Gov’t Pledges Support to Civil Servants

The cross view of participants at yesterday opening session.

-Holds First National Retreat

The government through the Ministry of Labor (MOL), on Wednesday, June 27, pledged its commitment to the welfare of civil servants as part of measures to enhance the Pro-poor agenda during the administration of President George Weah.

Labor Minister Moses Y. Kollie, spoke yesterday at a program marking the observance of the first two-day national retreat for Civil Servant Union of Liberia-(CSUL) that is hosted under the theme, “Serving with Passion and Love for Nation Building.”

Minister Kollie, who spoke on the topic, “Government of Liberia and the Civil Servant Organizations; A Partnership that Matters,” described civil servants as the most valuable component of any organization, public or private, hence, the need to give priority attention to their well-being and welfare cannot be emphasized.

“As we embark on a new epoch in our nation’s history, let me assure you that we at the Ministry of Labor, will continue to channel your quest to seek favorable working environment, because we are serving as one of government’s front line ministries dealing with varies categories of employees and employers,” the Minister said.

Kollie said civil service is the lifeline of any government, therefore they must remain independent because some of the employees serve as career bureaucrats hired on the basis of professional merit, rather than appointed or elected, whose institutional tenure typically survives on political leadership.

He said in order for a civil servant to be effective in his/her opinion, such employee must meet at least the requirements of being selective, effective, cooperative, independent, transparent and professional.

“Our mandate is to regulate the labor sector through the development, monitoring and implementation of policies pursuant to the Labor Practices Laws and other International Conventions and Protocols, so as to foster a dignified conducive working environment, enhance social dialogue and promote competitive workforce,” Minister Kollie said.

Mohammed S. Kromah, Assistant Chief of Staff for Human Resource and Employees at the Ministry of State, lauded CSUL officials for their contribution made so far in the development of the country.

Mr. Kromah said to brainstorm and reflect on the tedious roles civil servants have played and continue to play, the challenges “we face in the execution of your duties and how you can positively impact the government’s Pro-poor agenda remain laudable.”

Moibah Keller Johnson, CSUL president, called on his colleagues to maximize the advantages of the retreat, which is to re-calibrate and rebrand the image of the organization and show their collective efforts and zeal to take Liberia to another level of development.

Madam Mary T. Broh, General Services Agency Director, challenged members of the CSUL to play crucial leadership role in the development of the country.

Other topics expected to be covered at the retreat will include, The Impact of the Public Service on Nation Building, The Role of NASSCORP in the Civil Service Reform Process, Civil Service Standing Order and the Decent Work Bill: A Labor Law Quagmire that Needs Corrections, to be presented by Cllr. Tiawon Gongloe and others.



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