Gov’t. Seeks US Coast Guard Support in Strengthening ISPS Standard at Sinoe Port

The head of US Coast Guard delegation in hand shake with Port Manager Alex Noah

The Government of Liberia (GoL) through the National Port Authority (NPA) is seeking assistance from the US Coast Guard, to strengthen the International Sea Port Security (ISPS) at the Sinoe County Port Zone.

According to a release from Sinoe County, the government wants the US Coast Guard to donate the right machinery, such as tugboat, pilot boat and patrol boat, as well as other equipment that would jumpstart quality marine services as a means of providing territorial waters security and protection within the port zone.

The dispatch also added the full standard of ISPS is expensive, yet its implementation and enhancement is crucial in protecting port facilities and the nation at large.

“We are engaging the US Coast Guard to help us put in place the rightful mechanism by providing those machinery for the effective patrol of the port zone, so as to deter piracy and any illegal intrusion,” said the dispatch.

Accordingly, during the Green Port Congress, the NPA along with port partners in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, expressed the need to safeguard the port.

Recently, a team of US Coast Guard along with some members of the Liberian Coast Guard, headed by US Major Willie, visited the Port of Sinoe on what has been termed as an orientation assessment regarding ISPS and how to establish a seaport patrol hub, to deter pirates and trespassers.

They expressed interest in making the port zone second to the NPA in Monrovia, where a coast guard crew will be based to effectively patrol the sea and provide protection for vessels landing at the port.

Sinoe Port has been in the media spotlight and in regard to development projects that have been undertaken to improve facilities at the port, since the cessation of the 14-year civil war.

The complete improvement of the port will enhance the movement of goods and services in the region, where the road condition is deplorable.

However, the NPA has lauded Grenville Port Manager Mr. Alex Sunnyboy Noah for his tireless efforts that have brought the port to its current status.

The release said the manager’s knowledgeable experience has transformed the port greatly, and has urged other Liberians to imitate his example.



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