Gov’t Warns Opposition Leaders Against June 7 Protest

Pres. Weah says meeting with the oppositions will strengthen peace and unity.

The government has warned planners of the pending June 7 ‘peaceful protest’ to abandon to their quest or else made to face the consequence thereafter. Government also threatened to drastically institute serious action against the leaderships of political parties and individual organizers of the planned ‘peaceful protest’, should it turn violent and destructive.

The threat came ahead of the planned June 7 ‘peaceful protest’ organized by some stalwarts of the opposition political parties, and individuals critical of the George Weah system of governance.

At a news conference on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 in Paynesville, outside Monrovia, Deputy Presidential Press Secretary, Smith Toby, described as “unfortunate” for organizers of the planned protest to insist that they will not negotiate with government on finding any amicable solution to resolve whatever their grievances.

“The President is aware that the protesters have received US$350,000 to pay vulnerable citizens to protest on June 7; and has therefore budgeted US$5 for each of the protesters. Again, the government will not go for innocent citizens if the protest turned chaotic, but the planners,” Toby warned.

He said while the government is prepared to grant any request from its citizens to protest, failure on the part of the political leaders and individuals to institute measures to keep it peaceful will lead to total accountability of any negative results.

Toby said President Weah will ensure that the country is stable as the protesters will not instill fear in the minds of their fellow citizens and the international community.

“We hear people from the Alternative National Congress (ANC), the Unity Party (UP), All Liberian Party (ALP) and the Liberty Party (LP) talking about the protest. It is their members who keep talking about the protest. This money can be used to build factories instead of paying people to take to the streets,” Toby alleged.

It can be recalled that the ANC political leader Alexander Benedict Cummings and the vice chair of Liberty Party, Abraham Darius Dillon have already added their voices in support of the planned protest.

But Toby said President Weah is a peaceful person, who is ready and open for discussion regarding the planned June 7 protest.

Commenting on District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah’s recent engagements with Mr. Weah, Toby said the lawmaker was “courageous to indicate that if supporters of the President continue to attack or rain insults at him, he will reply them at the presidency.”

“I hold nothing against you President Weah. We don’t have any beef but if some of your supporters continue to attack me, I will do same to you,” Toby said, quoting Rep. Kolubah’s remarks to President Weah during their recent interaction.

According to him, President Weah’s quest to keep Liberia stable prompted the meeting with Rep. Kolubah, describing the engagement as fruitful with plans to continue the dialogue ongoing.

Mr. Toby said in the wake of the prevailing economic crisis, President Weah is engaging with investors and international partners to resuscitate the country’s economy.

In a related development, Toby said the Headquarters of the Female Journalist Association of Liberia (FeJAL), was the President’s way of appreciating the work of the ladies in the media.

“The facility is valued US$112,000, with computers, chairs, tables and the two and half parcel of land. We are hoping that they will utilize their new facility. This is not something that the President has given and wants people to write good story about him, but everywhere people just criticize and think that it is meant to buy the journalists,” Toby said.

The president of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) Charles Coffey, has also made similar request to Mr. Weah; a request that is currently being viewed by the government.

Meanwhile, President Weah, along with officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, resumed official work yesterday after nearly one week of fumigation, following the appearance of snakes in the lobby of the Foreign Ministry, the building that houses the Office of the President.

Toby said President Weah has been working from his residence while the fumigation process was ongoing at the Foreign Ministry.

He added, “the snakes were seen on the ground floor of the Ministry, and were spotted by many of those who were on duty at the fateful hour.”


  1. Perhaps some forget that the same revised constitution of 1986 which guarantees rights of free expression and assembly mandates government “to protect public safety and order”. Therefore, this statement putting onus of ensuring “peaceful” June 7 protests on the organizers is a wise decision by a responsible administration not about to deny them permission.

    Needless to say elites who assume poor Liberians don’t have commonsense are mistaken. Because our silent majority know the protests will be implementation of blackmailing threats made by Opposition Political Parties to carry out “mass civic action across Liberia” should President Weah refuse to (illegally) arrest and jail Minister of Finance Samuel Tweah and CBL Governor Paytray for expenditure under probe by GAC.

