe or people of a given region. May his soul burn in the fiery furnace of hell!

    Given the abject poverty of the country, nonexistent infrastructural development and dire living conditions of the populace, Africa’s only Ballon d’Or, our diamnond and golden boy Honorary doctor doctor doctor Weah, from Grand Kru County, also in the southeastern region, decided to bring his people hope by entering the political arena. During his 12 years as the opposition figure, he denigrated, abused and even planned to overthrow the standing government then, just to bring development and sanity to his people. He promised that during his first 2 years as president, a highway from Buchanan to Harper, passing through Grand Kru and Sinoe Counties, was going to be built. He’s been there since almost 3 years now, but the feasibility studies of this highway are yet to begin.
    Where are the changes and fixes you promised us, Skipper? When will they be forthcoming? How long shall we wait to drive on paved roads to the southeastern region?
    I hope your soul does NOT equally burn in hell, like your predecessors from the southeastern region.

    May God deliver Liberia from swindlers, gangsters and hoodlums, Amen!

  4. Yeah. Too much for history lessons on the number of presidents who were elected from the Southeast of Liberia. And let’s forget the number of “27 unbroken years” where Tubman flew in and out when “white guys were pumping out our natural gas”. I am not proud of the concept of bad roads/no roads. But I just can’t wait to set the record straight.

    Tubman had a yatch. Tubman did not fly in and out in the great county of Maryland. Tubman used his yatch 99.5% of the time to go to Maryland. Finally, Tubman used the motor (of course there was hardly a motor road throughout his 27 unbroken years) to get to Maryland from Monrovia.

    On an important front, many years after those unbroken years, a guy named Moses Blah became appointed to the presidency. Blah was a derivative of central Liberia, specifically from Nimba county. And yet throughout Blah’s short but unbroken period of serving in the presidential cockpit, Blah did not build a “stretch” in Karnplay, Tappita, Ganta or anywhere in the mountains of Nimba county. Then when he got seriously sick, it was reported that “some” things got messed up….. including the fact that President Blah’s wife couldn’t convince the government of EJS to provide medical assistance to cure a former president! The fact that Blah’s wife sought medical assistance is understood. She had the right to do so. But where were the elected lawmakers of Nimba? Why didn’t the lawmakers of Nimba force the hands of EJS to assist the ailing former president?

    As the drumbeat continues about “ushering in” 2023, there’s a neophyte who could also be ushered into the Liberian presidency. According to his-story, that guy is from the Southeast of Liberia. All Rights Reserved. The Southeast region of Liberia is the best! But we have to be careful with the guy who wants to be ushered in. He will hire, create or employ 1,000,000 Liberians in 12 months. He will collect taxes that haven’t been collected since 1847 in order to pay the 1,000,000 new employees. We just have to be careful. That’s an incredible feat. Somehow, we’re told that the hiring of those many people will be done.

  5. As much as I do not support a political party in Liberia or the individual indexed, I will come in support of a fellow county or kinsman.
    Moses Blah was s short-termed president, taking over from a deposed and beleaguered president. His ascension to power was simply to respect the constitution of Liberia. He could in no way plan the economy, undertake development, channel diplomacy, etc. he was simply ushered in to make way for the incoming president.

    To see a compatriot, an admirable one too, rejoice over his misfortune during his illness is unfortunate. His wife asked for assistance because she could not afford financially.
    Let’s leave the dead alone and focus on those who are alive. May Mr. Blah’s soul rest in peace.

    Taking a boat to Maryland was a fantastic idea. Was such means of transportation available to the ordinary people then? Is such means of transportation available to the ordinary people today? Or do we simply support selfishness from past rulers, which has contaminated and runs in the veins of present rulers? What is one human being doing with 4 mansions while the rest of the country cannot afford even a zinc shack?

    I wish we can have boats plying the coasts of Liberia from Harper to Monrovia, it could be fantastic.
    We want Liberians to feel like human beings, that’s why ushering in 2023 has become our leitmotif. We do not want to leave Liberia the way we met it. We want to start something sustainable that our children and grandchildren can build on. We want them to feel that they have a country and not a big village.

    The ANC and CPP will reunite the children of Liberia to live together in peace, love and harmony again, provide decent jobs to thousands of Liberians even from abroad, provide good education for our youth (we will NEVER support a pass in 1/9 subjects), provide basic infrastructure throughout the length and breadth of the country and undertake massive tax and duty recoveries within and at all ports of entry, Yes, We Can!

