Gov’t Rubbishes Morlu’s Link of Ellen to June 7 Protest

Information Minister Nagbe’s (left) dismissal of CDC Chairman Morlu’s (right) charges strongly suggests that other allegations by the CDC chairman could be unfounded as well.

Sustained public concerns about the apparently disjointed nature of the GOL information and dissemination mechanism have again been highlighted recently when Information Minister Eugene Nagbe, over the weekend publicly distanced the GOL from claims by CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu that former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is one of the masterminds of the pending June 7 protests. According to Morlu, the former President of Liberia has provided cash.

But this is not the first instance in which the GOL has appeared to be speaking with several voices at the same time. This newspaper recalls that several voices were also heard on the issue of the alleged missing Liberian dollar banknotes. The Minister of Finance publicly urged Liberians to disregard the Information Minister who had declared that money did go missing. Recently, Morlu also levied a scathing, unproven allegation against a leading telecommunications provider, accusing them of monitoring subscribers’ phone calls and internet usge. The company has had to respond by explaining to the public that, as an international company they adhere to some of the strictest laws concerning data privacy. “We are not allowed, and we will not, listen to your calls. We don’t even have the capability to do so. Your information is sacred; we don’t share that with anybody.”

In the case at bar, Presidential Press Secretary has reaffirmed that President Weah is aware that a large sum of money has been provided to pay participants in the proposed demonstration. Morlu recently reinforced this with accusations specifically directed against former President Sirleaf, but Information Minister Nagbe has rubbished Morlu’s assertion, labelling same as unfounded and untrue.

According to observers, Minister Nagbe’s dismissal of Morlu’s charges strongly suggests that other allegations by the CDC chairman could be unfounded as well. A well-placed security source (name withheld) however told this newspaper that top officials appear to be in a state of consternation as the June 7 date approaches and that Morlu’s accusations are but a reflection of such confused state of mind.

According to the source it is therein the danger lies because agent provocateurs could be planted within the ranks of the demonstrators to cause trouble which could escalate into violence and eventually derail the protest, but at what cost? And the danger, according to the source, is the unknown factor which means no one can tell for sure how such will end if violence does erupt.

The planned June 7 protest, which is supported by a cast of legislators, among them, Representative Yekeh Kolubah and Senators Sando Johnson and Oscar Cooper, is reported to be attracting wide support from across the country despite condemnation from Government officials and CDC supporters some of who have openly threatened to stage a counter demonstration.

Meanwhile, reports monitored on various radio talk shows around the country suggests that support for the June 7 protest is growing larger and more widespread than expected. Reports from Buchanan, the nation’s second largest city, say the airwaves of Magic FM have been inundated with calls of support for the protest with some callers urging similar action in Buchanan on June 7.

Also, announcements placed on social media say on June 7, Liberians will assemble before the Liberian Embassy in Washington D.C in solidarity with the participants of the June 7 protest action.

Meanwhile, Senator Oscar Cooper, reacting to Morlu’s accusations has said there is no need for any serious-minded person to dignify Morlu’s allegations. Morlu had accused Senator Cooper of being a former militia leader who allegedly led the killing of people in Sinoe County during the civil war.

“I don’t know from where Mulbah Morlu comes but what I know of is that we are not deterred by all of their statements. We are focused and will remain focused on our plan to see to it that the people’s messages go across. The President’s office which heads the Executive branch of government, as well the other two branches of government, must hear the people’s cry and work as a serious government will and be prepared to settle most of the crises the country is hit with,” Senator Cooper said.

He said the discussion today is not about who fought war or who did whatever when Charles Taylor was around or former President Sirleaf was in charge, but the current realities confronting the country. He continued:

“About being sincere, am I not the same Oscar Cooper who challenged the bad deals in the road construction projects under Madam Sirleaf? Was I not removed from the post of chairmanship on public works in the House of Senate because I stood against former Minister Gyude Moore’s clandestine deals with certain companies in town? Let Morlu and his followers be serious here,” he said.

According to him, there is no reason why anyone should be afraid that the June 7 protest will become violent as the 1979 rice riot, and other demonstrations are referenced to by the government and its supporters.

“There were two successful protests recently held in Monrovia and there was no chaos in each of them. The protest for bring back our money and the protest for the establishment for the war crimes court were held without any trouble. Why should there be any fear,” Senator Cooper asked, adding, “I am part of government and because the Legislature is not doing the people’s work I am joining hands with the protesters to protest against myself”, the Senator concluded.


  1. June 7 Demonstration should continue
    because it will show President Weah’s approval rating to the Nation. The president should view this as a good thing and he should help the organizers make that day peaceful and joyful.
    I hope all Liberian will be informed about the Demonstration..

    Note: Liberia is massively illiterate. Most Liberian said education was not important when It came to getting positions in government or running a the country?
    President Weah was elected and he still has atleast 4.5 years?

