“Gov’t Limiting Access to Partisans Only”

Mr. Cummings, EFFL chairman Gonquoi and other platform guests at the anniversary program

-Says Cummings

In the wake of economic hardship across the country, the political leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) has accused the Weah administration of limiting opportunities to members of the ruling party (CDC) rather than opening up the benefits for every citizen.

Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings said the government’s failure to work together with every citizen has caused the country not to move forward, leaving the entire citizenry feeling “disappointed and hopeless.”

Cummings’ comment was contained in a keynote address he delivered in Kakata, Margibi County at program marking the 1st anniversary of the Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia (EFFL). The program was held under the theme,Rule of Law, A Foundation for Building a Resilient Society for All.”

He said Liberia, being the oldest Country in Africa, deserves better than having leaders who cannot explain to its citizens what happened to the US$25 million that the government claimed was intended for a mop-up exercise, and the alleged missing L$16 billion.

“As Africa’s oldest Republic,” Mr. Cummings said, “Liberia deserves to have better schools, electricity, roads, hospitals and even the leadership.”

He underscored the importance of learning to work together and make different choices to have a better country, adding that Liberia could get better if Liberians in the future make the right political decisions at the polls to elect leaders of sound mind.

He said Liberia will not get better if government officials continue to steal public money without taking into consideration how many people go to bed hungry.

Cummings added, “Every Liberian has the right to economic opportunity, because such an opportunity should not be limited to a political party, because this is the reason why we deserve a better Liberia.”

He told the gathering that, despite the many disappointments from the governments, the citizens should never get weary, rather remain resilient and believe that Liberia will someday get better.

Mr. Cummings called on members of the EFFL to set an example in following the rule of law in their daily lives, because the implementation of the rule of law is the obligation of every Liberian.

Emmanuel C. D. Gonquoi, head of the EFFL, said Liberia’s problems over the years have never been on ethnic or religious conflict, “but giving power to a dishonest group of people.”

Gonquoi said it is time for a total change of mindset to move Liberia forward, adding that the group will not create the avenue for greedy and self-seeking politicians who will come in disguise.

He said Liberians lived in their own country as slaves for too long, and it is time for a total change that will give Liberia back to Liberians.


  1. The way Mr. Weah and his bands are running/ administering the affairs of Liberia today, in that, the government limits access to positions, important or not, openly only to partisans of their coalition is absolutely inadmissible. Almost all, employments are not, even offered and given to qualified Liberians, who are not members of any political party. One of Weah’s lieutenants/officials, Mr. Prince Y. Johnson even boldly and arrogantly said, I quote, “you want a job, you have to join my part or the CDC……; the
    President says, anyone who wants position has to see me, etc.” Such declarations clearly indicate and prove that, Weah’s Administration is a “segregational” regime; and that means, he is President of a “clan”, but not of a/the “country”. Hence, this government is a gov’t. of “exclusion” and not of “inclusion”! These attitudes and policies of Mr. Weah and others are “divisive”. Acts of such “discriminatory natures” must have to be immediately arrested and put end to. The hoi polloi of Liberia, it’s time that you “democratically” wake up, stand up and act up, or else, the future of our dear nation is doomed forever! //Gonyanue Blah

  2. I think Cummings is desperate. He Cummings is acting like an educated fool. Why accept such an invitation? Cummings is simply encouraging or telling other Liberians that it is okay to steal the work of others. That so-called EFF in LIBERIA is a damn fraud. Bunch of academic thieves got together to steal the work of Julius Malema of South Africa. Cummings should know better. Not only they stole the name EFF, they are also using the colors and logo of the South African organization. What a damn shame!! Why steal the work of another person. This EFF in LIBERIA is not work of any Liberian. They should be banned or deny recognition from any and every activity in LIBERIA. Bunch of damn oxygen thieves. As educated people say Cummings is, he should have call those guys out. Obviously Cummings is not doing his homework. You just don’t accept any kind of invitation. Had he done his homework, he Cummings would have turn down the invitation thus knowing that EFF in LIBERIA is a damn fraud. He Cummings has given recognition to a group in LIBERIA that was founded on academic plagiarism and copyright infringement.


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