Gov’t Agencies Urged to Assist Erosion Affected Communities

NHA DMD for Administration .jpg

Ministries and agencies of government must make it a priority to provide assistance to flood ruined communities, Mrs. Musu Beyan, principal of Global Harvest Institute of the Township of West Point has pleaded.

Speaking after she took delivery of 15 bags of cement and two bundles of zinc from the deputy managing director for administration at the National Housing Authority, Mr. Prince A. Wreh yesterday; Principal, principal Benyan called on ministries and agencies of government to follow Mr. Wreh’s caring example.

“Our school has been lying in ruins since sea erosion destroyed our building,” she said, “and we want to thank the NHA for its wonderful assistance.”

Earlier, director Wreh told the gathering of students and school administrators that the NHA’s concern heightened when a local newspaper report indicated the dire need of such materials to rebuild the school.

“We at the National Housing Authority would have loved to do more,” Director Wreh told them,” but you must know that a journey of a thousand miles begins from the first step.”

He promised NHA’s support to continue to ease the educational challenges of students and parents, not only in the Township of West Point, but where the need is greater.

The donation was estimated at US$350. It may be recalled that the NHA recently announced that three of its directors, including Mr. Wreh, also decided to make available a combined donation of US$4, 000 to a healthcare worker as a down payment in NHA’s mortgage to own a home project.


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