Government to Underwrite Medical Bill for Brutalized Judicial Protesters

A judicial staffer who joined the peaceful protest fainted as a result of police brutality against him and his colleagues.

Three aggrieved Judicial staffers, including their ring leader Archie Ponpon who, on Monday, October 12, during a peaceful protest, were left unconscious and wounded as a result of Police brutality and now hospitalized at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital have received an assurance that the government will cover their medical bills.

The workers met their misfortune in the hands of officers of the Liberia National Police when they and scores of their colleagues staged a peaceful protest in demand for their 12-month Liberian Dollar salary component due them by the judicial branch of government.

The news about government settling medical bills for the brutalized peaceful protestors came shortly after Finance and Development Planning Minister, Samuel Tweah, met with their leadership on Thursday, October 13 on the ground of the Temple of Justice in Monrovia.

It was during the meeting with the protesters that Minister Tweah was heard promising them that “To those of your colleagues that are hospitalized, the government is going to take care of their hospital bills.”

According to Tweah, he has already communicated with Doctor Jerry Brown at the hospital to submit bills for those protesters who are admitted at the hospital.

During the meeting, Minister Tweah acknowledged the government’s indebtedness to the workers for 12 months as they had said for the past three weeks.

“It’s true that the government owes you 12 months and we are going to pay your salaries but not immediately,” Minister Tweah told the aggrieved workers.

“You don’t need to engage in any form of violence to seek redress to your concern. We know there is a problem, but we have to sit and solve it,” the Minister noted, adding, “We are going to pay three months of the 12 months beginning this month, October, and we are going to set up a technical team to continue with the payment.”

Meanwhile, the protesters were Brutalized when they assembled on Monday, October 12 at the entrance of the Supreme Court building in an attempt to ensure that their plight grabs the attention of senior public officials, including President George Weah, who are usually invited to grace the opening of the Supreme Court.

Before they assembled, Chief Justice Francis Korkpor had informed the aggrieved workers that Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel Tweah would visit the Temple of Justice to address their concerns that had led to numerous protests against him (Korkpor) which resulted in the disruption of Court activities.

While the protesters had taken their peaceful position at the entrance of the Supreme Court, it was when the head of the Police Support Unit (PSU) with a request from the Chief Justice issued an order to have the workers forcefully removed from the premises of the Temple of Justice.


  1. I hope those injured employees will forward their case to the Community Court of ECOWAS to get some compensation from the Government of Liberia, for the injuries they have sustained because of the Government insensitive to their struggles.
    As for the Chief Justice, those employees now realized they have been courting the devil reincarnate for years not knowing: When he used to tell them that he was better than the former Chief Justice, the late Johnnie N. Lewis. I must admonished you guys to be very careful with him and do not believe any utterance from him.

  2. How can a man who prided himself as a human rights advocate of yesterday at the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission and is very evil today? He forgot to know that demonstration is an expression of oneself, just as it was right to do during the President Charles Taylor era, when he Korkpor was at the JPC; so it is right to do so during President George M.Weah era, so why authorized the brutalizing of people who have worked for the Government in the Rain and Sun to be brutalized for their salaries?
    Ah, power can absolutely corrupts a man! Human Rights Advocate Yesterday, a brute of today!


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