Gov’t Yet to Identify Source of 3rd Coronavirus Case

Dr. Mosoka Fallah, Director General, National Public Health Institute of Liberia

As Liberia records its 3rd case of coronavirus, the health authority in Monrovia has yet to establish the source of the infection; thereby, prompting the government to announce a 21-day Public Health Emergency to contain the spread of the virus.

The case involves a 63-year-old woman, Lenda Russ, who recently attended a beach party and got in contact with her long-time friend, Lorraine Mason, who is said to have returned from Italy over a month ago. The party was about 14 days ago, Mason has been tested negative.

“The new case is under quarantine at the 14-Military hospitals, but the most important thing is to identify the source of the new infection. From her own recollection, the only time she came in contact with someone from Europe was at the beach party, where she hugged,” said Dr. Mosoka Fallah, Director General-designate, National Public Health Institute of Liberia. “After she told us this, we were able to trace the friend from our database and ran her test which result came out negative.  We also tested her family and the results came out negative.”

Before the emergence of the news case, the lady from Europe, whose party the new patient attended, was quarantined at a local hotel in town but was released after complaining of poor sanitation at the hotel and was sent home to spend the rest of her self-quarantine.  The beach party was held in Marshall, Margibi County on March 8, 2020.

However, the Daily Observer has learned that Russ was already on leave when she attended the beach party. When she got ill, sources say, she informed her employers, the Millennium Challenge Account-Liberia, who told her to stay away from the office.

According to Dr. Fallah, as the illness continued up to March 15, Lenda sought treatment at Aspen Medical Center and later at an unidentified clinic, and again to Aspen for further treatment on March 19, 2020, where she was forwarded to the John F. Kennedy Medical Hospital for advanced treatment.

“At JFK, she came in contact with three nurses dressed in their personal protective equipment (PPE), waiting for an ambulance to take her to the 14-Military Hospital. At the [Military] hospital, we did her test and the result was positive,” Dr. Fallah said.

“From there, we realized that she had generated a lot of contact from where she works and at the Aspen Medical Center and the unidentified clinic she visited. At Aspen, she generated 26 contacts, workplace 56 contacts, 90 at the beach party and 10 at the clinic,” Dr Fallah said.

“So far, we have contacted 80 persons from the 90 contacts at the party.  Since fourteen days have passed after the beach party, we are trying to check on those people and see if things are fine with them up to Wednesday,” Dr. Fallah said.

The 56 contacts from Russ’s place of employment have been asked to stay home as a precautionary measure.

“Today (Sunday, March 22) we tested 50 people associated with the third case and those with high risk, we are going to isolate them so that if they show symptoms, we can start treatment, Dr. Fallah explained. “On Monday, we will rerun the test for all those at the 14-Military Hospital as well as those that came in contact with her for the second time, and once their results come out negative, we will send them home.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Fallah has disclosed that the country’s index case (first) is doing well and currently at the Military Hospital, and they have 26 other close contacts under quarantine from the Liberia Civil Aviation Authority. According to him, if the other two confirmed cases in the ward test negative today, March 23, “the test will be repeated in the next 24 hours and, if the results remain the same, those tested will be sent home.”

News of the positive test, which was made public last Friday, March 20, a week after the country recorded its second case, marks an escalation in the local battle against a highly contagious, infectious disease that has put the world on edge.


  1. Consider the following possible scenarios of how Lenda Russ got contaminated:

    – According to the narrative, Lenda is 63 years old and maybe with an underlying health problem, and so very vulnerable to the COVID-19. But we do not know how old Lorraine Mason, her host, is. Given that the latter had been to Italy of late, she must be a possible carrier, though she does not show signs of any infection. Keep Lorraine under quarantine at her home for the next 1 month.
    – There are 10 people still missing from the beach party. At a party, we all touch things at times not knowing who had touched them earlier. Locate the rest of the 10 people at the party and quarantine them.
    – There is an air of something discreet (secretive) in this whole story that may affect many innocent people. Some people at that party had played some immoral games with their conjugal partners and so they are embarrassed or scared to boldly come out. Some high-level force must be exerted here to identify the 10 from the beach party and submit them to test. Also, the affected cases must be bold to tell the truth, we beg them; if you visited your girlfriend or boyfriend, don’t be scared to say it.

    Total lockdown is therefore the best solution, but I can imagine the devastating effects on our already crumbling economy.
    God, come to our aid, please!

  2. Which other THIRD AGAIN, or Identity of source of 3rd coronavirus case after Alexander Cummings the standard Bearer of the ANC has been identified as a carrier of the virus?

  3. Well, so far, I am very impressed with Dr. Fallah and her colleagues at the NPH Institute of Liberia. Concrete steps have been outlined in order to do battle with Covid-19! The German theologian, Martin Luther once said, “Almighty Fortress Is Our God”. Luther was right! As long as concrete steps are being taken by Fallah and her colleagues, I have no illusion about what the Almighty Fortress who is our God will do. (Heaven helps those who help themselves.) I hope that the team of doctors and nurses that have been assembled by Dr. Fallah will continue to do their utmost best. Resources are limited, but regardless of that, we will prevail.


  4. Hello there brother Petarus Dolo,

    I hope you’ve had a good weekend. I stayed home yesterday. Didn’t attend church because the doors of all churches in my state have been shut. Secondly, my car needs a medical checkup! 😁 For the time being, I will not do battle with you politically. I will not solicit the interference of Mr. Nelson Sr. of Minnesota. So stay calm.

