Grand Cape Mount Residents Promise to Promote Peace, Social Cohesion

Participants at the UNDP program in Sinje, Grand Cape Mount County.

Residents of Grand Cape Mount County, as part of efforts to sustain the country’s peace, have promised to promote peace and social cohesion.

They made the statement recently in Sinje, Grand Cape Mount County, after the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) on the transformation and the empowerment of underprivileged women and youths provided skills training on peace, social cohesion and funds to start their businesses.

Siafa Perry, Sinje Town Chief, welcomed the UNDP’s initiative and the Liberian government to transform the lives of the youths and disadvantaged women in the county.

“We are suffering for so many things in this county ranging from development, better health care services; jobs, among several other opportunities and all those things, can only be done when we are peaceful. We want the government to do, even more, we want them to keep talking to their partners to continue such a program, because the government alone is unable to do all,” Perry said.

Madam Siah Fallah of Kinjor District, a single mother of three children, lauded the UNDP for the ‘timely intervention’ to sustain the peace, followed by empowering them to keep up their businesses.

“I am happy to be a part of this program, especially at the time we are just from election, and looking at the difficulties in getting food for my children,” she said.

She told reporters that through the support of the UNDP, the help and benefit she will get from the project will be used for the community to benefit.

Gerald Witherspoon of UNDP, said the Grand Cape Mount County program was the second phase of the project, and will empower disadvantaged women and youth entrepreneurs in various communities.

“We are going to provide monitoring and evaluation on those beneficiaries and, based on the performance of each of them, and our ability to provide communication and visibility to our partners, and our donors, we will scale up the activities,” Witherspoon said.

The project, according to him, will also benefit commercial motorcyclists and petty traders who are in search of opportunities to increase their businesses.

The program brought together residents from all three districts in the county with some of them expressing appreciation to UNDP and the government for the launch.

Abraham Kiazolu, who used to make a garden to feed his family, said with the help of UNDP, he can now start a new business which, he said, will benefit his community.


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