Grand Bassa Targets US$200K

    Grand Bassa Co. Supt. Etweeda (Sugars) Cooper.jpg

    Grand Bassa County needs at least US$200,000 to jump-start an Educational Trust Fund, according to the county’s Superintendent, Etweeda Cooper.

    The intent of the project is to provide scholarships and financial aid for deserving students in the areas of science and technology.

    In an interview with the Daily Observer in Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County over the weekend, Supt. Cooper stressed the need for more funding and support to these students across the county in order to build the capacity of the younger generation.

    She expressed the local government’s commitment to the success of  the project through instituting the right policy and measure in an effort to raise much-needed resources for the county.

    Questioned about how funding will be generated to support said initiative, the Grand Bassa County Supt. named the Dumboy Festival, and other meaningful events to be undertaken by her administration to support this genuine cause.

    The Dumboy Festival is the mean driver behind this initiative, Supt. Cooper disclosed. She indicated that a “regular and successful hosting of the Dumboy Festival gives local government the opportunity to attract tourists and investment to the county.”

    However, she announced that her office will shortly embark on a campaign to shortlist students for the project.

    “We want to give the country the best brains in the areas of science and technology, and as such, our investment will be directed towards building the human resource capacity of our youth,” Madam Cooper added.

    The Superintendent made the statement at the close of the ‘much-talk-about Dumboy Festival that was officially held in Waka Town, District #2 Grand Bassa County.

    Committing on the successful hosting of the event, Supt. Cooper described the festival as “successful and unique.”

    She praised the citizens and farmers for committing themselves to the process, adding; “This event always showcases the uniqueness of Grand Bassa and its people. Since the process started under my predecessor in 2008, we have had successful and overwhelming participation from our people and we’re grateful for such collaboration.”

    On the issue of opposing views against the festival and funding directed and collected during the process, Madam Cooper maintained; “disagreement does not mean that we are at war. Grand Bassa remains united and we will take steps to address the concerns raised by our fellow citizens,” she concluded.


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