Gospel Artist Joins District #6 Race


Liberian gospel artist Kanvee Gaines Adams has declared her intention to contest for the Montserrado County District #6 representative seat in the 2017 presidential and general elections.

Adams told a team of reporters yesterday that she has decided to join the race in order to politically change things from the way they are being done in the country.

If elected, she said, she will roll out sustainable programs for the youth and empower women of District #6 in Montserrado County. She also promised to prioritize community road connections, sanitation and hygiene in District #6.

Madam Adams noted that, in interactions with District #6 residents, she has learned about their disappointments, hopelessness and unfulfilled expectations over the years.

“We intend to, when elected, serve as the voice for our people who have been voiceless over the years and will also run an open administration,” she declared, promising to promote “an enabling environment will be created for the citizens to be actively involved in decisions that will affect their lives.”

The gospel artist pointed out that she will use her connections in and out of Liberia to galvanize resources that will impact community projects for the citizens’ livelihoods in District #6.

She further pointed out that she is prepared to reach the end, as she is aware that there are huge challenges and distractions ahead of the much expected representative contest.

“I’m focus to enter into this race and win because we want to change the way things are done in our country,” Madam Adams assured.

“As the old adage says,” she noted, “If you want to talk about something, ask a man and if you want something done ask a woman.”

The District #6 representative aspirant called on Liberian women to come together as a united front and join the political race in 2017.

“Let your voices be heard, your strength be felt and let your impact be seen in all the political contests in our country,” she said.

For her would be critics, Madam Adams urged them to continue their criticisms as that will make her stronger with more ideas to maintain her focus in the race.

“I initially decided to remain where I completed my studies abroad and work, but as a child of God, I felt committed to my country and staying away will not solve the problems but rather [I choose] to be part of the solution,” Madam Adams asserted.

She also pointed out that she has decided to join the race to buttress the work of past leaders and continue from where their strengths could not go any further in the development of District #6.

“I have come with new vigor, determination and fortitude to build the professional capacity of young people in District #6 when elected in 2017 representative race in Liberia,” Madam Adams stressed.

Asked by a reporter what she has done in District #6, she disclosed that she launched a scholarship fund in 2010, which benefited scores of elementary and junior high school students.

“I have personally schooled, fed and catered to 50 students in several electoral districts in Montserrado County since 2010,” Madam Adams noted.

“I’m supporting the old folks due to the compassion I have developed over the years for humanity, especially old and young people in our poverty stricken country.”

She also disclosed that for the past few years, she has worked with some old folks in District #6 by providing them clothing, food and medicine.

At the moment, the representative aspirant said she has embarked on several community road projects in District #6 in order to ensure free movement of goods, people and services.


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