Gospel Music Ambassador Cassel’s Alleged Fraudulent Administration Letter Case Opens


The alleged fraudulent letter of administration case at the Monthly Probate Court for Montserrado County between Liberia Gospel Music Ambassador, Marron D. Cassell and George S. Popei, the man believed to have obtained an Attorney-In-Fact to administrate the Intestate Estate of the Late Edward F. Cassel, opened on Friday, August 21.

The case grew when the Monthly and Probate Court issued a letter of administration to Mrs. Marron D. Cassell, widow of Late Edward Cassell, Beatrice K. Johnson and Duval Cassell, based on a request to the court from the Law Office of the Clark and Associates. The court’s letter of administration was issued to Marron and her other family members dated April 8, 2020, barely two days after Cassell died, on April 6.

And, the law firm received the letter of administration from the court, on April 9, 2020, while the body of the deceased was still at the Alfred Butler’s Funeral Chapel and not even yet buried. Marron and her siblings have been living in the US for over ten years, up to and including the death of Edward Cassell.

But in the complaint filed by the law firm representing Marron, requesting Popei to account to the administration of the Intestate Estate of the late Edward Cassell, the suit argues that Popei is a tenant within the Late Edward Cassell compound, situated in the City of Paynesville, and he has taken over the properties of the deceased and is administrating it without any authority, claiming to be the Attorney-In-Fact of the deceased.

“It is a strange practice in our jurisdiction, therefore, we are requesting that you (court) invite Popei for him to present his authority, and provide the administrators of the Late Edward Cassell’s Intestate Estate the proper accounting of monies received, and all documents in his possession to the Late Edward Cassell’s properties,” the Marron’s lawsuit argues.

In counter-argument, the Cooperative Law Firm in the legal interest of Popei asked the court to dismiss the lawsuit, because of what they claim is marred with fraud and irregularities. The law firm said, Marron’s complaint against Popei was filed on June 25, 2020, while the letter of administration was still at the National Archive for Registration.

They also argued that when the Clark law firm filed the complaint to the court against Popei, the letter of administration was never part of their case before the court, meaning, the letter of administration found its way in the court document after the complaint was filed.

“The letter of administration claimed to be issued to Marron, who lives in the US, was registered by the Archive on June 30, 2020, while her complaint was filed on June 25, 2020. Yet, the letter of administration which was still at the archive was found attached on the complaint in the court file,” the Popei argued.

“Therefore, the complaint was filed without any legal authority and we are calling on the court to investigate this fraud and prosecute the perpetrators. Revoke the court’s letter of administration because the time of the filing of the complaint Marron did not have legal standing and was not in possession of the letter of administration,” the Popei claimed.

According to Popei’s lawyers, Rule#21 of the Rules for the Governance of the Monthly and Probate Court states among others, “Upon the demise of an intestate and thirty days after his death, the curator shall file information in court bringing said fact to the attention of the judge. Whereupon the court shall issue an order empowering the curator together with a representative of the deceased, who shall be nearest in the degree to the intestate, to take true and correct inventory of the lands, goods, and cattle, Whether in the possession or inaction.”

In the instance case, the Popei claimed that Late Edward F. Cassell died on April 6, 2020, and was buried on April 11, 2020, but, in violation of said Rule #21 of the court, the law firm petitioned the court for a letter of administration on April 8, 2020, barely two days after Cassell died, the letter of administration was issued on April 9, 2020, while the body of the deceased was still at the Alfred Butler’s Funeral Chapel and not even yet buried.

“Therefore, the letter of administration was prematurely issued to Marron and it should and must be revoked,” said Popei’s legal team. They also argued that from the review of the court’s file, it is revealed that there is no marriage certificate on the record to substantiate the marital status of Marron Cassell to the deceased.

“There is no power of attorney on the court file to show who authorized who to file this action of accounting since, indeed and in fact, two of the complainants live in the US, where they have been living for over ten years up and including the demise of the deceased,” the law firm argued, adding, “Thus, the complaint should and must be denied and dismissed for lack of authority to file this suit and the letter of administration issued revoked and canceled for obtaining instrument by deception.”

They again argued the court file shows the complaint filed by the late Cllr. Samuel R. Clark on June 25, 2020, on his Law firm letterhead was not signed by the deceased, but, by someone else who criminally impersonated as the deceased. “[The] Late Cllr. Clark did not file any complaint before the court, and the court should conduct an investigation to determine who signed the complaint as Cllr. Samuel R. Clark and have that person prosecuted according to the law.”


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