Gov’t-sponsored Program Empowers Youth in Nimba


The Youth Empowerment Program, a Government of Liberia-sponsored youth empowerment program, has been hailed in Nimba for empowering local youths.

Speaking to the Observer recently in Ganta, several young persons expressed gratitude to the government for creating a program that is impacting greatly to their livelihoods.

They even urged the government to increase the budgetary allotment so more and more young people can be included.

Avirous Yeanue, the Secretary to the youth said, “We never knew that this program is very meaningful to us when we first started it, but now we are getting to know the importance and it is impacting our lives greatly.”

“Through the help of LYEP, my children and I are able to go to school and we can have food to eat daily,” she added.

Ms. Yeanue explained that when they first started, it was difficult and people used to mock at them, calling them, “paper sweepers” but now, she added, “we are enjoying the opportunity and we want the government to include other desire youth into the program.”

There are about 400 youths involved in the program in Nimba County, and several hundreds more are still on the streets in the county.

Abraham N. Cyrus, a spokesperson, said they were satisfied with what they are getting as remuneration, but want their friends, who are roaming around doing nothing should be included so that they, too, can benefit from the program.

The program has given Ganta is face lift, but there remain one big challenge: logistical program in moving the garbage as far away from the city.

“Even though, we are protected while cleaning the city, but we do not have the mobility to take them far away from the city center; no vehicle to assist us because the dump site has been relocated far from the city,” Mark Nyanquoi, member of the community working group.

The community working group is a youth group working and cleaning the community under Liberia Youth Empowerment Program/LYEP.


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