Grand Bassa Women Honor Prez Sirleaf

Photo Credit: Executive Mansion

The Women of Grand Bassa County have honored and recognized President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for her outstanding leadership role played in lifting and promoting women’s rights, sustaining the country’s peace during the last 11 years, and for including women in several presidential appointments.

“Madam President, we have come to say thank you especially for the women of Grand Bassa County and Liberia. You have lifted women and today, we are respected by our male colleagues,” Mother Martha Karnga, a spokesperson for the women said.

According to an Executive Mansion release, the honor was bestowed and recognition acknowledged during a Special Dinner held at the Fairgrounds in Buchanan City on Wednesday, May 10. The women of Grand Bassa County gowned and certificated the President for her support to women at all levels.

Mother Karnga said Liberian women are particularly grateful to President Sirleaf; and therefore, they decided to recognize her incredible and remarkable leadership role played in standing for the women. “We thank you Madam President for your services and good leadership of our country. The women of Liberia will not forget about you even after your presidency,” she said.

Mrs. Karnga said the women of Grand Bassa County appreciate President Sirleaf for standing firmly behind and championing women-related causes in Liberia and the sub-region. She said today women are appointed to the positions of paramount and clan chiefs, commissioners, superintendents, and ministers because of President Sirleaf’s interest in her fellow women.

Recounting the President’s contribution, Mother Karnga said the women took several affirmative actions through her leadership to advocate for women’s participation in the governance process; something she said brought pride to Liberian women.

Mrs. Karnga, who then presented the certificate to the President on behalf of the women, extolled President Sirleaf for her courage and great leadership in uplifting women in Liberia, adding: “God will bless you, Madam President.”

Earlier, the Bassa Youth Caucus, Muslim Women, Governor Council, and the National Council of Chiefs and Elders of the county expressed profound thanks and appreciation to President Sirleaf for her incredible leadership and contribution toward the development agenda of the country. They furthered that she continues to lead with distinction, noting, “Your leadership brought recognition to women.”

In response, President Sirleaf expressed appreciation to the women and all who turned out in huge numbers to form part of the program.

The President said peace is the foundation of anything “we do, and thanked the people for the level of progress made.” She said although there is more to be done, building on the foundation that has been laid will be imperative, for which she reminded Bassonians that despite the few months left in her tenure, she will continue to work and be strong on the last mile, and more aggressive in terms of development.

Meanwhile, a monument built in honor of President Sirleaf for her support to education was unveiled on the main campus of the Grand Bassa County Community College.

The ceremony was performed by Grand Bassa County Legislative Caucus chairperson Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence accompanied by the college’s president, who commended the President for giving the county the first community college, adding, “You have done exceptionally well, Madam President.”

The ceremony was graced by Internal Affairs Minister, Dr. Henrique Tokpa; Transport Minister, Sam Wlue; Grand Bassa County Legislative Caucus; the county Superintendent, Levi Demmah; the president of the college, Dr. Nathaniel Gbessagee; academicians, chiefs, women and students.


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