‘Gov’t’s Plan to Arrest Costa at Arrival Unbending’

Deputy Information Minister, Eugene Fahngon

Eugene Fahgon 

The Government of Liberia (GoL), through Deputy Information Minister for Public Affairs Eugene Fahngon, has disclosed a plan to arrest controversial talk show host, Henry Pedro Costa, should he come to the country by next month.

Henceforth, the government has accepted Costa’s challenge to destroy the newly constructed terminal at the Roberts International Airport (RIA) and cause more chaos.

In his presentation at the regular Thursday’s press briefing on November 14 at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT), Fahngon said the rule of law is for everyone and Henry Costa is no exception.

“A democracy that does not follow the rule of law is bound to fail and, as such, the rule of law must be obeyed in our country,” Fahgon said. “Anyone who obstructs the arrest of Henry Costa will face the full weight of the law.”

He added: “This government’s plan to arrest Costa is unbending.”

Fahngon said there is already an arrest warrant for Costa and it must be served in accordance with the “law.”

In his response to Fahngon’s remarks Henry Costa posted on his Facebook page: “So I am told that Eugene Fahngon said during their lazy regular press briefing that the government plans to arrest me upon my arrival on December 19. Old news. So how many times will they announce this one arrest plan for me?”

In one of his posts recently, Costa challenged the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC)-led government’s plan to arrest him upon his return to the country on December 19. He declared on his Costa Show and on his Facebook page that he will make sure that the newly RIA terminal is destroyed and lives lost should anyone attempt to arrest him.

Costa, who was one of the lead planners and executors of the much publicized June 7, 2019, protest, said that he will buy guns and hire killers who will retaliate should anyone from the CDC-led government go after him upon his arrival.

Mr. Costa looks forward to his return to Liberia in December.

Costa has also publicized, through his online platform, that no matter what, there will be a popular protest in the streets of Monrovia and its environs in an attempt to ensure that President George Weah steps down from the country’s presidency before the end of the year.

Costa and his supporters claim that President Weah is “unfit to continue leading the country on grounds that he (Weah) has already failed in addressing the country’s dire challenges, among which is the downturn of the economy.”

Although Costa has not explained what would be his option should President Weah, who was elected through a popular vote in December 2017, decide to arrest him upon his arrival in the country, he is of the conviction that Weah’s continuity in the role at the helm of national leadership will lead to nothing good.

It can be recalled that on Thursday, October 10, 2019, police officers and court Sheriffs, who marched to the premises hosting Costa’s radio station, Roots FM, were seen forcefully shutting the station down and confiscating its equipment. Since then, the radio station remains shut down, even though Costa is running his popular show through his online platform from his abode in the United States of America.

Government’s claim was that Mr. Costa was illegally operating his radio station, which he reportedly used to reprimand individual members of the CDC-led government and the government itself.

Printing of New Money

In another development, Eugene Fahngon confirmed that it is true that President Weah wants to see new banknotes printed in order to remove the current ones former Presidents Charles G. Taylor and Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf had printed.

“It is false that the money has already been printed, but there is a proposal to get it printed,” Fahgon said, noting further that the simple reason for the removal and nullification of the current banknotes from circulation is because the total amount in circulation is “not known and cannot be controlled.”

He said that the government will not print any new money without an approval from the Legislature and the Central Bank Governor.


  1. Arrest him, lock him up for good, and throw away the key. Neirher Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, or Rwanda, would ever allow even better people THAN this Costa boy to carry out such LAWLESSNESS. Liberia should do the same. He is only making big for nothing mouth. He will never step in Liberia once govt has decided to ARREST him.

      • James Citizen just a complete joke. do not forget how Charles Taylor came into and destroyed our beloved Liberia. to me it is the so- called Henry Costa is not and must not be repeat of our past! the government must not joke with this crazy guy because no country in Europe or where he resides not his nonsense either.

