Gov’t Expresses Remorse over Ganta Revolt

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The government has expressed remorse over the September 30 disturbance which rocked Ganta leaving several business centers vandalized and obstructing the free movement of peaceful citizens.

The Minister of Justice, Cllr. Benedict Sannoh, who spoke to the local authorities and a cross-section of citizens in Ganta on October 1, promised that the government will do everything possible to bring those involved in the demonstration as well as those suspected of carrying out reported ritualistic killings in the county to justice, adding, “Whether it takes a long time or not, the government will bring the perpetrators as well as those suspected of violent activities to justice.”

Minister Sannoh admonished Ganta residents never to repeat what took place on September 30. He also asked them to help officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) to bring those involved in vandalizing and looting of properties to book to serve as a deterrent.

“Commercial motorbike riders cannot hold the country hostage by burning police stations and vandalizing properties. These acts are a direct challenge to constituted authority,” he declared.

Minister Sannoh was accompanied to Ganta by Information Minister, Lewis Brown and Internal Affairs Minister, Morris Dukuly to assess the level of destruction. They assured the citizens that the incident in Ganta will be the last involving motorbike riders in the country.

“The government will take all appropriate steps to bring to justice all those involved in the rioting and looting of properties,” the officials declared.

“We are aware of the economic implications of the motorcycles, because we do not have public transport in all the areas, but that doesn’t mean the commercial bike riders should take the law into their hands at all times,” Minister Sannoh scolded.

He cautioned the citizens to be law-abiding in order to enjoy the country’s peace and stability.

Prior to the Minister’s remarks, a group of women presented a statement calling on the government to ensure that justice prevails in the number of reported ritualistic killings in the county, because, according them, many of their children have been killed and the perpetrators have not been arrested. They want the government to bring those suspected in the acts to justice.

The women recalled the alleged killings of one Yei in the Palm Farm Community, a motorcyclist around the LPMC bypass, the killing of other motorcyclists in several localities including the ones in Garr Clan and also in the vicinity of the Ganta/Monrovia checkpoint, among others.

Although the women did not say they were in support of the September 30 riot in Ganta, they stressed on the most recent killing of a motorcyclist in Blohn on September 22 and the September 30 killing of another motorcyclist in the area of the 404 Community in Ganta.

“Delay to institute justice by arresting those reportedly connected to the gruesome killings brought about the anger that led to the destruction and threat to us. In view of this, we the women of Nimba County need a very strong security protection because security personnel assigned in the county are insufficient,” the women said in their statement.

Ganta witnessed a violent protest on September 30 when scores of angry residents took to the streets demanding the arrest of suspected ritualistic killers of a motorcyclist and also those suspected in the numerous gruesome murders that have taken place across Nimba County over the years.


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