    Our system does not allow us to recall an elected official ; therefore the best we can maybe do for now is demonstrate like June7 to show the approval rating of anybody in power?

    Should Liberia have a “Recall Election Laws” in the Constitution? This will give the right to people to remove elected officals immediately by way of another election (Recall Election).

    God blesss Liberia.

  2. Mr. Peter Curran,

    Cool down that choreographed misinformation, had the media which stoked and shepherding what became June 7 started when reportedly US $15 billion in direct investments came to Liberia, “hardships” wouldn’t have been the lot of most. Few journalists spoke out quietly when EJS’s yearly income wasn’t only higher than Obama’s, but she ensured bonanza compensations for few that consumed almost a third of the annual budget, thereby condemning the vast majority to “pervasive poverty”. Ironically, an observation made by her party’s Chairman, Counselor Varney Sherman, now Senator, in a 2013 July 26 Anniversary oration which almost cost him his freedom.

    And where were you when Minister of Justice Sarnoh, Chairman of the Security Sector, warned the UP-led government that pervasive poverty was “the greatest threat to national security”. Of course, the media space did cause some noise. Yet nothing earth-shaking like protests led by former Rebel Commanders in a postwar fragile state where recent incidents of mob violence resulted in the loss of four lives and burning down of a police station.

    Not to mention that at a time EJS was renaming corruption “Vampire” as her war against the vice fizzled, the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) received US $300, 000 for a new headquarters which cannot be accounted for. So, you know why the watchdogs of society didn’t incite to “Sudanize” the hen that hatched such golden eggs. As for the about-face of media pundits from advocates of war crime court bashing former rebels to extolling them as “Patriots”, I won’t go there here. Many of us pray for peaceful protests, however, should in case chaos comes out of this poisoned concoction, the Liberian people know who to blame.

    • mr moses you dare criticize Ellen? ha ha ha. when you were in government NSA how many people were killed and maimed under your watch? Man go somewhere and repent

  3. It reminds me of an old adage in Liberian folklore: time trap is not for rat alone.
    When the late Samuel Doe told us, during the early days of 1990, we thought Taylor was the ‘savior’. Later we came to realize that even when the corpse of the late president Doe was lying on bed at the Island Clinic, the RPGs and Motars were still raining on the enclave of Monrovia.

    The former rebel general who has now bocome the SAINT for fail politicians to escalate their close grips to state power, has a negative undertone. A figure with no substance, is at the full front, leading the parade. In my view, it is a dangerous undertaking, given the illitracy rate, to call for a nation wide protest.

    On the other hand, let the government allow citizens to protest peacefully. Whilst the Government will allow citizens to excercise their constitutional right of essambly, there should be eyes open for agent provocateurs.

    God bless Liberia, and all Liberians

  4. This pathological liar Morlu must be removed. This man will do anything to get money. He lied on Weah, lied that he met Obama and lied to get money from Urey. Please put him out. MOrlu is a liar, he was a prophet in Ghana, he lied. Liar, liar Morlu.

  5. Mr Bah, Mr. Moses et All, I fully understand your statements but the only best option we have is to follow the constitution.
    God bless Liberia.

  6. Liberian Government officials will continue to get a knee jerk reaction whenever they received criticism about their job performance because it’s the truth. George Weah has failed the Liberian people as President. As a footballer, he was very good and inspirational but being a leader is NOT his game. With the level of anxiety about the planned protest, I’ve been waiting patiently for the President to address the nation and assure the Liberian people that everything will be alright but to no avail.

  7. morlu stated that George Weah was homosexual and was kicked out of the CDC 10 years ago. He said he met Obama in a hotel hallway and that was denied by the US state department. there is nothing he says that is credible


    We don’t LOVE OUR COUNTRY, nor do we love one another, is it therefore surprising that we don’t love what is in our country, i.e. our natural resources, nature and our wild animals?

    Our institutions/structures are not fit for purpose. We have leaders, but they have no voices!
    WE ARE THE PEOPLE, but where are the people?… The TRUE, EDUCATED Liberians, not these ‘’new’’ and current Liberian-Americans.
    We have to find the PEACE, the SOLUTIONS TO PEACE.
    Populations grow, and people become more dissatisfied.

    I believe in democracy, but the model that we have has not worked. The manipulation of democracy is a very serious issue in our country, and it has worked! Our population has a level of illiteracy that can be manipulated, and that’s NOT right.

    Liberia needs a SOLID LIBERIAN WOMAN who can justify her actions. A 100% WOMAN, with LOVE OF COUNTRY, a LEADER who can take Liberians to a place where they should be. Demonstrating REAL LEADERSHIP, that is EARNED, and that earning is GOOD LEADERSHIP.