        • Patrick – I strongly believe George Weah should serve his term because any unconstitutional removal will result in chaos. With that said, it doesn’t mean Liberians should sit idly and allow their government to steal their money, then try to silence them when they speak up. Liberia is a sad story, we go from one corrupt leadership to another.

  2. wow, the total amount of money in circulation is unknown and cannot be controlled. At least, he talk true. Thank you, Mr. Eugene.

  3. So the government of Liberia will arrest Henry Costa just so he can prove that if arrested his supporters and sympathizers will disrupt, or perhaps even burn down the new RIA terminal? I have heard of follies by past Liberian governments some, erupting into untenable social conflagrations, but this particular stupidity will surpass all. From all indications, it’s people like this sycophant Eugene Fahngon that fan turmoil in societies with these rabblerousing conduct and behaviors, without realizing the dangerous consequences of those bone headedness. So because a citizen makes an outlandish remark, something they may not have the capacity to execute, then the government will arrest them for what, not carrying out the threat? Costa has not called on his supporters to gather at RIA or anywhere else for that matter, in order to carry out any diabolical plan, then what will be the reason for arresting him upon his arrival at RIA? Whereas this very Fahngon man and CDC officials have made more threatening remarks in the past for which no one was arrested? Obviously, this sycophantic way of proving that some are more Liberian than others is just to darn provocative and ill-advised.

    • Peter Gboyo, no government has to wait until one gathers his supporter to carry out the criminal act of treason or sedition or whatever criminal violence against the peace or the law before the given government can prevent such terrorism. Once law enforrcement officiers or intelligence officers have reason to believe that a terror act is about to be carried out, they have to swing into action to save lives and properties, Gboyo!

      So, your belief that the government should wait until “Costa has called on his supporters to gather at RIA or anywhere else in order to carry out any diabolical plan”, BEFORE ARRESTING HIM, IS SIMPLY SILLY.

      What proof have you that “Costa may not have the capacity to execute such terrorism” even after he has made that clear times without number?

      When Osama Bin Laden threatened to carry terrorists act against America, did America wait untill he had to gather his supporters to execute their terror? No! They chased him in ever noook and cranny around the world, but did not find him. Did anyone believe that Osama´s hitman who flew planes into towers could execute such diabolical plans or acts? NO!

      Keeep quiet! You know absolutely nothing about the judicial process, criminal justice, intelligence, protection, public safety, or national security.

  4. This is what is happening in Liberia. This CDC led/lead government is out to eliminate anyone who will expose their corrupt and evil deeds. I want to advise Henry Costa not to come. Some of us who have lived long can still remember the brutal murder of Journalist Charles Gbeyon of the Liberia broadcasting System. He was murdered upon the directive of the late President samuel Kanyon Doe. I wish to thank you very much for your contributions . Liberians will forever remain grateful to you. This government is on its way to failure. They will continue to print more money until the money becomes worthless and useless. President Weah does not understand the meaning of leadership. He will be no different from the late Samuel Doe. He will never be invited to be guest of United State President. He will never visit the White House.

    • Tamba Borbor, the government is simply doing exactly what any reponsible government would do: protect life and property through the prevention of criminal acts as that which Henry Costa has vowed to carry out at the RIA or elsewhere.

      Instead of advising Costa to not go to Liberia, you should advise him to desist from such terroristic and lawless mindset. Do not equate Charles Gbeyon to that Henry Costa hooligan and bändit who estorts money from people to feed his festive seasons.

      Charles Gbeyon lost his life in the midst of the November 12, 1985 invasion financed, fomented, and executed By Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Archie Williams, Tom Kamara, James Fromoyan, H. Boima Fahnbulleh Jr. and Harry A. Greaves sr former Minister of Defense of the TWP Tyranny which was dislodged By the People´s Redemption Council.

      Liberians can never remain grateful to such a thief as Henry Costa. And this is why people who joined him in his CoP sometimes ago, have made a massive EXODUS FROM HIS now dead CoP. This government is very right to print new money.

