Gov’t to Replicate Ebola Strategies in Building Resilience Health System



The Government of Liberia will replicate strategies and measures used in containing the Ebola virus to strengthen the health system in the post-Ebola era, Deputy Health Minister Tolbert Nyenswah has said.

Minister Nyenswah, who heads the Ebola Incident Management System (IMS), gave the assurance in a statement delivered at the launch of the “Trace and Go” (TAG) Health Strategy at the IMS headquarters in Monrovia Monday.

He stressed that all strategies employed in containing the Ebola virus are key to strengthening Liberia’s post-Ebola healthcare system and government was committed in rebuilding the health center of Liberia.

Minister Nyenswah further indicated that for Liberia to have a more responsive healthcare system, measures that were designed and instituted by the Ministry of Health and its partners should not only be used for Ebola response, but also as part of efforts to combat future disease outbreaks.

According to him, the TAG is a health strategy designed through the partnership of the Health Ministry, UNICEF and eHealth.

It is intended to provide information through the psychosocial unit at ETUs or other health facilities on the status and wellbeing of patients by providing first-hand information through direct contact and updates via mobile devices to family members.     

Minister Nyenswah noted that innovative strategies such as TAG, Rapid Isolation and Treating Ebola (RITE), among others, will facilitate clinicians’ future opportunities to effectively perform their duties as well as give the public access to timely information from health centers.

He reaffirmed the IMS’ commitment to providing technical support to government as well as developing innovative strategies aimed at strengthening the country’s health system to meet future challenges.

According to him, the government has made a tremendous progress in containing the deadly Ebola virus with strategies and measures put into place by government and its partners that other countries are learning from now.

“We will continue to work harder in ensuring that by May 9 Liberia will be declared Ebola free. We hail all our international and local partners for the level of support provided and continue to provide for the people of Liberia,” he asserted.


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