Gov’t Extends Stay-Home Orders


President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, over the weekend extended by the another month beginning Monday, September 1, 2014, the stay-home order imposed on all non-essential government employees who have already been away since August 1.

A statement issued by the Executive Mansion yesterday added that this measure remains necessary to decongest government work places in line with efforts to contain the spread of the Ebola virus, which is having devastating consequences for the country.

The Liberian leader has, meanwhile assured government employees affected by the stay-home orders that they will continue to receive their salaries during the period they will be away from work.

On Wednesday, July 30, President Sirleaf, in a special statement to the Nation outlining additional measures in the fight against the Ebola virus disease, announced that all non-essential staff begin a “30-day compulsory leave”, noting the strategy was to contain the spread and care for the afflicted with the goal of “no new cases.”

In another development, President Sirleaf, on Friday, August 29, held talks with officials of the Alliance for Peace and Democracy (APD) at her Foreign Ministry office in Monrovia.

The APD requested the meeting to discuss how they could be of help in the national fight against the spread of the deadly Ebola virus disease.

The APD officials proposed a “Strategy for Rapid Tracing and Tracking of Individuals,” similar to that used during civil war for the distribution of relief materials to various communities by the Special Emergency Life Food Program.

As a way forward, the APD recommended that the chair of the National Taskforce mandates the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOH/SW) to consider the integration of community enumeration and structure numbering strategy into the Ebola virus transmission tracking and tracing mechanism to enhance and support ongoing efforts.

They also offered to provide technical details of the strategy to the MOH/SW and donor partners with whom they can together identify and mobilize national experience and expertise. “We also request that the MOH&SW, in collaboration with all relevant actors, ensures the integration and implementation of the strategy into on-going Ebola control efforts.”


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