  6. Bonjour frere,
    I knew Moses Blah for a brief while. Blah and I rented our separate rooms at Dimba in Plateau Doqui, the Ivory coast. I cannot speak evil of him neither can I of his wife. The big picture that I tried to show you is that Presidents come and go. Some of them serve for more years, unfortunately some do not. No one knows for sure what Blah would have done if he had served for upteen years. Do you know what Blah’s accomplishments would have been if he had served for 27 “unbroken years”?

    On the positive side, I totally agree. The system has got to change. When you talk about three presidents (one of whom is the present president) who hail from the Southeast, you’re saying “something else”. That’s why I reminded you about Moses Blah. Unlike Blah, the guy you wish to be ushered in as the next president had promised to create 100,000 jobs in 100 days. Trust me. One hundred days of one’s presidency is brief! How can 100,000 jobs be created in a poor undeveloped country in such a limited time? New jobs require proper training! So the fact that Blah was there for a brief while is not a strong defense. Maybe Blah was a smart guy who preferred not to make promises about jobs in 100 days. If he gets in, Alexander Benedict Cummings will be expected to create jobs, but no intelligent Liberian will expects him to create 100,000 jobs in 100 days. That’s incredible!

    Think about that!

  7. Grand Frère Hney,

    I know you will NEVER speak anything mean of Mr. Blah but I intentional commented on the issue to remind you that he should never be blamed in anyway within the framework of our debate. In the same way, stop blaming old man Joseph Boakai for lack of paved roads leading to Lofa. Under the Liberian constitution, the vice president has little saying in the development agenda of the ruling party, especially the UP. Old man Boakia was used as a political pawn to appease the people of Lofa.
    Under our constitution, a VP plays the role of a diplomat between the people and the president, between the lawmakers and the president and sometimes presides over important sessions in both houses.

    As for the ANC capacity to create 100,000 jobs in our first 100 days, we stand by our word. To prove us wrong, encourage your people back home to vote us come 2023 and see if we are saying a fairy tale or we know what we are saying.
    It’s feasible for us, try us and see.

    By the way, note that we will be voted in October or November and will be sworn in office in January. From the time we are voted to the time we will be sworn in, 30,000 jobs will be created because investors’ confidence would have been restored. Try us at the dawn of 2023 and prove us wrong.

    There is no creativity in the CDC but hooliganism and show of power. The ANC is made up of humble but hard-working people with lots of creative minds. Try us and see, you will be proud to come home and spend your vacations, if only you refuse to take up our job at the Ministry of Education.

    Saluations mon vieux!

  8. Merci, mais je suis encore jeune.
    Veux-tu que here fesse jeune homme?

    You seem to be an “inner circle” person of the ANC/CPP if you are not Cummings himself, despite your denials that you’ve never seen or talked with Cummings.

    How did I reach such a conclusion?
    Because you sound very magnanimous! You’re offering me a job in the Education Ministry (which I am capable of doing) that I didn’t ask for. I sense gentility in you, but with all due respect I will take a polite pass.

    I have worked in two different Boards of Education in two different states. I have the experience to demonstrate trustworthiness if I were considered. I was very determined to make a difference in our educational system in Liberia last year. But although the offer was made for me to work in the area of curriculum development, let’s just say that the (😈) got in the details. Ninety days in Liberia after the fact! That’s not the first time something like that had occurred.

    During 2013, I was in Liberia. My handlers passed my CV on to president. Knowing me was an added advantage! She would have liked for me to do something else in 2014! But when I returned to the US, got packed and was about to go home, Ebola was dangerously active on the ground. My younger brother urged me not to try it.

    Look, everything works for the best. Sometimes, the Almighty God allows obstacles to get in the way through a bet with the devil. Just read the story of Job in the Old Testament. To be perfectly honest, I am okay. I am not in the job business anymore.

    There’s a culture of resistance in Liberia. I just don’t know why some Liberian intellectuals are reluctant to change.

  9. Every cloud has a silver lining!
    It is not the plan of God for you to work with any of those governments. God does not want you to be associated with corruption in any way. The plan of God for you in Liberia could just be to work within the ANC or CPP government.

    I know you don’t need a job and you are neither on the lookout for one, but your contribution to the educational system in Liberia could be a humanitarian gesture or a calling you should NEVER downplay.
    You will be solicited at the dawn of 2023. You will not refuse it as the face that will meet you to make the proposal will be gentle and meek with a godly tone that will never leave you indifferent to the plight of Mama Liberia.

