Government, LMA Reach Agreement for Sale of Food Items Only


Internal Affairs Minister Varney A. Sirleaf and the leaderships of Liberia Marketing Association (LMA), the Paynesville City Corporation (PCC), and the Monrovia City Corporation(MCC) have reached a consensus for marketers to sell only food items for a few hours in the day as the state of emergency yet to be agreed on by the Senate is in force.

The measure is aimed at ensuring that social distancing is observed in the COVID-19 crisis as various market places can be choked with people thus undermining the social distancing protocol.

The exercise is in fulfillment of a mandate of His Excellency Dr. George Manneh Weah in which the President instructed the Ministry of Internal Affairs to engage leaders of the various marketing associations in the counties to address issues of social distancing and operations of markets during the period of the State of Emergency.

Apart from food items, all non-food item sellers are to remain home during the state of emergency period, and food sellers are restricted to be in market halls instead of outside as it is most of the time.

In addition to the measures, it was agreed that selling will be done on a rotational basis in each market; the LMA, through its local market superintendents will work closely with County officials including City Mayors to ensure this arrangement is adhered to.

Much locally produced food comes for the interior, and Nimba County is one of the counties from where the local food items that include garden eggs, plantain, banana, vegetables tubers and the rest come.  This county along with three others including Montserrado, Margibi and Grand Kru are highly restricted that people are not to travel from there to other counties.

Nevertheless, based on Nimba’s significance in food production, the agreement considered that during this period, all locally produced food items will be transported from there to Monrovia under special arrangements in collaboration with the Joint Security forces.

Apart from feeding the population of Monrovia, the arrangement will also enable owners of the locally produced food to have their commodities sold so that they will not perish as they (food items) are almost all perishable goods.


  1. Food security is of utmost importance to every Liberian. Unfortunately due to errors of commission and omission, Liberian policy makers have allowed our food supply chain to become politicized. For many years Liberians living in towns and cities have been victimized by the neglect and ineptitude that comes from turning over our critical food security to a group of poorly trained and uneducated individuals masquerading as the LIBERIA MARKETING ASSOCIATION (LMA). No wonder our marketplaces are the filthiest, unhygienic, and congested landmarks in our communities. If we are serious about developing our economy and our agriculture, then we MUST stop turning a blind eye to the big elephant in the room. It is time to seriously reform the LMA or to totally disband it and replace it with professional educated core of visionary managers. Also it is time to de-politicized the LMA. For Gods sake, we do not need politics in our food. So you policy makers, if you are really serious, lets get to work .

  2. Welcoming measured, how it would be on the survivability of nonfood sellers? They should reintegrate into food selling for the main time in order to survive through this pandemic? Measures put in place by government is necessary but without financial implication to sustain those measures they will continue to experience lawlessness in this process which could potentially leads to ruthlessness by security apparatus against their own fellow citizens.

  3. From: The Vault, “Uncertainty” No degree of preparation.

    On this day, 40 years ago, there was an announcement on ELBC Radio at 6 am.
    In a full unpleasant English:
    “My fellow countrymen, I Master Sergeant Samuel K. Doe and the People Redemption Council have overthrown the Tolbert government because of rampant corruption, mis-use of public offices, and the continuous failure of Tolbert government to effectively handle the affairs of the Liberian People….A six-to-six curfew is hereby imposed throughout the country and all boundaries are ordered closed until further order..In the cause of the people, the struggle continue.” Courtesy of African Studies from the University of Sydney, Australia. Audio was made possible by Surge FM, from Sydney University, Australia. The Coup was very uncertain. Liberians were not prepare.

    The Liberian People saw the end of the greatest president that will ever rule Liberia.
    Today, the world is going through a tough time with a virus called COVID-19. Our Healthcare system is no match to this pandemic. Powerful and wealthy countries around the globe have bowed to their knees under the wrath of COVID-19. Who ever was the mastermind of that coupe, gave Liberia a setback. It threw a “monkey wrench” into Liberia’s feature. It will take the Liberian Nation years to recover from the destruction and mismanagement the coup will brought. I don’t hold any ill will against any of the coup plotters, but significantly, life is full of uncertainty, we’ve just got to learn to live with it. When it comes, and not expected, it can have a devastating consequences whether you are rich,powerful, or not. It can sometimes take a long time to get out of it. Sometimes the ‘price tag’ can leave a life long deficit on you.

    People of the world, let’s join hands to fight this deadly disease. It is an uncertain event. It was not expected. Whether rich or poor, there is no preparation for an uncertain event in man’s life.

    Mamadu S. Bah (Meridian Health)…


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