Gov’t to Build Camps for Zogos

Participants at one of the UNDP BOSS training sessions in the Ganta Methodist Gym.

-Youth and Sports Ministry discloses

Authorities at the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MYS) said it has embarked on the construction of several “concentration camps” across the country for less fortunate persons, otherwise referred to  as “Zogos,” in order to train and prepare them for the task of nation building in the future.

Abraham M. Bah, Administrative Assistant to the Deputy Minister of Youth Development, informed the Daily Observer recently in Ganta, Nimba County, at an occasion that was held under the banner, “Peace-building and Social Cohesion Training Workshop,” that the government is thinking of constructing centers where zogos will be trained in various skills. The training workshop was conducted for 20 of the zogos, some of whom were collected from the streets and in various communities.

Bah said the government is in search of suitable sites to build the centers which would accommodate a good number of less fortunate youth who are roaming the streets, to undergo skills training in various trades, including carpentry, masonry and agriculture, among others.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports with support from the UNDP BOSS program, conducted the week-long training for over 200 less fortunate citizens, who were mainly young people in Nimba County.

Some of the zogos were trained in peace-making and how to identify issues that affect the lives of others in communities they represent.

During the dialogue, some citizens (non-drug users) complained about the influx of zogos or drug abusers across the country, which they claimed was responsible for the increase in criminal activities.

The director of the UNDP BOSS Project, Marcus Zarway, expressed gratitude to the facilitators and said the citizens were able to identify problems in some of their communities during the conduct of the training that was characterized by a field trip.

“We thank the UNDP family for training our youth in skills that will help them to make peace among residents of their communities,” said William Mandein, Nimba County Youth Coordinator.


  1. And the United Nations is going to boast about establishing ” concentration camps” in the Liberia, the very first of its kind in Africa ? Even the good ideas to train the so-called out cast of society, why should such place be referred to as Concentration Camps ? Is Liberia being made out to be the new Poland where such Nazi concentration camps existed? Having history taught the UNDP any thing about that name. Or are they using their money to prove something a mad social scientist wants to prove that in that country anything can be established ? Concentration Camps in Liberia as the new Poland ? First of its kind in Africa. Because of the good intentions, stop thinking of establishing a concentration camp. Start thinking that it is a training camp for zogos . Words like those always carried ugly meaning.


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