    • Sylvester – Your criticism of opposition parties lacks objective reasoning, and you lose credibility when you dismiss the bad governance of this administration. What silent majority are you talking about? Weah is losing support by the day. Even the people that voted for him are disappointed. The Liberian people and the international community are increasingly losing confidence in Weah’s leadership. The government has no economic plan to reverse the economic downturn. And worse yet, he’s building his real estate empire all over the place when he was broke just a few years ago and millions of dollars gone missing. Can you see the correlation, Mr. Moses? One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that Weah is more likely than not to be part of the conspiracy to steal some of that unaccounted $25 Million. The GAC audit will be a sham and that will be the end of it, but the people will never forget him and Samuel Tweah. It would be practically impossible for Samuel Tweah alone to steal millions of dollars and get away with it without Weah’s complicity.

  2. Yes, the civil liberties of every Liberian will be protected. Marchers and non-marchers.

    The civil rights marchers, protesters, or call them whatever you wish have a right to march. Marching is a form of expression.

    There should be no theft alone the way, no forceable break-ins, no graffitti or fights or littering of conffetti.

    Weah has done the right thing by letting marchers know that civility is required all the way from beginning to end.

    The organizers must do more to keep the marchers in straight discipline. The march organizers will be held responsible if the crowd is not controlled.


  3. Slyvester Moses
    We know your support for Weah and his corrupt government is resolute.The Liberian people don’t need you to remind them about their rights to protest. If you had the power, I have no doubt that you would make Weah president for life.The election of Weah was a MISTAKE and Liberians have begun to realize it.

  4. This protest march will be very peaceful…this is not CDC protests that was usually violent during the Ellen Sirleaf administration. The only way this protest will turn violent is if George Weah send his CDC goons to attack the peaceful protesters…

  5. General Flomo,
    Say you, “the only way this protest will turn violent is if George Weah sends his CDC goons to attack the peaceful protesters…”

    General Flomo, what in your opinion will be gained by Weah if he sends his goons to attack peaceful marchers? That’s unconscionable. By the way, who are Weah’s goons? The cops? The AFL personnel?

    My dear brother, all that we as Liberians should do is to hope and pray. After years of fighting amongst ourselves, it is time to rebuild.

    • It’s impossible to rebuild when the leader and his officials are stealing the little money we have to rebuild. There is no money, brother Hney. Weah is a threat to our democracy because he violates the law at every turn. He’s just terrible.

  6. Why not avert the crisis by just “finding” and returning the L$16 billion and the US$25 million – no questions asked?

    • Ride on Camad,
      The greatest of them all, Paul the Apostle (in my view) has been properly quoted. It’s about time that we had cooled off a little bit and had listened to the word of God. We need God’s guidance.

      Look Camad, a few of the respondents on this blog are great. It makes the debate interesting. There are some disgruntled Liberians who resort to the use of broadsides when their senseless arguments do not add up to a hill of beans. Once I notice something unpleasant from a troubled commenter, I scurry in the dark to distance myself from them.

      Weah is not as bad as his nemesies would like us to believe. Weah does not ignite nuclear weapons in West Africa or anywhere in the world. Unlike the North Korean strongman who starves his countrymen and women, Weah is hanging in there. Road construction is ongoing. That means progress!

      In 2009 when Obama came to power, the American economy was in tatters. Unemployment during that time was high. To make matters worse, the opposition Republican party loyalists blamed poor Obama almost daily for everything. Even if a lady decided to quit her relationship with her husband, it was all Obama’s fault. I see a role reversal of sorts. Weah is sitting squarely in Obama’s 2009-10 presidential seat. Weah’s nemesies are pounding their hearts and brandishing their mighty javelins.

      So what happened to Obama in 2011? Almost 3 year after the fact, the American economy began to show positive signs of growth. Unemployment began to dip. It’s been almost two years now since Weah became president. My point is if it took approximately 3 years to spur the world’s largest economy into action, it may happen to us in Liberia. There’s hope that things will turn around in Liberia. For sure things aren’t quickly falling apart on a daily basis in Liberia as others would like us to think. God forbid.

      Those who pound their hearts and wave their javelins will have a change of mind. Only time will tell. When that happens, critics and non-critics will be ebullient. I will not forget to sing the country music song that goes like this……”I told you so”.

  7. From my prospective, a dialogue with the national leadership will create a peaceful atmosphere fellow compatriots. The Sasstonian President has always been a non violent character but a very peaceful agent of change. Therefore, I harbor mix feelings on this June 7 mass protest, which may I am afraid turned ugly by agents of evil. GOD we need your Devine intervention.

