Grand Cape Mount Farmers Declare Commitment to growing more Food


The Farmer Union Network of Liberia (FUN) has opened its sub-office in Grand Cape Mount County, with farmers in that part of the country declaring their commitment towards the enhancement of food security in Liberia.

The Grand Cape Mount County farmers made the declaration on Friday in Sanje Town, Garwula District, when FUN’s sub-office was opened to promote farmers’ activities.

The opening ceremony was attended by lead farmers from four districts in the county, including Garwula, Porkpa, Tewor and Gola-Konneh.

FUN, which is the umbrella organization of Liberian farmers, is currently carrying out a two-year agriculture program in the country to support local farmers build their capacities to produce more food.

The project is called the Agriculture Sector Revitalization Program (ASRP) and is being supported by the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) in partnership with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), through funding from the Italian government.

It is being implemented in seven counties, including Bong, Margibi, Gbarpolu, and Grand Bassa and among others.

Speaking to the Daily Observer on Friday in Sanje Town, the farmer in Grand Cape Mount County said the lack of support for farmers in their county has been a serious problem.

They explained that they were willing to produce more food but were faced with many challenges.

Constraints ranging from inadequate provision of farming tools, the lack of skills for farmers to commercialize and others were issues they said needed to be addressed by government and partners to improve agriculture in their county.

The farmers expressed the hope that the opening of FUN’s office would create opportunities for them to improve their lives.

In an exclusive interview with our reporter, Grand Cape Mount County FUN coordinator, L. Bondorkai Dabla, stated that the office in his county was essential to promoting the activities of farmers.

“We are happy that there is now an office in this county for farmers. This has not been so in the past. Now that we have such an opportunity, we are more certain of making progress with the production of food,” he said happily.

Mr. Dabla said that farmers in Grand Cape Mount have been lacking in support to grow food, but with the presence of FUN, farmers are more hopeful.

“We are currently registering farmers to start work in food production. Through this, we intend to disprove the notion that citizens in Grand Cape Mount are lazy and lack interest in agriculture,” he explained.

Reverend Robert Bimba is the national coordinator of FUN. He told the Cape Mount farmers in Senje on Friday that his organization meant to dignify the work of farmers in their county.

“Farmers in Liberia have not been respected due to a lack of sufficient support. We are pleased that with funding from the Italian government, sub-offices for farmers are being opened throughout the country. This is intended to ensure that all necessary supports get to local farmers.

He disclosed that the office is equipped with the necessary logistics to enhance farmers’ work.

“We brought motor bikes, laptop computers and other equipment to run the office. So we encourage you to take ownership of these properties to advance your lives,” he explained to the farmers.  


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