    And Liberia is where it is in 2019. I challenge anybody.

  9. Mr. Peter Curran,

    I wholeheartedly agree, and with fear gripping the Silent Majority as some proponents of protests are resolved to “Sudanize” Liberia, government should “follow the constitution”. And by no better way than focusing on Chapter 111, Article 13 (a) which says, “Every person lawfully within the Republic shall have the right to move freely subject… however to the safeguarding of public security, public order, public health, or morals, or the rights and freedoms of others”.

    One need not emphasize enough that even in the US from whose First Amendment ours borrowed Article 17, which gives right “to assemble” and “to petition government” for “redress of grievances”, the Common Law misdemeanor of ‘Unlawful Assembly’ is enforced. In other words, although government could have intelligence information indicating that the threats posed by protests are exaggerated, it has constitutional backing to act otherwise were that assumption wrong.

    Well, be it what it may, the responsibility of protecting the country – national security – trumps any consideration of individual rights. Liberians shouldn’t forget how an unholy alliance of tribalism, over-ambitiousness of Ellen, and a vicious cycle of revenge started a genocidal war stoked by another stalemate in 1983 between SKD and his friend and third in command of the Army, Qwinwonkpa, over a routine transfer. Friend, Santayana reminds us all eloquently:

    “Those who don’t remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.

    • No one should listen to you Sylvester Moses. It was people like you who led Doe astray and turned him into a brutal dictator. If you are given a chance you will create all kinds of conspiracy theories to have the present government go after people. Stay in the US and pray your friends in the various units keep your deeds hidden.

  10. Unless Liberians can summon the courage to break this vicious cycle of making false gods out of our so-called leaders and heaping undue praises on them when they have done nothing to deserve it, this national nightmare will always continue.

    It is already a known fact to the public that the intention of the protesters is laudable, and they are not bent on spreading violence. However, the issue is that the government is either misrepresenting or misinterpreting the protesters’ intention to the public in order to spread panic and chaos and thereby blame it on them.

    And this is typically the methodology of a megalomaniacal ruler.

    Weah’s government will not bulge. And as far as he is concerned, he is intent on the course of a continuous exploitation of the vulnerability and docility of the Liberian people. Criticisms directed at Weah will not be tolerated by his followers because he is the, “god.” And moreover, they see criticisms as a blow to Weah’s perfect self-image and therefore his CDC base.

    In my opinion, the genesis of this psychopathy that had always existed within the Liberian leadership, and the legacy of which Weah has inherited from his predecessors and is in fact amplifying it, lies in a fallacy that the Liberian people are very exploitable; and that they always make room for impunity and injustices to prevail within their society.

    In Weah’s shallow mind, he has successfully exploited the vulnerabilities of the Liberian people to the extent that he and his family can either leave Liberia peacefully or forcefully and still live comfortably anywhere. For after all, he has accumulated enough insane wealth.

  11. John Weah, according to a past comment, you hate me because your father hates me too. I don’t have control over that, but never mind the general disregard for truth in our national discourse, at least, provide some support for your allegations. Colleagues of mine at NSA, MNS, and the National Security Advisor’s Office during the IGNU led by Dr. Amos Sawyer are at home and include Justice Sakajipo Wolor, Counselor Faate Kiawu, etc., go get corroboration from them or others.

    I sometimes get tired of silly fools trying to silence me; Liberia is at a precipice and crazies like you just want to push it over. Governments don’t succumb to intimidation cum ultimatums like, for example, arresting and jailing Finance Minister Tweah and CBL Governor Patray proposed by “Patriot” Senator Johnson for calling off June 7. But at some point, the petrified Silent Majority currently seeking hope in prayers will want to hear assurances from GMW that the ship of state being hammered by storms is still safe.

  12. Mr. Peter Curran, there is nothing in my comment that down play the importance of the constitution. Unless you want to be bias to my comment. He that forget history, doom to repeat mistakes. I m not against the former rebel general ( Yekeh Kolubah), speeches, or any other government officials speech. It should be done responsibly. Did you see your American Embassy official comment on our officials’ speeches? Our society has last number of illiterate people. Vulgarities and other irresponsible voices by people in the corrodor of state power are lighting RODS for violence.

    You are an ‘ independent candidate’ wanting to get elected. I m sure you might not want voices like what we been hearing for the last 4 months in your government. If you do, you are perpetuating what the country is running away from. Please go back Mr. Curran, and read my comment line by line.

    When you are elected, please do not forget to built institutions of science maths and technology. Because scientists, doctors and engineers do not fall from the sky. Your regime should stand out from the rest. So Liberia should have a better beginning.
    Thank you.

  13. Don’t defend evil, condemn and forgive the one that admitted and willing to pay back,, say the bad in the house and defend the good only the good outside, or say only the good out side, Be like Jesus


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