Gbarpolu County Gets New Health Facility

The new health facility

A ten–room clinic constructed with support from the Ministry of Health (MoH) was on August 4 dedicated in Bomboma, Bopolu District, Gbarpolu County. The dedicatory ceremony brought together residents of the district, an array of government officials, including Senate Pro-Temp Armah Jallah, the county health team headed by Dr. Musa K. Zuanah, and WHO representative assigned in the county. The executive director of Community Health Care Initiative (CHCI), Naomi Tulay-Solanke, said that prior to the construction of the facility, the health team took into consideration the appalling health condition of the locals, where there are reports of an increase in the maternal mortality rate in the surrounding villages. The general health condition of the children in the area was also observed to be poor and alarming; while the women and girls have inadequate information on health education.

As a result, they just don’t know what to do whenever they have simple health problems, she said. It was predicated upon these reasons that led to a series of consultative meetings with stakeholders and citizens that paved the way for the construction of the clinic.

Senate Pro-Tempore Jallah cuts the ribbon to the new facility

The project is valued at about US$93,000, an amount provided by the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) and TGS NOPE Geophysical Company (TGSN), and implemented by CHCI with approval from the MoH. The CHCI executive director said that the clinic is a gift from NOCAL and TGSN to the people of Gbarpolu County.

In separate remarks, residents headed by their clan chief, thanked the government and all the stakeholders for initiating the project, and pledged their support to ensure that the facility will be maintained and used for its intended purpose. Dr. Zuanah thanked NOCAL and TGSN for funding the project, which he said signifies MoH’s commitment to provide better healthcare delivery for its people, “because a healthy nation depends on healthy people.” He then advised the residents to look after the facility so that they can always seek advanced medical treatment in their own backyard. Ambullah Mamey, who spoke behalf of NOCAL, thanked TGSN for helping to fund the project. He too called on the residents to treat the facility as their own. Pro-Temp Armah Jallah, who later cut the ribbon to the facility, thanked the county’s development superintendent and other stakeholders for their contributions to project. He pledged his support to the citizens and assured that the clinic will be fully furnished by December, this year.


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