  8. Folks have the right to protest peacefully under the constitution. It is the prerogative of the government to assign police to escort the protesters in ensuring peace and stability during the march. The government should understand that folks would complain given the hardship prevalent in the nation, therefore it’s prudent for the Weah’s administration to do all things possible to improve the situation. Weah should not wait to learn from mistakes while in the presidential seat but rather learn from the mistakes from leaders like Samuel Doe and Charles Taylor. I can remember the August 22, 1984 student protest on the Monrovia, Capitol Hill campus of the University of Liberia when soldiers, extremely armed, advanced, on the campus following the order from Samuel Doe (to the defense minister to remove the students or be removed). The students were only on the university campus protesting, they were not seen indulged in any violent acts but yet and still Samuel Doe commanded that the students be removed by sending armed solder to move on the campus and rape and kill so many students. So then, my question to Sylvester Gbayahforh Moses is “KNOWING THAT ATTITUDE OF AFRICAN ADMINISTRATION TOWARD CRITICS, WHAT GUARANTEE IS THERE THAT VIOLENT CDC SUPPORTERS WOULD NOT INTERFERE WITH THE MARCH WITH THE INTENT OF MAKING IT VIOLENT TO CAUSE A SABOTAGE?” You served in a government that was very brutal, so knowing the tendency for a leader to become tyrannic overnight as in the case of your former boss Samuel Doe, we ask that you caution President Weah so as to not fall in the manner Doe or Taylor did. So many classified information came your way while you served as NSA boss, like the M.M.D. Flanzammaton saga, attempting to overthrow Doe by assaulting a Mitsubishi Pajero Jeep with an M-60 (50 Caliber) machine gun but yet and still Doe came out alive. No matter why Late Libyan President Ghadiffi offered 1 million US dollars for anyone who would come out alive from a Mitsubishi Pajero Jeep after he assaulted it with a M-60 machine gun. Doe could not be killed with a M-60 machine gun but an AK-47 sub-machine gun broke his both legs. Some boss you had there Mr. Moses. I would not have worked under such boss for a week.

  9. 1. Corinthians 13.11 When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways. Where are the real men in Liberia. All I hear and feel are petulant children ranting at the leadership.

    Talking about battle and the down fall of today’s Liberia will bring down Liberia. They will scatter like sheep once again or be killed in the onslaught.

    In today’s world it is almost unimaginable that this could happen but the more worked up the people get, the closer this country gets to another civil war.

    Very sorry to watch this happen when the country seemed to be on a good track toward peace and prosperity.

  10. What this government is afraid of? Their strategy on that is that there will be a strong presence on the streets of Monrovia armed military personnel from AFL, CDC Youths led by Jefferson Korche and the Liberian National Police to stop people from making an attempt to demonstrate. This government is no different from the tyrannical regime of the late President Doe. This president has failed to host a press conference to answer questions from Liberian Journalists. His tactics is to use his press secretary to address the Liberia people. What kind of leader is this? He cannot address his own people that elected him. Under the Liberian constitution, citizens have the right to assemble peacefully to express and present their grievances to the government.What consequences will they face for demonstrating peacefully?What do they mean by drastic actions against political party leaders?Are there plans to have them arrested and jailed by the CDC led government? Government should be reminded that the the international community and human rights organizations are closely monitoring events in Liberia.Recently, former ex-rebel generals of the Liberian civil war surfaced with the backing of government and threatened Rep. Yekeh Kolubah with arrest if he refuses to report to their headquarters in Monrovia.

  11. General Citizen,
    Rebuilding our country is not solely the responsibility of the government. In the sense that I used the phrase “it’s time to rebuild”, I simply meant it’s incumbent upon us as Liberians to do something about rebuilding our country. You had said earlier that “some” Liberians have a welfare mentality. There’s no way that I could expect the government to withdraw money from its coffers in order to rebuild Liberia. Otherwise, I’d be accused by you of displaying a “welfare mentality”.

    Comrade James, you also argue that the government of Liberia constantly steals the country’s money. Of course, you have no proof to back up your accusation. I could be wrong. But if you do, lay it out for the readers to see, but remember, no “hearsay”.

    Jokingly, if the government of Liberia embezzles money constantly as you claim, that means the country of Liberia is extremely wealthy. Because as the money is being embezzled, there’s more and more money flowing from all directions. No shortage of funds.

    James, if Weah asked you to lay out an economic development plan what would you propose?

  12. Toby you can’t scare us. Why you guys don’t use your money to develop Liberia then our protest funds. You sick, you Stupid to say. I can’t blame you greedy man. Useless fool.


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