    In the third paragraph of your post, you stipulate unequivocally that “some people had played immoral games with their conjugal partners”. Really?

    1. Were you there at that particular beach party, Mr. Dolo?

    2. If not, how sure are you that “some immoral games” were played at that beach party, Mr. Dolo?

    3. What do you mean by “immoral games”, Mr. Dolo? Lastly,

    4. Assuming you were there, have you been tested, Mr. Dolo?

    Let me make myself explicit. I agree with most of the things you’ve said in your post. Your concerns were written without going the ANC political route. In order words, you stayed clear of politics at least maybe for purposes of the pandemic, Covid-19. It’s all good.

    I came to the conclusion that Covid-19 is a bloody demon who attacks people with pre-existing health conditions. If a person does not have a pre-existing medical issue or say one is not a senior, the bloody demon does act with extreme vengeance.

    Only God’s unfailing love will deliver us.


  5. Dear Big Brother Hney,

    Thank God you are safe and doing well. Please pray home for some days. I did too, yesterday. Your God WHO sees you in secret will reward you accordingly.
    Don’t worry about the car, take care of yourself, we need to meet and sit side by side at the inauguration in January 2024.
    As for me, frankly, I am beside myself with great fear as I have underlying health problem. I pray the COVID-19 stay far away from me and family to reach my goal in 2023; propel Cummings to the presidency of Liberia.

    In Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, the Bible tells us there is a time for everything.
    At this time, we need to put politics, our social status in society, our economic and financial values and egos aside to pray for the livelihood of ourselves and our people.
    I know you will retort by saying that I opened my statement with politics but let me assure you that’s no politics but a mission.

    Per your questions, allow me to underscore that I did not make unequivocal statements but inferences and deductions from the story.

    Any group of people who meet at a party have family or friendly ties. If there were 90 people and 80 are identified, why not the other 10?
    John may come with his friends and so may Peter and Jack and James and so on. John may not know James’ friends and vice versa, like Peter and Jack. In any case, when push comes to shove, as it is the case now, everyone should be able to identify the individual/s they went with at the party. Why are there 10 missing people?

    Logically conclusion can be reached. The 10 unaccounted for are high profile individuals who were there clandestinely. They are afraid to be identified with the party goers, why?
    Maybe the high-profile guys or girls were there with their “petits pompiers” or their sugar daddies.
    This indeed, is immoral; leaving your conjugal partners to flirt out with someone’s wife or husband and scared or ashamed to come out for fear of being questioned. Such people are greatly endangering their loved ones. We beg them to come out, if they are among the 10.

    We will prevail as a people Uncle Hney, don’t worry. I salute the measures announced by our health minister. I hope the army can be put at her disposal to tame some disgruntled, pompous and uncouth government officials in our society.

    Stay safe!

  6. Your words of consolation are positively received. I will not go out probably until a few more days from now. I have a few stockpile of food in the fridge. If you ever make the mistake of sitting in my presence, I will make you eat until you can’t eat! You want pancakes, you will eat pancakes and waffles. You want coffee? You will drink decaffeinated coffee in order to calm your nerves. I know you are thinking about rice and palm butter! No! We will ask a Bassa lady that I know to cook collard greens with cow hoof and smoked turkey necks blended with a few oxtails. Try it!

    Staying home is sometimes boring! But as long as MSNBC (my favorite), CNN and other television networks are here, I will relax at home.

    I am praying for you and your family and for our country. Dolo, our loved ones perished when Ebola ravaged Liberia in 2014-15. I don’t want to see a repeat of that ugly experience. But it seems as if Dr. Fallah and her team are doing pretty good. I don’t want to heap too much praise yet because it’s too soon in the game. But, progress is being made.

    You violated the ground rules! You weren’t supposed to introduce politics. But you did. Don’t blame me.

    Weah is a political guru. He may not be as educated as some of your political comrades, but Weah is making progress. Example, on the Covid-19 battlefront, he terminated a top-level employee because of negligence. Remember, Dr. Fallah is answerable to Weah. Fallah is doing a phenomenal job so far. So who does the credit go to? Not to any fringe, but to Weah of course.

    The ten people you are concerned about are of interest. I agree. But, had it not been because of Weah’s effort though Dr. Fallah, I bet everything would be swept under the rug. Someone who has never been tested politically should not be counted on. Remember, it’s good to deal with the person you know than the person who constantly hides his face in the sand. Okay?

    Lastly, by the grace of God, we can sit side by side in 2024. Not because of ANC’s victory, but because of it’s defeat and ultimate burial. Sorry to say that. But it’s the sad truth.

    Peace to all.

  7. We will see, come 2024.
    We will see who disappears forever from the political landscape and who would stay on to provide a clean page of new breed of politicians in Liberia.

    You seem to not know some of the provisions of the deal signed between Ellen and Weah. Some government officials will never be touched, and they dictate or propose directives to your preso Weah.
    I give him credit for the Minister of Agriculture, his only achievement so far when it comes to qualified human resources.

    Let’s think about how we will survive through this pandemic. Have a great day.

  8. Mr. Petarus Dolo,

    What are the terms of the deal that was signed between Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf and Mr. George Weah. I am not aware of any deal that you are referencing! I am sure your readers will be elated to read what the deal is.

    The ball is in your court!


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