Governance Commission to Launch Reports on Education, Health Sectors Tuesday

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The Governance Commission (GC) is expected to launch comprehensive reports on the Education and Health Sectors on Tuesday, June 17.

The reports according to the Commission will cover operations of the two cardinal Ministries for the period 2013.
In the 2013 Annual Governance Report, “Delivering Education and Health Services to the People”, the people of Liberia were given an opportunity to assess the quality of education and health services they were provided in 2013, using the community score card system, which primarily is an indication of the perception of the public about the health and education sectors.

The community score card method, though not apportioning blame, gave reasons for the poor performance in these sectors and how to bring about improvements in service delivery.

As part of the report, policymakers in the education and health sectors were also able to assess the services they delivered during the period under review.

“Whatever gaps emerged between the services that policymakers delivered in 2013 and the perception of service-users will be bridged through future education and health services designed to improve the people’s perception about education and health services,” a statement from the Commission said.

E. Othello Gongar, the Commissioner for Monitoring and Evaluation said:  “A key objective of the Annual Governance Report is to monitor and evaluate the impact of good governance programs through research and publications and, in so doing, enable the Government to take on board the wishes of the People and tailor more appropriate services”.

The process leading to the publication of the 2013 Annual Governance Report started with consultations with the Ministries of Education and Health and Social Welfare, followed by assessment of 40 communities in five counties. Both ministries were fully involved in the selection of the indicators, the design of the questionnaires and implementation of the assessment exercise.

The expected report to be launched by the Governance Commission is the first about government ministries in the country.
The two ministries the report is being launched about have cardinal roles to play in sustaining the lives of the people and their social wellbeing in the country.

However, these ministries have for the past time been faced with serious challenges arising from poor performances to insensitivity to workers needs.

For instance, over the time health workers across the country had staged go-slow action on two occasions in protest of attractive salaries, incentives and good working condition.

This led to the dismissals of leaders of the health workers and it is creating another feeling of strike action if Minister Walter Gwinagali fails to reinstate them.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has described as “Total mess” the Education system of Liberia; ringing the bell that Minister Etmonia David-Tarpeh exerts more efforts to deal with the situation.

However, since the pronouncement early 2012 not much change has been seen in the sector.
Ghost names on payroll remain consistent and mass failures in public examinations still high.

It can be recalled that about 24,000 candidates that sat for University of Liberia’s placement entrance in 2013 all failed.
It is also recorded that many self style instructors and professors were booked in some private universities in Monrovia last year, but since then the Ministry and Commission on Higher Education are yet to disclose any new policy that will help curb the problem that has infiltrated the school system.

The Governance Commission has taken a bold step in evaluating, for the first time in Liberia’s history, the governance process.

On Tuesday, 17 June 2014, the Governance Commission will launch a report of the governance process within the education and health sectors in 2013. Prof. Amos Sawyer will officially launch the report, with Hon. Etmonia Tarpeh and Dr. Walter Gwenigale, Ministers of Education and Health, respectively giving remarks at this landmark event.


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