Grand Gedeans Want President Weah Free Kinsmen Convicted of Mercenarism

The committee in charge of President Weah's Grand Gedeh visit

 As they await the President Weah’s visit

By Ben T.C. Brooks (Zwedru)

As the citizens of Grand Gedeh await the visit of President George M. Weah later this month, there is high expectation that the president’s visit will pave the way for the release of the convicted Grand Gedeans’ mercenaries.

Report reaching the Nimba Desk says there are massive preparations of the President’s visit, which is expected to be around the end of March, where many would like the President to come up with an Executive Clemency for the release of the those men.

It can be recalled that 13 Grand Gedeans were tried and found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment by Criminal Court “D” at the Temple of Justice in July 2015 for their involvement in mercenary activities in the Ivory Coast, where several UN peace keepers were killed.

The citizens will also be calling on the President to speed up the pavement or construction of Ganta to Zwedru highway, which they described as a challenge to development in the southeast.

The Daily Observer has learnt that the President is expected to make a brief stop in Toe Town, Zleh Towns, B’hai and Gboa Administrative districts, where he is expected to hold a meeting with the citizens to know some of the challenges they face.

In Zwedru, the President will also have a town hall meeting with citizens at the Zwedru City Hall, visit several facilities, including the Grand Gedeh County Community College, the Southeastern Midwifery Training Center, Chief’s Compound in Zwedru and dedicate the newly constructed Regional Security Hub.

The President is also expected to visit River Gee County.


  1. Hahahahahah…….we are so less busy…..president must pave road, president must give us tissues, rice, money, pay school fees….so what will your local officials do, i guess pregnant the little ones,🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    • Ben – What would be the deterrent for the next would-be gangsters if Weah pardon these criminals? Once you set that precedent, the next time another group from the Gio tribe commit similar crimes, wouldn’t people demand their freedom because the Krahn people got off? These guys should serve enough time before any parole is considered. It would be a very bad precedent releasing them. The country is awash with violence and the only way to change behavior is to prosecute violent crimes with ferocity. If you don’t, the country will become ungovernable.

    • There should be No release of mercenaries here in as much they were proven guilty in court…

      A leader don’t just give clemency to murderers for murder….but rather gives clemency to those who were wrongly convicted…

  2. Mr. Phil George,

    Did you follow this case and heard the consistent retractions of prosecution witnesses who had said they were tortured and forced by security sector investigators to perjure themselves on the witness stand? Even in the US, it isn’t unusual to hear such claims, some of which have later been proven to be true.

    In other words, this is a case, probably, which verdict would’ve been overturned on appeal had the victims not been valued PeaceKeepers assigned then to Ivory Coast. But granted that citizens of both countries are forever indebted to the heinously felled gallant men, it is unlawful to allegedly use perjured evidence in sacrificing the freedom of others just for the satisfaction that at least their deaths didn’t go in vain hence locking up innocent poor people would serve as some perverse deterrent. Based on the murky background of this case, therefore, an executive pardon or clemency would right whatever wrong that was done.

    Some astute observers say one of our most egregious behavorial handicaps is the lack of emotional intelligence hence incapacity to empathize or put ourselves in the shoes of others; the love thy neighbor factor, so to speak. Not surprisingly, it would explain our psychotic selfishness: The reckless driver of corruption.

    • Mr. Moses – One thing I know for sure is Liberians back home lie a lot. These guys confessed to the crime and there were credible witnesses. Now some of those witnesses are retracting their story because they have either been paid or coerced. But folks like me know better than to believe these liars. Our people lie, cheat, and steal.


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