Grand Kru Proposes 41 Projects to Rep. Koffa

Rep. Koffa wants to improve the living condition of his constituents

At the end of a constituency tour, Grand Kru County District #2 Representative J. Fonati Koffa on Wednesday, May 30, released a proposed comprehensive string of 41 diverse projects, which was presented to him by at least 40,000 citizens. The cost of those projects is over US$784,500.

Koffa said the proposal was contained in a set of requests his office solicited from the residents during the district’s appreciation tour, following his successful election last year.

Rep. Koffa, who chairs the House’s Committee on Judiciary, committed his office to undertake the projects in 18 communities in the district.

He said the proposed projects are under consideration, but are separate from the ongoing housing projects, which is aimed at providing shelter for about 60 elders and their respective families.

Rep. Koffa told journalists yesterday at his Capitol Building office that the proposed projects will be executed through the Legislative Special Projects (LSP) in collaboration with his organization– Anteenah, a developmental organization.

The LSP is supported by the Liberian government, and at least US$25,000 is given to each of the 73 districts annually.

He explained that 29 of the 41 projects will be implemented through the LSP, while Anteenah will do 12. The projects are to begin early next year and would be completed by 2024.

According to the list, eight of the projects will be done in Nyankukpoe Town, to include the construction of youth center; a junior high school; five hand pumps and two pit latrines and office space for a revenue court .

Others are educational centers; purchase of generator for the administrative building; construction of town hall and the construction of a maternity center.

In Bolloh Weayan Town, a six-classroom building will be constructed as well as a town hall; a market building and the erection of two pit latrines and five hand pumps.

For the town of Bolloh Jleteken, Rep. Koffa has promised to also construct six classrooms, a market building and 100 armed chairs.

In Bolloh Doeswen, there will be a construction of a road to connect Poe and Bollor Nyankupoe (US$15,000 respectively), the purchase of 100 armed chairs US$2,000 and a water machine (US$5,000), as well as the renovation of Sasstown High School (US$150,000) and the George T. Worjloh Elementary School (US$25,000) in Sasstown.

In Jekwigbo, the construction of a bridge has been earmarked (US$25,000); the construction of a guest house in Down Beach (US$25,000); fencing of the grave yard of Juah Nimely Herbes Memorial in Felorken (US$25,000); the construction of an elementary school in Dayokpo (US$25,000) and the construction of a six-classroom building in Nyenbetee (US$25,000).

Some of the projects will be undertaken in Barfowen, where Rep. Koffa has earmarked the construction of clinics and a town hall, while in Plurluken City a guest house to empower rural women and a market building.

In another development, Rep. Koffa has rejected rumors of his contesting the 2020 senatorial race against Senator Peter Coleman.


  1. May I borrow this official Motto from the State of Missouri, “”Salus Populi Suprema Lex Esto”, which means “Let the welfare of the people be the supreme law” even though Missouri is commonly called the “Show Me State”.

    It is about time that Liberia Representatives and Senators elected by the people produce economic results for their health, welfare, good, salvation, and felicity of their constituencies. Instead, too many of these elected officials seek political office only as a medium to ill-gotten wealth and personal aggrandizement.

    Liberians should be proactive politically in getting rid of these “so called empty talk and do-nothing representatives and senators” through the ballot box. The common people should know that their votes are powerful weapons in the democratic process to get rid of these crooks.

    I commend Rep. Fonati Koffa for his progressive economic vision. If properly implemented, this potential development project will help alleviate the untold suffering to so many impoverished people living in the long neglected areas of Southeastern Liberia.

    As the saying goes above, “Let the welfare of the people be the supreme law” so, it is time to put the welfare of the poor people they represent into action. Therefore, it is time to put the “Pro-Poor” agenda into action!!!

    Liberia will rise again! Just do the right thing….my People!!!

  2. We keep hearing about “the neglected south east-region of Liberia. PART of the problems for that neglect lies with the citizens of “The South East Region”. They’ve all parked-up and moved to other regions viz, Monrovia… Development of a region depends; for the most part on its inhabitants. If the people move out as it’s the case here, who will carry out development? The Hon. J. Fonati Kofa should also encourage the many well-off citizens of Grand Kru to return to their “Fathers’ Land” and take advantage of the many Economic Opportunities of Grand Kru. Hon. Kofa, as a ranking member of the judiciary committee; should(please) work tirelessly on “DECENTRALIZATION”. The Government needs to disburse economic opportunities to every region of Liberia. It’s not JUST Monrovia.

  3. Great Job Representative Koffa, Liberia Need results oriented Leaders. The country development funds could be of help in achieving your goals


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