Gov’t Maintains Travel Ban on Weeks

CBL Weeks.jpg
Former CBL Executive Governor, Milton A. Weeks

-Lifts ban on Charles Sirleaf, 5 others

Mr. Milton Weeks, the former Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) may not be able to leave the country anytime soon, after a request by current CBL Governor, Nathaniel Patray to lift his traveling ban, was rejected by the Justice Ministry.

However, the Justice Ministry has accepted Patray’s request to lift travel restrictions imposed on six of the 23 employees of the bank, including two of Weeks’ deputies, Charles A. Sirleaf for Operations and  Dr. Mournir Siaplay, for Economic Policy and has subsequently lifted the travel embargo on the two men.

Others whose travel ban was lifted and are free to travel are Musa Kamara, Director for Research; Cyrus W. Badio, Head of Communications; Theodoria B. Jreh, Junior Internal Auditor; and Mustapha Sherman, Director of Finance.

The lifting of the travel ban on Sirleaf and Siaplay was based on an application from the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) to the Monrovia City Court, revoking its September 28 writ of “Ne Exeat Republica.”

It may be recalled that on October 2, Patray claimed that reports about the disappearance of some 15–16 billion Liberian banknotes stockpiled in containers at the Roberts International Airport (RIA) and the Freeport of Monrovia were not true.

He claimed, following days of internal investigations, that the CBL has all the necessary records to prove that at no time had money gone missing from the CBL.

He said in as much as the CBL welcomes an investigation into the missing billion dollars saga, it maintains that, according to its recorded logs, no monies printed under its authority had gone missing.

In view of this, Governor Patray requested the government to remove the recent traveling ban placed on several employees of the institution, reiterating that, every staff of the CBL stands ready to submit to the ongoing investigation whenever called upon.

Solicitor-General, Cllr. Daku Mulbah informed the court that reasons for lifting the travel ban were intended to allow the employees to perform their respective official tasks for the bank both locally and abroad.

Prior to lifting the travel ban on Deputy Governor Sirleaf and others, the government had described them as persons of interest in the ongoing investigation.

The national security circular also advised them to not leave the country.

According to a writ issued by the court dated September 26, the government claimed that the concerned individuals could not leave the country amid the ongoing investigation. The writ prevented the individuals from traveling outside the country and it was granted followed an application by the government through  Justice Minister Musa Dean.

It remains unclear why the government insists on maintaining the travel ban on former Governor Weeks given the recent CBL press release clarifying that there is no money missing and that it can give an account of the money in question. Many Liberians who spoke to the Daily Observer on the issue said if the government does maintain that there is no money missing, then the travel ban imposed on former Governor Weeks and others should be lifted forthwith and have their rights restored.


  1. Okay. So do the right stuff. Don’t let him go anywhere. Tell the Liberian people why Weeks shouldn’t be allowed to leave the country. Make the case without being a coward. Don’t be cowed by anyone. Also, do this for the Liberian people. If Weeks is truly guilty of any wrongdoing, punish him. If he’s to be put behind bars for any length of time, lock him up. Don’t relax the punishment. The courts in Liberia have a rotten record of dropping a case against a criminal when the demons drop money around couthouses.

  2. In a previous post, told Mr. Weeks to leave that country at any cost necessary. Ellen Johnson will take care of her boy as usual. The name Weeks is a has been as of late . Don’t try to be a hero for the truth. Get the hell out of that country and live to tell the truth another time . Get out of there ! Ellen Johnson and President George Weah know what happened to that money . Imprison Sirleaf , and you will hear all about the stolen money saga from his mama . Cause her son is not going down alone. This is the classic example of the Liberian saying about pulling rope . Now the beloved son in whom she trust is being protected . Get the hell out of there Mr. Weeks , at any cost necessary .

    • Your particular style or version of justice or getting to the truth is so skewed if not wacky. So according to you, Charles Sirleaf should be held as a pawn or hostage to get his mother? How about the fact the current governor says, no money is missing from the vault? Which one of his relative should be held until he tells the truth? Along that same illogic, who do you hold to get president Weah to confess too? Could this be how you run your house, assuming you are an adult with children, by detaining or punishing one child to get another to admit to a misconduct? People like you with such bizarre mindset should be be literally caged in some asylum and brought out for fresh air once a week. And simply because you pose a danger to society with such outlandish thinking.

  3. “Show me the money”is What now controls criminal cases of any nature. Kill somebody and if you show them the money,you can escape jail; corruption charges with sufficient evidences to lock you up can be dropped. The whole nation is infested with corruption from head to toe.


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