GoL Declares Monday August 26 National Holiday

Pres. Weah said he is leaving the country for official visits to Nigeria and Gabon.

The Government of Liberia (GoL) has declared Monday, August 26, 2019 as a national Flag Day to be observed throughout the country, while calling on the Ministry of Education and other agencies concerned, to execute appropriate programs befitting the day.

The National Ensign of the Republic of Liberia is a visible evidence of the Country’s sovereignty and independence as well as a symbol of pride and dignity within the comity of nations.

According to the proclamation by the President, the making of the National Flag was a historic event of great significance for Liberia, as Africa’s pacesetter in the struggle for self-determination and inspire to future African states.

On October 25, 1915 through the Legislature, approved and declared the 24th Day of August each year as national “Flag Day,” to be observed as a “National Holiday” throughout the Republic of Liberia.

The National Flag was designed and produced by a committee of ladies, led by Mrs. Susannah Lewis, who were talented and visionary citizens of Liberia.

The President, George M. Weah said whereas, “it is important and befitting that the day is commemorated annually by all citizens of the Republic it testimony of their allegiance and loyalty to the National Ensign, the embodiment of our national existence as a sovereign entity, and to encourage national pride and patriotism.”

President Weah said “by virtue of the authority in me vested, do here declare and proclaim Saturday August 24, 2019 as “National Flag Day,” to be celebrated on Monday August 26, 2019, and call upon all citizens and foreign residents within our borders to give prominence to the observance of the Day throughout the Republic by flying the National Flag from each dwelling and public building, and that government offices, public and business houses be closed on this Day.”

The Flag consists of six red stripes and five alternating white stripes, totaling eleven stripes, each representing one of the eleven signers of the Declaration of Independence of Liberia, a blue field, in the upper left corner of a rectangular form with a single white star in the center of the blue field, depicting Liberia as the then only independence state on the continent of Africa; the color white indicates the purity of mind of all our forebears toward each other; and the Blue for the dark continent of Africa as it was then depicted.


  1. So why should the day be celebrated on Monday, which will be the 26 of August. Is it that we can not celebrate a flag day on a Saturday? Or has government go so many time to waste on celebrations while the Liberian people go unattended?

  2. He is Finding more reason to keep the presidency going and covering up for days where you have nothing to do but to gather officials or allow them to go celebrate with the little on hand to be use to development. Instead of working or keeping the country running daily for developmental activities to go on, the man closing it for people to celebrate to go and even without food. Sorry for the poor like us or we who don’t have access to take govt money to go and celebrate without accountability.

    I which we had a president that will see the reality that the market woman will need to sell to raise money her kids sch, the development of the country needs to go on and all these can be done when people work and not celebrate. Saturday is enough to celebrate the holiday. Sunday no works in Liberia meaning we lost one day each week to develop our country.

    Let the man just declare 2days every week as holiday for Liberians to celebrate it will be better.
    It is just like when Liberians were celebrating Lone Star football victory becuz weah was on the team not knowing we were going to lost all our games. We end up not having anything to celebrate for. The same happening now.

    May God blessed my Motherland Liberia.

  3. “A Nothing To Do Day”, The Red White and Blue Cry.

    I heard what the President said. We in Liberia have gotten used to this celebration over and over, and over again for 172 times. Doing the same thing over and over with no new results, is the definition for something BAD, which I don’t want to mention.

    If the leadership past and present, could take every Independence Day or national holiday to embark on a significant project, by now, Liberia would have been one of the best developed country in Africa or the world.

    If we are building roads to connect the country, and forget to develop our manpower, who are we then building these roads for? We are sending our government officials in Ghana to died seeking ‘medical attention’, is not that a shame? What Ghana has? In my view, we can do better if we set our priority right. Our legislators are invited to a retreat, to bent the constitution in other to ‘improve financial status’. The constitution does not have nothing do with the financial mess the country is faced with. Streamline budgets and cut salaries. Law makers are receiving $15,000 US a month for riding big cars! Improve public schools so students are attracted to attend and the private schools will have less attendants. They ( private institutions), will have no reason to increase fees. Because not many students will want to attend private schools.

    Let’s set a 20 years goal to improve our science and technology institutions. This will lead to the the improvement in medicine. Good health institutions like Cuba, Mozambique, China etc. Sending our LAW MAKERS to died in a third world medical facility, is very disgraceful.
    If at least 50 millions dollars can be earmarked every flag day celebration to go towards improving our science and educational institutions, by 2030 Liberia will be on better footing for unborn generations.

    A Nothing To Do Day: August 24, has been for too long. 172 times! There has been no Red, White and Blue victory. If we ever want a victory, and we should stop running to others with our problems, let’s put in place what is right. Others have done it, yes, we can!

    From the corner of reasonable thinking, Mamadu says happy August 24.

  4. Liberia maybe the only country on the face of the earth that her citizens predominantly suffer and live in abject poverty, void of the benefits and economic control of her natural resources, commerce, educational opportunities, higher level of decision making in substantial businesses operating on her soil, and treated like dirt by her own law enforcement and judiciary.

    The average and prominent Liberian, educated and uneducated, first and foremost lacks the one all important ingredient in national development and statehood, Love of Nation. The lack thereof creates a vacuum of visionary planning and adherence in all of its forms; education, infrastructure, agriculture, law and politics, governance, and recreation. In an age of “stars wars” like technology, Liberia and her people still lacks the very basic rudimentary hundred year old development; pipe-borne water, electricity, telephone/television, and modern road connectivity nationwide, let alone credible learning institutions.

    That Liberia is seen and regarded by her very own people and foreign participants as an elephant meat to be wasted, plundered, and shared at will is an under statement. The somewhat parochial notion entertained by many that Liberia will be made whole by some perceived foreign entity directly influencing our body politic, whether monetary or otherwise, is at best, sheer stupidity and at worst, suicidal. Every nation, great or small, somehow, someway, is built upon the sweat, blood, and tears of its people. That all pervasive and empowering self-worth (Love), that this land is mine and that’s all I own amongst the many there is, regardless, is mine. And its development, safety, welfare, and prosperity rest entirely upon my shoulders.

    That and until the Liberian persona undergoes a revolution of the mind, regarding itself as the playwright, actor, and director of it’s own story, creating the awareness that I am, and should be in charge, I am duly afraid that we may continue to wallow, if not descend further down the abyss of disintegration. Be aware and stay alive…. God’s speed.

  5. I am assuming the president’s reason for postponing the August 24 celebration. The reason is because he’s traveling, though he didn’t specify his date of travel. If you carefully read this article, no reason is stated.

    Making conclusion base on this article, this is nonsense! I do not hate Weah or a fan of any politicians. It is very painful seeing other countries moving forward and my country keep going backward.

  6. Liberian do not know what they want because, they are very les busy, they give credence to everything. When the president declares a holiday, they criticize, when he does not they criticize. What do we want then? I am awaiting my reply


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