Gov’t Enforces Health Protocols at Border Points



The Ministry of Health (MOH) has disclosed additional enforcement of health protocols at various border points to help in containing the Ebola virus disease.

Speaking recently at the Information Ministry’s regular press briefing on Capitol Hill, Rev. John Sumo, Director for Social Mobilization and Communication at the Ministry of Health (MOH), explained that there are cardinal issues leading to cross border problems, including trade, commerce, and family ties but health protocols are put in place.

Rev. Sumo emphasized that, “Some of the people at the various border communities cross in search of better health facilities and also due to relationship matters. But some basic mechanism has been instituted, including training of BIN and LNP officers to monitor activities and people keenly.”

He noted that it was important for the public to understand the issues leading to cross border activities and how the government is addressing or fighting to address relative to the Ebola situation in the country.

He said the issue of promoting surveillance and community participation is important in the fight against the deadly Ebola virus and the government is committed in working with these border communities in containing Ebola in the country.

Rev. Sumo explained that, “We’re also working with chiefs, paramount chiefs and other community dwellers in ensuring that those that we’re welcoming into our towns are properly monitored.”

Rev. Sumo said despite the huge challenge, the goal is to reach to zero Ebola cases, which is also being supported by both local and international partners, through social mobilization.

“The social mobilization team is working in various communities along with community dwellers, including chiefs, BIN officers to ensure that health protocols are observed. We are totally focusing on borders with neighboring countries, including Guinea and Sierra Leone,” he disclosed.

According to him, the issues of screening and hand washing are cardinal to the prevention of the EVD and every community is involved at the various border points. 


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