      Someone made some clarifications on that recently and made many to know that quantitatve easing is the right approach at this time to find a durable solution to the economic hardship caused By the likes of the past government and Benoni Urey.

      President Samuel Kanyon Doe visited the Oval Office. President George Manneh Weah shall visit the Oval Office likewise. Besides, that is not even an essential matter. Its mere political vanity.

      So, Tamba Borbor, the government is simply doing exactly what any reponsible government would do: protect life and property through the prevention of criminal acts as that which Henry Costa has vowed to carry out at the RIA or elsewhere.

      • Henry Costa is doing the right thing. If the fish is rotten, say it is rotten. Do not sugarcoat it. Liberians are noted for paying loyalty at their own detriment. This CDC led government has done nothing to improve the lives of the living people. We are now seeing the differences between the former Ellen Johnson’s UP led government and the CDC led government. This government is characterized by controversies and confusion. Nobody knows who is in charged. For example, there is no coordination between the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Information. .The deputy minister of Information said that Henry Costa will be arrested if he returns to Liberia. Then on one r hand, the Honorable Minister of Justice is saying there is no arrest warrant for Henry Costa.. Whom should we believe? The late Charles Gheyon’s life could have been saved. Because he was doing his journalistic duty as a journalist. I categorically reject your unpatriotic explanation about events surrounding his death. .I repeat that Mr. Henry Costa must not come back to Liberia. Because he will certainly be arrested, detained, and tortured. He will never have a fair and impartial trial. We witnessed the impeachment trial of former Associate Justice which was remote controlled by the Executive Branch and CDC’s chairman.

      • If Henry Costa is a thief, what would you call your corrupt jackass George Weah? The man is an idiot. Liberians should crucify his ass.

        • My people, giving you the freedom to commit here doesn’t always mean you should insult each other. Liberians, let’s learn to lead intellectual debate too. Other people may come here to read our reactions. Let profanities be bound on this medium, please!

  5. I read an statement from the minister that Costa will carry out a massive destruction of the newly terminal at the ROB and cause more chaos. He will buy guns and hire killers who will retaliate on his behalf. If this pronoument is true. The government has all right to protect the citizens lives and property under the constitution of the Republic of Liberia. If planning to destroy loves and properties than you must face the fullest weight of the law. No patiatic citizens will endorse in such a diabolical act to his country and people. You seems to be an outlaw and indiscipline fellow. If you feel more educated than the sitting president. Meet him at the bolletbox and be duly elected as the next president. I do understand his frustration. There is a better way to address issues affecting him and his business. On one has super power over the government. The government is instituted by God through the will of the people. Our late president Doe said when two elephant fight.the grass suffers. You are using the citizens as grass because to you their lives are not valued. I wouldn’t blame you. I blame those who will allow you to use them as a waste commodity. I advice you not to do such thing. The Bible says pride comes before a fall and fall comes before destruction leading to death. Handle your case as a wise man’s you believe you are. Take it very easy and be careful. Fire can’t put off fire. Address your case in comfornitive with the law. I hope you are aware of the reprocaution to instigate lawlessness in any form. Put into practice your experience you have gained from being in the United states. Hint to the wise is quite sufficient. Look to God and live. Looking and depending on man, you will surely die. Man to man are so unjust. Remember these words of caution. God bless you.