    Bonne nuit et à demain, grand frère. Je sais que tu n’es pas si âgé mais je crois que tu es plus âgé que moi, donc accepte que je t’appelle affectueusement mon grand frère, s’il te plait !.

  10. Attention gentlemen: Petarus & Hney

    Mr. Hney, I’ve talked with several well rounded business people in the city where I live, and they were of the consensus that an individual can create 100,000 new jobs in 100 days; nevertheless, this will depend on a plan and an organization. Thus goes the old business maxim which states, “A good organization will always follow a good plan.”

    Example: The George Bush, Sr. administration was affected by a very anemic economy, an economy that was underpinned by the old supply side-economic philosophy, which states if one was to reduce taxes on the rich or business owners, the result would be a high job growth rate because the rich will now have enough capital to expand their businesses and as a result secure more labor.

    Initially this doctrine seemed to hold truth, but as years went by, research studies began to reveal some deep flaws in the supply-side economics doctrine; government statistics on income distribution by demographics reported supply-side economics was heavily geared towards generating wealth and income for the super-rich only and thereby widening the income gap even further between the haves and the have-nots.

    Then came in Bill Clinton after Bush, Sr. was voted out. Clinton created more than 300,000 new jobs during his first quarter (little over 90 days) like he promised while on his campaign trail. What was the secret behind his strategy?

    As I stated above, he had a good organization and a plan, but foremost amongst Clinton’s boldest actions was, he signed a new economic trade pact (NAFTA) with America’s neighbors; next, he accelerated the boom of the dot com companies, and which in turn according to some experts brought about a paradigmatic shift in the overall economy. Clinton had a good economic agenda. In fact he has been recorded as being one of those American presidents, whose economic plans in recent times, help to pay-off some of America’s public debt during his administration.

    Relating these examples to our own economic setting, it is not impossible for Cummins to produce 100,000 new jobs in three months when one closely examines the cascading effects of how a booming economy works and how high the propensities can be in quickly spurring job growth.

    For example: when a farmer invests in the growth of cassava, the benefits are not wrought only to those who sell raw cassava to make a living. The effects would usually spill over to other folks who specialize in the making of farina, in the production and sale of dumboy, and even in the selling of the cassava leaves. And so, for every one job that is created in growing cassava, two to three different jobs could be created for other folks involve in producing cassava supplements.

    Even folks from other industries remotely connected with the production of cassava usually benefit from it. For example: palm butter soup is a Liberian delicacy. Many people love to eat palm butter with dumboy or fufu. So, the situation described above begets yet another situation that spurs a “circular flow of consumption” and promotes more job growth as people who specialize in the growth and cultivation of palm trees for their nuts, juice, and oil can find markets in a lot of other unrelated industries.

    Therefore, the chances are very likely Cummins or any qualified candidate for that matter, could create 100,000 new jobs in 100 days (approximately three months) if he strikes the right chord within the Liberian economy.

  11. Thank you, Brigit!

    However, I will not even want you to delve on economic policies and principles to convince anyone of the feasibility of creating 100,000 jobs in the first 100 days of the ANC or CPP leadership. Also, don’t compare the American economy with ours to concur or disagree with either side of the argument.
    Why? The American economy is already a stable and existing economy. It may shrink or expand based on policies of any incoming administration.
    The example of Bill Clinton is fantastic. He was a very great president of the US economy. You should have also named Donald Trump who has surpassed the Clinton’s records 3 folds. Had it not been for COVID-19, the DOW Jones index could have been reading in the unprecedented 30 of thousands.

    Back to the Liberian economy, our past and present administrations have continued to strangulate and maintain Liberians in the informal sector. Big and medium sized companies treat the Liberian workforce like people who should live on handouts. The consequences are unstable income and jobs, low or no tax collected by the IRA, low standard of life and untrained or unspecialized workforce.
    The first step for the Cummings’ administration will be to formalize the above irregularities. In so doing, there will be a clearer view on existing monthly, quarterly and yearly revenue collection, data from which projections can be made before making room for new investment opportunities.

    Secondly, a business friendly administration like the ANC led administration will easily attract huge investments and ensure existing companies who have scaled down on the workforce to even begin to innovate to provide goods and services beyond the Liberian borders, thereby augmenting the added value of the Liberia economy in the shortest time possible.

    To not enumerate further points, note that such incentives will make the private sector much more competitive where qualified human capital will seek better paying jobs, thereby reducing the stress on government payroll to enable our administration to retain a small and qualified human capital with better remuneration.

    Look, all we need to do is to undo this moribund rulership in Liberia right now, the rest will be added unto Liberia. We have the right signature to head the Executive Branch of government come 2023.

