Gov’t Witness Attacks Lead Prosecutor’s Vehicle


    Drama unfolded Tuesday, September 16, at the Temple of Justice, when a government witness prevented a vehicle belonging to Cllr. Daku Mulbah from leaving the premises in protest of his traveling to the United States of America and US$100,000 benefits.

    Cllr. Mulbah is the County Attorney for Montserrado County, and one of the state’s leading prosecutors.

    Thomas Gladour is the state main witness in the mercenary case, where 18 Liberians, most of whom, hail from Grand Gedeh County, were convicted of staging cross border raid into neighboring La Côte D’Ivoire.

    The men were convicted and sentenced to several years imprisoned by Judge Emery Paye, then presiding judge of Criminal Court ‘D.”

     It all started when Gladour dragged himself under Daku’s vehicle shouting; “Killed me. I want your car to walk over me. I will die today, if you can’t give me what the government promised.”

    “You people lied to me. You put my life at risked. You told me that after the case you were going to send me and my family to the United States of America,” Gladour was heard saying.

    “I will not leave from this place until I can get positive respond from you, Cllr. Daku,” he added.

    “You convinced me to travel from Grand Gedeh County to Monrovia to testify against my own people which I did.”

    “Right now, I am in danger. I can’t go back to my own village because I testified against my brothers, who have been convicted of mercenarism,” he claimed.     

    “I am starving; I don’t have any money to cater to me and my family in Monrovia, because of the embarrassment you have caused me.”

    Tearfully explaining his ordeal to journalists at the Temple of Justice, Gladour alleged he was contacted by the County Attorney and the Solicitor General, Cllr. Betty Lamie Blamo to come to Monrovia and testify on behalf of the state.

    According to him, he was promised by the government to send him and his family to the United States of America.

    It took the intervention of several judicial security officers to bring the situation under control at the Temple of Justice.

    They were successful to have convinced Gladour to abandon his protest Tuesday.

    Fortunately, Cllr. Daku himself was not in the vehicle when Gladour prevented it from leaving the area.

    He was on his way to the vehicle when the incident took place.

    Cllr. Daku was visibly seen escorted to his office by security officers assigned at the Temple of Justice. 


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