  6. The Henry Costa issue has become very personal to many that supports the administration failing to realized the negative effect or the aftermath of their lies and deception to the world. Henry Costa is not larger than Liberia nor any other Liberian per say. Even the supporters of Henry Costa, are they that loyalty or powerful to burn down the newly constructed terminal at RIA for anyone in government to used that as a stepping stone to arrest Henry Costa? Why is the Liberian government keep provoking the situation that is only popularizing Henry Costa when they could simply ignore him and await his arrival to charge him if they deem it necessary and the burden will now rest on the government to prove the allegations against Costa.
    Costa has already won a political victory against this very administration causing the president of our nation to dismissed Justice Bana from his seat as sitting Judge and Mr. Farhgon is telling us about rule of law. The rule of law took it course against the regime and Justice Bana got dismissed so what rule of law is Egune Farhgon talking about? Can this administration handle the rule of law or just spreading lies to justify reasons for Costa arrest? Let me quote what I heard Henry Costa saying about purchasing fire arms. The incident that occurred when his radio station got vandalized by unknown individuals, he said and I quote, since the government can no longer provide security for us, I will protect myself. I will buy guns and give it to people to protect my radio station and let me see who will come there next time. He was absolutely right to say so if that’s what it took to protect his radio station. If the government can not provide security for its citizen,the people has the right to protect themselves and this is why it is very important for the government to provide security at all times to avoid guns in the hands of everyone.
    Now this gun statement is being interperated in so many ways simply to justified an arrest for Henry Costa I supposed and misleading the public for reasons to arrest Him. This is very simple & that is, if the government has anything on Costa, wait for his arrival in Liberia and prove your case. I really think the Weah administration is setting the stage to embarrass his regime because the entire world is watching and will be watching.

    • Arrested for what? Speaking? The man has a legal team in Liberia why serve him thru the team to prevent any mess at the airport? Why the anger against one man?

  7. Henceforth

    I want to eat some of the same thing that you ate, so that I can forget about everything and be able to think like you.

  8. Deputy Minister, Eugene Fahngon, Minister Eugene Nagbe, The Liberian Police Force…why do you think you can win this thing through brute force? Take a look at the escalating violence in Guinea, the 2019 Hong Kong demonstrations, last week’s uprising in Bolivia, the 18 month civil disobedience in the Sudan and many others. People’s power is more potent than the greatest military force on earth. Engaged dialogue is the best solution to this thing.

  9. Brother Akoi,

    You hit the nail on the head. thank you plenty. this is why this government is not respected at all. they say one thing and do another. Mr. Eugene Farhgon should really keep quiet because he is a complete numskull.

    Like you rightly alluded, the government is the one that is making Mr. Costa larger than life and as long as they continue to lavish much attention, he will become more popular in the eyes of the Liberian people. The man is not inciting violence, at least, not to me. because of what occurred to his property, he has the right to protect himself and his properties. There are other radio stations in the country that are spewing hate but because it is in the government’s favor, it is ok. Because Costa is talking against the ills that prevail in our society, he becomes a danger to society.

    your ignore the brother, and let him come and do his thing. Once no one pay him any mind, his popularity will dwindle, but every little utterance bother this government. Your not ready yet.

  10. Why is this CDC Government so afraid of their own shadow? 99.9% of every exposure of their EVIL by HENRY PEDRO COSTA is TRUE. Why would this globally known CRIMINAL CDC government think it is harmful to expose them?

    MASSIVE CORRUPTION, POVERTY, INJUSTICE, CRIME RATE, and MYSTERIOUS DEATHS has a bigger finger prints from the government and her officials. What a DISGRACE to our nation.

    The international community is watching this Government like a hawk. Going after COSTA will only turn all their BIG DRUNES systems to our officials dwellings and secret meetings. SKD end played out similarly.


  11. This government needs to go for leadership toturial, because every word from an individual deterr them, why allow an indidual to over ride your leadership simply because lack of leadership ability and function.

  12. Threat of destruction of national properties such as airports, government facilities, or landmarks should never be taken lightly. It should be considered a threat of terrorism! Not in this day and age, even in a poor country like LIB! When I saw this man ranting and raging on Facebook about buying guns and hiring killers, I blocked and deleted the post. This is dangerous considering Dec 24, 1989 to August 11, 2003. Now you know!