    May God bless Liberia!

  12. Mr. R. Brigit or “Brig” as I would respectfully nickname you, I am of the opinion that it is highly unlikely, but not impossible for 100,000 jobs to be created in Liberia in 100 days. The “well rounded business people you spoke to in your city”, told you that in order for such jobs to be created in 100 days, “it will depend on a plan and an organization”. What you were told by the the good people in your city has been the core of my argument.

    Brig, I have seen some of the comments you’ve written. You’re a sharp-witted guy. I like to discuss issues with people like you without shouting profanities just because we’ve got a difference of opinion. The use of polemics is the regular cup of coffee for some commenters if and when someone happens to disagree with them. I hope you will see my point of view despite whatever difference.

    Some supporters of Cummings may think I despise him as a fellow human being. That’s totally false! I am opposed to “some” of his political pronouncements. Example, Cummings may want to create as many jobs as possible if he were elected to the presidency. After all, the people of Liberia deserve to work. By bringing “the people”… good educated people into the work force, our country will move up few notches from the chronic unemployment that exists in Liberia. In reality, Cummings cannot do the “100,000-job thing” without a very good contingency plan. Over some time during his presidency, I am sure that over 100,000 jobs will be created. Again, by saying what I have said, I do not infer incompetence on his part. The odds are stacked against him initially.

    Remember also that Liberia is behind the US in so many ways. The fact that Clinton could do that in the 1990s does not mean it can be replicated in Liberia, the world’s 7th poorest country. It rains terribly in Liberia at least four months after a president has been inducted into office. As you know, when it rains in Liberia, roads become messy and sometimes impassible! Will Cummings create those 100,000 jobs before the raining season starts?

    Lastly, what do you think? The well rounded business people told you what their point of view is. So let me know what you think.

  13. Petarus Dolo

    Thanks for your very insightful inputs.

    A key phrase that you strike in your response is “stability”, and you are right. One of the major factors that is hindering Liberia’s quest towards the achievement of economic growth and prosperity is political instability with a lot of it being self-inflicted.

    How can one attract investors, expand the economy, and grow jobs in the midst of uncertainties? Such is not possible. Thus goes the truth of a popular maxim, “Political instability will beget economic instability.” The truth of this maxim never misses for it has always withstood the test of time.

    Many of the world’s most enduring and prosperous economies have always been undergirded by peace and political stability, and not the other way around.

  14. Great and insightful thoughts also Hney!

    One factor that I always consider during election times is the many promises and great rhetoric done by all the sides in the race. So it is now in this unfolding electioneering season.

    “No one knows what lurks in the souls of men!” Sometimes some candidates may sound very convincing when campaigning, but in the end, they let their voting constituents down after they get in office. If you may recall, such became the case with Bush, Sr. and his, “Read my lips, there shall be no new taxes statement.” What happened after the Americans felt convinced and elected him? He raised taxes on them in the midst of a collapsing economy.

    His actions became one of Clinton’s anti-Republican themes which he, Clinton, used against him until it caused him to lose the election.

    Such is the case happening now with many of our politicians. Nevertheless, I am not going to deliver personal invectives on any one of them including Mr. Cummings, whom I do not know personally. Their statements are simply propositions or claims of what they feel they are capable of doing for the homeland. The future survival of an elected candidate will depend on how he/she was able to live-up to his/her promises.

    The ball will be falling in the courts of our poor mothers, fathers, brothers, sisisters, and other family members, who will be casting their bets on individuals whose performance they will be incapable of adequately vetting because, unlike you or I, they are intellectually limited. That is the reason like Petarus says our government needs to have a capable individual like you (Mr. Hney) in the education system of Liberia to help formulate better educational policies to mold the minds of many of our future generation.

    A democracy becomes vibrant when many of its citizens can read and write and are capable of making informed decisions and are not susceptible to hoaxes.

  15. “When people in a democracy are not educated in the art of living – to strengthen their conscience, compassion, and ability to question and think critically – they can be easily manipulated by fear and propaganda. A democracy is only as wise as its citizens, and a democracy of ignorant citizens can be as dangerous as a dictatorship.” Paul K. Chappel.

  16. The politicians of Liberia have got to come to grips with reality. It’s an absolute must! Why? Because disturbing issues keep popping up unabated in their backyards everyday. Unfortunately, some of these politicians do not want to take the time to truthfully address these disturbing issues. In other words, some politicians are not forthcoming in terms of putting to rest once and for all, some of the damaging things that are being said about them.


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