Grand Gedeh County Community College Closed


…Students demand accreditation for the nursing division

By Ben T.C. Brooks (Zwedru)

Normal activities at the Grand Gedeh County Community College (GGCCC) in Garloville, outside Zwedru, the county’s political capital, have become nonfunctional since October 16, 2019, with students demanding accreditation for the nursing division under the Health Sciences Department of the college.

GGCCC was established in 2010 by an Act of the 52nd Legislature as a college, published and approved on April 22, 2011, with the objective of primarily serving residents and the local community of Grand Gedeh County.

The college began its regular academic activities in 2013 and has held its 3rd commencement convocation on July 13, 2019, with 102 Liberians and foreigners obtaining associate degrees in different field of studies with the exception of students studying nursing program.

On Wednesday, October 16, 2019, students blocked the main entrance to the college campus in Garlloville, outside Zwedru, and peacefully matched through the principle streets of Zwedru, a situation that was climaxed with a presentation of a position statement to local authorities at the Zwedru Administrative building, demanding accreditation for the nursing division.

One of the concerned students, Tina Blanyon, of the nursing division, read the statement on behalf of the student government council. Ms. Blanyon said they started classes at the college in 2013 but are yet to graduate with an Associate of Arts (AA) degree in the nursing program.

According to Ms. Tina Blanyon, the Liberia Board of Nursing and Midwifery (LBNM) has conducted two different assessments with the College Nursing Division, with results forwarded to the college president, Dr. Solomon X.Y. Jallayou, and that the outcome is yet to be acted upon.

“The LBNM policy on accreditation for the new school is in complete contradiction to the college’s result because the score of 50-79 percent is allowed for probationary accreditation, and we have nine months to meet such standards,” student Blanyon said.

“Our action is caused by the LBNM October 2, 2019, communication demanding the closure of the nursing division under the Health Sciences Department until October 2020. Therefore, normal activities will not commence on the campus until accreditation is given to our Nursing Division,” the students said.

Paul Neoh, the County Inspector and acting superintendent, accepted the students’ statement and promised to forward it to the rightful authority for action.


  1. Because Liberians need a competent medical staff, it is imperative for all colleges in the country that teach nursing or medicine to be fully accredited. It’s been rumored that some colleges in Liberia are uncredited. If the rumor mills are correct about some colleges not being accredited, a harm is being done to the youth of the country. Education must and should be taken seriously, no ifs and buts!

    It makes no inch of a sense for a two-year Community College to teach nursing within a period of four years without offering a degree. That’s laughable. It’s a shame as well. The question is why was the curriculum of “nursing” added to the list of degree areas if higher education authorities didn’t envision accreditation?

    Follow-up/follow-through: A lifelong Liberian problem.
    Liberian authorities do not have the tenacity to do a follow-up or a follow-through. This weak tendency is not a Weah conundrum. It’s been around for a good number of years. Going back in time, it would be nice if one takes a look at the National Police Academy. The NPA is the training ground for cops in Liberian. The buildings on the small campus of the NPA were neatly constructed initially. However, about three weeks ago before I left for the States, I drove by the NPA. I noticed that buildings that are gated on the campus of the NPA need a repair job. I noticed no electricity! Maybe current was gone! I noticed heavy erosion on the grounds of the NPA campus, and a slew of things. Like the Zwedru Community College nursing situation where the higher education authorities have shown complete weakness to follow-up or follow-through, the NPA shamefully faces such a rediculous situation.

    There’s no follow-up or a follow-through at the nation’s market houses. There’s a marketing board that’s heavily staffed. I personally and truthfully met with some of them to discuss ways in which the market areas could be cleaned. I saw rodents, blue flies and birds fly overboard. There were no drums where garbage could be dumped. Garbage piles on top of garbage. There’s not a follow-up strategy.

  2. Brother Hney,

    I try to comprehend everyday in my mind while you and others are always in deep shock with the ways things are in this country. But then again, I realize that some of you are not domiciled here in Liberia, hence the shock at the way things operate. I sincerely believed that Liberia is a cursed country. I am sure, Brother Hney, that you will take offense at the use of my word “curse” but at the moment, that is the word that comes to mind. Perhaps I should say, we as a country, is being punished for so many things, but I will leave that to the Bible scholars to ponder.

    The issue about the nursing department at theGGCCC is just a total disgrace. Why that department will not be granted accreditation is beyond me. If there is some criteria that the department has failed to meet, let them know or closed it down. Simple. But to allow the students to be in school without being accredited is cruel.

    Again, at times, most of these professional schools do not have the right teachers to teach the courses and the students become victimized. I know of a college here in monrovia that hired a gentleman to teach upper accounting courses when his major is not accounting, neither is it his minor, but because he did few accounting courses, he is considered “qualified” to teach up to 300 level accounting courses. laughable.

    Things are going to waste. I just returned from red light in paynesville and the stench is overwhelming and the sad part about it is that no one seems to care. We just gotten used to the stench and the odor.

    We need divine intervention.

    brother Hney, the next time you make a mistake, you will pay fine. you apologizing too much and it has become unacceptable.


  3. JM,
    Nothing you say or write annoys me. Rather, I laugh most times because I think you’re a brain teaser. Also, I have the inkling that you are a straight shooter. By the way, I will limit my apologies. That’s because I do not want to pay heavy fines for committing a lapsus calami. Who would I pay the fines to? To the one who is without sin? Well, let him or her cast the first stone!

    I would like to suggest that we Liberians are not cursed, neither are we under any curse. Many Liberians, including you feel that Liberians are being punished. Could be. But I have my doubts.
    Why? Because according to the doctrine of Paul the Apostle, we are seeds of Abraham. We are justified by faith. Christ died for us and paid it all. What’s the sin that Liberians could have committed that Nigerians, Guineans or Australians have never committed?

    What I think is that Liberians are confused or completely ambivalent about the future. To some, the future is of no consequence. To some, it means “eat today and forget about tomorrow”. Some elected and appointed leaders are not politically cultivated. In summation on this issue, I agree with you about the state of the country. There’s no sophistication within the ranks of “some people” in the country. I love Liberia. I am not being pessimistic. My criticism is constructive.

    Red Light:
    JM, my phone that I took with me to Liberia was stolen in that particular area. I don’t know how it left my pocket. When I returned on the 15th of October, I suffered. I couldn’t call anyone, including my boys to pick me up.

    That’s our homeland. We cannot disown Liberia. We have to work cooperatively and respectfully with one another in order to move forward.


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