    • Mr. Lee, that because of Mr. Farghon decision to broadcast out loud about Henry Costa arrest which of course he Mr. Farghon has no place or saying in this. The Justice ministry is the sole announcer of anyone arrest, alleged to have violate the laws within our republic and not deputy information minister. Hon. Musa Dean has to clear up the air because Mr. Farghon cross the line and the situation just got more embarrassing for the Weah led administration in terms of missteps in leadership.

  13. You guys should stop all the threats and counterthreats. It make you people look childish, irresponsible, and unpatriotic on the world stage. Have you guys forgotten the senseless BS that got us into the mess that we find ourselves in today? After 172 years of so-called independence, are we ever going to grow up like our neighboring countries or at each other’s throats all the time? From 1847 till now, Liberia has been “poorly managed .” Hence,a breading ground for corruption. That is why corruption is endemic in the Liberian society. No amount of protests will change anything overnight in Liberia. What Liberians should do instead, is to ask the USA, EU, and Israel to send competent people to help run Liberia for atleast twenty years to clean up the mess that Liberians find themselves in now. It is obvious that Liberians by themselves,having been able to properly run that tiny country blessed with aboundance of natural resources from 1847 till now. There are very good white people that can do much much better in developing Liberia and transferring the lives of all Liberians within a very short time.

  14. Dear Mr. COSTA,

    Note that the decision to close your radio station is an unpopular one. Also, note that local and international public opinions disapprove the decision.
    Be reminded that I do not support the Weah’s administration. However, this government has a 6-year mandate from the Liberian people. We will ensure that it comes to an end peacefully, as required by the Liberian constitution.

    STOP your nonsense of threats. If a single shot should be fired upon your arrival at the RIA, it would be the last shot ever fired in Liberia. The shooting will go beyond the borders of Liberia, even into the USA. Don’t think you will move your family into the USA and create chaos in the country for other people’s children.

    Liberia has bled enough. A hint to the wise is quite sufficient!

  15. I don’t know why the government is always exposing her weakness at the advantage of Henry P.Costa by making him (Mr.Costa)to appear people centered than our President,Mr.Weah.The government has all it takes to dissuade the masses from believing in him and what he says by doing what the masses anticipate of the government ;disprove those allegations by him, if you think they are not true. But again, how will the survive all of these allegations, when corruption, injustices, bad governance, are glaring experienced by the very masses. Economy hardships continues permeate the fabric of the Liberian society,unending inflation and the depreciation of the Liberian Dollars day by day, and the skyrocking of basic commondites on the market among others can justify those things flagged by Mr.Costa.Now ,instead of arresting Costa ,it is Wise to focus on addressing these numerous problems, or else the Liberian people will continue to listen and vent their anger through protests organized by any Liberian apart from Costa.All in all, Mr.President, do the right things….

  16. This is what happens when you give power to unqualified people like the deputy information minister. The deputy information minister statement is reckless and foolish. If your administration is unaware total money in cilacution then where are we heading?

  17. To those who think That Liberia is moving in the right direction, please visit Liberia if you have not. Seeing is believing! I go there every year since 2004, except 2014.

  18. Mr. Eugene Farhgon, why can you arrest rebel general Powell who is going around spreading war sentiment and putting fear in the public and destroying the climate for investment. We never heard any peace conference that will bring the Liberian people together since this government came to power. People are tired of hearing all these nonsense on daily bases. The economy is in ruin and what Mr. Eugene Farhgon will want to talk about is arresting people or putting fear in investors and creating more problem for economy.

    We are coming out of war and these incompetent guys have no plan to unite the country but divide us on daily bases. Mr. Eugene Farhgon you should understand that not everybody voted for George Weah and not everybody will likes him silly. The Liberian people are suffering under this administration and there is no fitting plan put forward by this government to improve economy and improve lives of people. what the Kru people running the government talk about every day is insecurity and war. This is most corrupt and silly government ever in history of liberia


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