Gov’t Displays Delay Posture in South Korean US$247,500 Theft Case

    Park Jung Dai, Attorney_web.jpg

    Drama unfolded on Wednesday, August 27, at Criminal Court ‘C’ when government lawyers could not continue with a US$247,500 theft case levied against them by some South Korean’s businessmen, claiming “technical problems.”

    Initially, the party’s lawyers  were informed through a  notice of assignment to appear before the court  yesterday to proceed with  “a Motion for Return of Property  and Illegally Seized” filed by lawyers representing the interest of  the Korean businessmen against  officers of the National Security Agency (NSA).

    It all started when Judge Yussif Kaba called for the start of the case.  The only government lawyer that was seated in the courtroom stood and informed the court that he had a submission to spread on it (court) records.

    When he was given the chance to speak yesterday, the lawyer said, “We pray, Your Honor,  for continuance of the matter because of some technical problems beyond our control  have prevented us from filing our resistance to the motion.”

    He added, “Therefore, we plead with you to postpone the matter to August 28 to afford us the opportunity to adequately prepare ourselves to address the issue.”

    Following the lawyer’s  submission, Judge Yussif Kaba granted the government postponement of the matter by saying “The essence of a trial being to ensure that justice is done and in order to affect the justice, all of the parties are given the opportunity to adequately represent their clients’ interest in the matter.”

    He went on to announce, “This Court hereby reluctantly grants the prayer contained in the application of the respondent (government). This matter is therefore hereby reassigned to August 28 at 10:30 a.m.  The matter is hereby suspended.”

    In their motion filed on behalf of the South Korea businessmen, Park Jung Dai, the attorney –in-fact claimed that on July 8, 2014 at about 1:30 p.m. a group of officers of the National Security Agency (NSA) entered their premises of City Guest House on the Old Road in Sinkor and illegally seized their business money in the amount of US$247,500 without due process of law.

    In the document, they alleged that the NSA officers without any warrant of search and seizure as required by law and in total violation of the rights under the Constitution.   

    They further argued that the said money was illegally seized from them that had been transferred from their home in South Korea to the International Bank in Monrovia and on July 8, 2014.

    According to them, they withdrew said amount from the bank to transact business in the country.

    Immediately upon receipt of the amount from the bank,  they preceded to their Old Road Guest House where the security followed them and took possession of the money and other valuable properties.

    They named some of the properties seized by the NSA as gas torch, melting dish, two packs of chemicals for testing, gold, an electric gold scale, two pocket wallets containing credit cards and important call cards. 

    The case is due to continue today, August 28.


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