Grand Gedeh-Sinoe Road at the Brink of Collapse

If not rehabilitated

Partial view of the road

The stretch of road linking Grand Gedeh and Sinoe in the southeastern part of Liberia is likely to collapse during the rainy season if it is not rehabilitated.

At some locations, the road is in a deplorable state and in desperate need of immediate intervention, or there will be a serious shortage of food and other major supplies.

This will also definitely hamper the movement of electoral materials to and from the region.

The most affected areas are on the Grand Gedeh side of the road, where there are substantial ditches and muddy areas that cause damage to vehicles and threaten the safety of travelers plying the road.

Partial view of the road

This stretch of road is the main supply route to Sinoe County. But the road is so bad, especially at the vulnerable Cestos River Bridge between Sinoe and Rivercess, drivers bypass the route through Nimba and Grand Gedeh counties before getting to Sinoe, a very time-consuming and costly venture.

Recently the National Port Authority transported one of their cranes to Greenville Port, but because of the deplorable condition of this stretch of road, it took the trailers carrying the equipment over two weeks to reach the port.

“As you might be aware the Cestos Bridge is not strong enough for trucks or trailers; it is only this route that we use to bring in huge supplies of goods,” said Season Kosleh, a trader in Greenville. “We are appealing to the government to rehabilitate the road before the heavy rains.”

In an exclusive interview with Superintendent Prosperous Brown of Sinoe County, he named the condition of the road as one of the the challenges facing the county.

He said the county authority is seeking help from logging companies transporting logs through the county to rehabilitate the road, especially the Grand Gedeh – Sinoe road.

In the absence of good roads, the port of Sinoe is open to the public, but is yet to be used by local businesspeople to bring goods to the county, he said.


  1. I know there is no money to pave this road, but few months from now some people will be coming with their big-big cars hunting for votes. Your sitting there seeing the poor people pushing cars in the rain suffering none of your care. All the big-big money we can hear on the radio is passed to develop the country where is it? seven hundred million budget country, no money to pay doctors, no money for education, no money to pave roads, no money, no money, but some people got five cars, gallons of gas/fuel, ten girlfriends, four wives, and three houses, and money in different countries waiting for them and their families.


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